Turn awareness into pipeline with stunning virtual summits

Built for B2B marketers to create event experiences that drive awareness, engagement, and revenue

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Powerful registration and branding capabilities to drive attendance

  • Showcase your presenters with high-quality streaming video and up to five live RTMP video channels
  • Amp up the engagement with fireside chats, live video Q&A, and more
  • Bring together the best presenters from anywhere, at any time, with options for live, simulive, or hybrid events
  • Easily host on-demand content after the live date to prolong the value of your content

Single track, multi-track, live, or pre-recorded—we’ve got you covered

  • Support networking and 1:1 sales opportunities with easy-to-set-up and on-the fly breakout rooms galore
  • Take advantage of real-time event metrics on every attendee and engagement
  • Pass deep event data directly to your sales and marketing tools with native integrations for Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, and more
  • Measure your success with easy-to-use event dashboards
  • Automate event follow-up to promote deeper engagement and conversion
Sydney Sloan, former CMO of Salesloft.

It was a monumental day introducing our new brand! Goldcast allowed our thousands of customers to engage and connect more then they ever have before!!

Sydney Sloan

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Former CMO
Jeff Meltz, former

Presenting this week about organic social, reporting, and ROI was so much fun.Huge thanks to Goldcast for such a smooth presenting experience.

Jeff Meltz

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Former Manager, Social Media Marketing

Turn awareness into pipeline with stunning virtual summits

Built for B2B marketers to create event experiences that drive awareness, engagement, and revenue

We were blown away by the experience that Goldcast brought for our user conference. The energy was unbelievable!

Risa Peterson, Head of Field Marketing, ThoughtSpot

Great B2B brands use Goldcast to host their quarterly and annual summits

Powerful registration and branding capabilities to drive attendance

No code, marketing-friendly registration pages & forms that live on your domain

Branded email sends and calendar holds to boost attendance

Complete design customization to reflect your brand, not ours

Single track, multi-track, live, or pre-recorded—we’ve got you covered

Run single or multi-track events with concurrent sessions

Live sessions, pre-recorded videos, or a mix of both with ease

Provide a memorable experience with next-level engagement tools

Go beyond standard chat with 1:1 networking, photo booths, and more

Create breakout rooms and roundtables for smaller discussions

Host content and resource hubs for your partners and sponsors

CRM integrations with detailed analytics to enable sales follow up

Get detailed attendee analytics and event insights in real-time

Powerful CRM and marketing integrations to power timely follow up

We provide support for all your events

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We provide 24/7 customer support

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All-in-one virtual summit platform

While in-person events certainly aren’t going anywhere any time soon, it’s clear that virtual events and experiences are here to stay. Not only are they more convenient and cost-effective for organizers and attendees, but they also expand the content to reach a global audience.

But just because virtual events are more convenient doesn’t mean they’re easy. There’s a lot that goes into planning a virtual summit: coordinating speaker schedules, budgeting time, advertising and promotion, securing attendees, running the event itself, distributing the recordings after the event, and meeting post-summit goals.

As the leading all-in-one virtual summit platform for B2B marketers, Goldcast is here to help make event management a breeze.

Goldcast manages event registration and email reminders to ensure your summit stays top-of-mind for attendees. And Goldcast’s one-click Magic Links help convert registrants to attendees with a frictionless experience.

The platform also provides seamless branding for an event that looks and feels like your brand—not ours. Create a one-day, single-track event or a multi-day, multi-track event with ease. Goldcast also supports multiple content formats, including pre-recorded videos, slides, screen share, and more.

Engage attendees throughout your virtual summit with unique features like live chat, video Q&A, polls, breakout sessions, networking rooms, photo booths, and even embedded games for a fun twist.

All summit sessions automatically record and are available on-demand just hours after your event, so you’ll be able to distribute and repurpose your event content right away. And, Goldcast offers robust analytics and integrations with popular marketing automation platforms and CRMs to seamlessly share data across all the tools in your marketing stack.

Goldcast is the best software for virtual summits because we are the only event platform purpose-built for B2B marketers. Our tools help transform your events into a top revenue-generating channel. Plus, all Goldcast customers receive personalized onboarding and ongoing customer support.

Virtual summit software FAQs

So, what does a Goldcast virtual summit look like? Let’s dive into some FAQs.

Which types of virtual summits do you support?
Goldcast supports virtual summits of any kind. Whether you’re planning a simple, single-track summit or a more complex event with multiple tracks across several days, we’ve got you covered. Goldcast also offers robust features including captions, subtitles, and more to make virtual summits inclusive and accessible for everyone.
What types of companies use your virtual summit software?
Goldcast is most useful for B2B companies looking to host online summits with their prospects and customers to generate leads, drive pipeline, or improve customer retention.
How many attendees can you accommodate during an online summit?
Goldcast’s online summits can accommodate over 10,000 participants. We can also host as few as 10 attendees for field events and intimate gatherings.
Can I see how many people attended my virtual summit?
Yes. To view the number of attendees, organizers click the ‘Profile’ button on the top right corner of the screen (your photo or initials in a black circle). This will prompt a dropdown menu. Under ‘Event Information,’ the total attendees and session count numbers (active live viewers) will be stated and updated every 15 seconds. Only organizers can see these numbers.
Does your virtual summit software offer interactive Q&A?
Yes. Attendees click the ‘Raise Hand’ button to signal that they have a question. Organizers can enable and disable the ‘Raise Hand’ feature so that attendees can ask questions live using audio and video. Organizers “call on” raised hands by clicking ‘Approve.’ Then, the attendee may ask the question to the presenter on the main stage. Interactive Q&A works for both live and hybrid events.
Do you offer captions and subtitles for virtual summits?
Yes. One of the virtual summit tools offered in our Enterprise plan is closed captioning in the speaker’s language. The Enterprise plan also offers subtitles, which translate the captions into multiple languages as needed. Subtitle translation languages at this time include Spanish, French, and German, among others.
More questions?