The Gold Standard of Events: 5 Reasons Event Marketers Love Goldcast

August 1, 2023
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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The bar for virtual events has never been higher. Today 81% of business attendees say they are more willing to sign up for hybrid and virtual events than in-person.

As an event marketer, you need to deliver an elevated experience every time, wowing attendees and proving pipeline impact with each new digital event.

Whether it’s driving revenue, customer loyalty, or brand awareness, event marketers across the globe are choosing Goldcast to help them hit their goals. Here’s why.

1. Beautiful branding in a flash

Consistent branding has been shown to boost revenue by up to 33% and with Goldcast, you can easily brand every aspect of your event.

That includes registration pages, pre-and post-event emails, stage backgrounds, buffer video, name cards, sponsor logos, and so much more.

"From an end-user experience, when you use Zoom, you're looking at Zoom. When you use Goldcast, you're looking at Onspring,” says Megan Guerra, Director of Marketing at Onspring. “It's a truly branded experience. It's completely immersive."

Megan is one of many modern event marketers taking full advantage of Goldcast’s customizable branding features. For example, sales enablement platform Dooly hosts their monthly FireTalks on Goldcast featuring a hard-to-miss hot pink color scheme. And that’s not the only part of their branding that packs a punch.

From a knockout logo positioned front and center, to a flame-themed background running throughout—the team at Dooly knows how to turn up the heat with their event branding. 🔥

2. Elevated attendee experiences

When it comes to running a successful event, you already know the attendee experience is everything.

But according to the latest Attendee Sentiment Report, only 11% of digital event attendees are getting the experiences they deserve. And for 72% of attendees, it’s the technology powering the event that makes or breaks experience.

Here’s how Goldcast delivers the ultimate experience for attendees.

Engagement tools that bring people together

With an arsenal of engagement tools and features, it’s easy to up the fun-factor and keep your attendees interacting.

Whether it’s live polls, video Q&A, embedded gamification apps, or even peer-to-peer networking opportunities, the more engagement options you give your attendees, the more time they’ll spend exploring your event.

An interactive TV-like experience

Professional-grade video production tools can increase engagement in your event by at least 15% just by making it feel modern and seamless. But high-quality media production isn’t always an easy, or budget-friendly, task.

That is, unless it happens to come baked into your event platform. 😏

From seamlessly adding overlays and lower-thirds for a news-style experience, to publishing live chat messages, polls, and Q&A responses straight to the stage, your next event needs to feel Netflix-worthy. And it can with Goldcast!

Greater accessibility

89% of people with a disability find online events to be more accessible than in-person.

As an event marketer, it’s your job to be intentional about creating an inclusive event for as many attendees as possible.

In Goldcast, there are some key ways to help make that happen:

3. Easy to use for everyone on the team

As the “man behind the curtain”, you’ve arguably got the hardest job when it comes to planning and running an event. But let’s not forget the rest of the folks helping to make the magic happen.

Just as you need to impress your attendees, you need to knock the socks off your speakers, moderators, sponsors, and other key event stakeholders.

Here’s how Goldcast makes life easier for you and the rest of your team.

A VIP speaker experience

Relying on Slack messages and virtual chats instead of firm handshakes and in-person tech checks means there’s a lot that can go wrong.

At Goldcast, we’re here to help make sure your speakers get the same level of care your attendees have come to expect, with features that make setting up, entering, and presenting as simple and seamless as possible.

From one-step tech-checks, to pre-recorded presentation options and easy screen sharing, Goldcast puts your speakers in the driver’s seat.

But for the team at Gremlin, it was the backstage VIP area that really clinched the experience for speakers, allowing them to:

  • Access the pre-event run-through, live presentation, and post-event follow-up through one link (handily located in their calendar invite).
  • Meet for pre- and post-event high-fives with the team.

Organize with ease

With an easy event duplication feature, you and your team can clone events at the click of a button, drastically reducing setup times for recurring events.

“We’re all trying to get a lot done, and Goldcast adds some time back to your day,” explains Drift’s Director of Event Marketing, Sara Lieber. “Scaling up your webinar series is so much easier when you can copy and paste, change the dates and times, and keep the same format.”

Make onboarding a breeze

One of the greatest things about the rise of digital events is that they can be used by various teams to achieve various goals.

But with many digital event platforms, onboarding new users can be anything but intuitive. Goldcast makes it easy to scale your events across business functions and teams.

“Our team grew exponentially at the same time we were starting with Goldcast,” says Candace Gregg, Senior Director of Global Demand Generation at Bloomreach. “We were constantly asking questions and onboarding new people, and Goldcast helped us immensely to keep us successful during that key transition.”

4. Optimized for event performance

One event marketing goal that’s not going away any time soon? Increasing your attendance and show rates.

For Cognism, moving to Goldcast meant an “increase in our event attendance rate from 33% to 50%,” says Ashleigh Frank, Senior Demand Gen Manager.

Here are some of the ways Goldcast helps event marketers boost their attendance rates.

  • Calendar holds: When an individual registers for your event, a placeholder appears automatically in their calendar
  • Magic links: Attendees can seamlessly access your event, without profiles, accounts, usernames, or passwords
  • Reminder emails: With easy email templates and scheduling, you can craft a high-converting event email sequence that wins you more attendees

5. Showcase event ROI

Once upon a time, proving your ROI as an event marketer was a struggle.

But the age of the revenue marketer is upon us. With the right technology in your corner, you’ll have direct access to all the data you need to drive pipeline and win buy-in.

“We’ve been able to collect key information from Goldcast into Marketo to further optimize our event programs and it’s super easy to use and set up. It just works,” says Zuora’s Senior Marketing Operations Manager, Ande Kempf.

Goldcast integrates directly with the rest of your tech stack, including deep integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot and more.

With your systems in sync, you and the rest of your team can easily see who:

  • Registered
  • Attended a session, booth, or discussion
  • Updated their user profile
  • Answered a poll
  • Submitted a question/answer
  • Clicked a CTA
  • Downloaded a resource
  • Spent time in a discussion, booth, or broadcast

Attendee-level data makes it easier to drive meaningful conversations post-event, while making sure that every event is even better than the last.

“Goldcast told us exactly which person attended which session, how many sessions they attended, and for the exact number of minutes,” says Anna Suslova, Senior Marketing Manager at Axonius. “We knew exactly how engaged they were and how many resources they downloaded.”

Regardless of the attribution model your team uses, Goldcast has your back with easy pipeline-proving features at every step.

📈Easily Prove ROI: Use Goldcast’s new ROI Dashboard to quickly and easily report on the performance of your events.

Make life as an event marketer easier with Goldcast

Your job is hard enough without having to deal with clunky event platforms that don’t offer the five-star experience you and your audience deserve.

At Goldcast, we know that every minute at an event has the potential to be a key brand moment. We’re here to help make every second of your digital events as memorable as possible.

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