Creating a Frictionless Attendee Experience: The Magic Behind Our Magic Links

April 11, 2023
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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There’s a lotta love out there for virtual events right now. Having seen the world through a global pandemic, what started as a solution born from necessity is now set to stand the test of time.

Virtual and hybrid events can help field marketers reach entirely new audiences, capture deeper attendee data, and exponentially increase registrations.

But compared to in-person events, virtual events have a notoriously high no-show rate.In fact, according to a recent study by Heinz Marketing, only 39% of B2B professionals see a typical attendance rate of more than 50% for virtual events.

And when it comes to securing a healthy show rate, attendee experience is what it’s all about. If you can make it both easy and instant for attendees to access your event, you can drastically increase the number of attendees who actually show up on the day.

At Goldcast, we know just how real the struggle can be. We created our seamless magic links to help event marketers tackle this exact problem with one easy-to-use URL.

What is a Magic Link?

These days, you need a password for everything. And although 90% of us worry about having our passwords compromised, 60% of us are still using the same ones across multiple accounts. 🤦

Because, let’s face it — remembering dozens of passwords just isn’t happening.

That’s where magic links come in.

Instead of having to memorize a clunky login combo when entering an event, registered attendees receive a unique URL that grants access to the event at the click of a button.

Whether via email or SMS, one click of that Magic Link takes you directly to your virtual event landing page.

No login. No usernames. And no passwords.

By empowering your registered attendees with both speed and convenience, you not only boost your attendance rates, you also make sure their experience with your event gets off to a stress-free start.

How do Magic Links work?

And are they actually magic? If we’re talking Harry Potter, Gandalf, and Merlin, then the answer is no. (Sorry to disappoint!) 🪄

But in the age of flooded inboxes and countless digital distractions, these simple little URLs can actually feel pretty magical for your attendees. But you want to know what’s happening behind the magic — how it all works, right?

Well, they say a good magician never reveals their tricks…but we’ll make an exception.

With Magic Links, attendees can access your event in three simple steps:

  1. Attendees sign up through an entirely branded event registration page.
  2. They receive an email confirmation and calendar invite containing their unique login link (a.k.a ‘Magic Link’).
  3. When the time comes to join the shindig, they head to their invite or email, click the link, and voilà! They can now access the event!

And if you want to make the journey even more seamless, you can resend Magic Links on the day of the event as a friendly top-of-inbox reminder. 😉

Each link is unique to a single attendee and is set to work only between certain time periods. With a little help from cookies (the boring, non-edible kind), the Magic Link keeps your attendee logged in for the entire event.

Magic Links remove the barriers to event entry and speed up the journey from ‘registered’ to ‘live attendee’.

What makes Magic Links so magical?

Clearly, Magic Links are a pretty snazzy event login solution. But are there any other benefits for you, your attendees, and your other event stakeholders?

For sure! Let’s take a closer look.

Super speedy sign-in (that still gives you data) ⏩

There’s nothing worse than running last-minute for an event only to have a ten-page login form to complete on arrival.

With Goldcast’s Magic Link technology, you can skip the clunky authentication process and remove one of the biggest barriers to event entry.

Of course, collecting attendee info is still important. With Magic Links in the mix, you capture that data once and once only at the initial registration stage.

Forget about forgotten passwords 👋

Did you know that within a 90 day period 78% people have to reset at least one password they’ve forgotten?

And it’s always a frustrating process: requesting a reset link, waiting for said link, creating a foolproof/requirement-meeting/unhackable password…only to repeat the entire process when they forget it again the next day.

But forgotten passwords are a frustration for companies too. Investing in password-reset technology isn’t cheap, and shelling out for extra support staff to monitor reset requests isn’t free either.

A poor experience for them. A pricey endeavor for you. And all avoidable with a simple Magic Link.

Lost link? No problem! 📧

If you’ve ever worked in customer support, you know password reset issues can be just as painful for you as they are for the end user.

The user didn’t receive the link (they’ve checked their spam, they swear). They’ve reset their password, but it’s still not working (and they’re spelling it right, of course).

With magic links, there’s no more endless back-and-forth. If a registrant misplaces their login link, you simply send it right back out to them.

Easy to access. Easy to send. Easy to solve.

Prevent link-sharing 🙅

We’ve all done it. Borrowed someone’s Netflix login. Hijacked a parent’s Amazon Prime. Hacked into a friend’s Spotify premium.

It’s human nature to save money where we can. And you can bet that if your event is popular and paid-for, people are going to be looking for a free way in.

With magic links, you have ultimate control over the logging in process because each link is unique to that individual.

Simplify speaking and sponsoring 🗣️

Like any rockstar field marketer, you’re always looking for ways to make the experience even more VIP for your speakers and sponsors.

But with most virtual event platforms, you have to send multiple links back and forth just to help get these key players prepped and ready to win:

  • A link to a pre-game Zoom call
  • A link to login to the platform
  • And a link to your post-session check-in

That’s a lot to confuse a speaker or sponsor with — especially when they’re trying to focus on delivering epic content for you.

Goldcast’s magic link works for speakers, sponsors and staff just as seamlessly as it does for attendees.

Upon entry into the event, speakers are invited to head ‘backstage’ to relax and get ready before their session starts. Goodbye multiple links. Hello backstage bliss.

Make your own magic 🪄

Whether you’re looking to ace the attendee experience, reduce incoming support queries or streamline the speaker journey — Magic Links have you covered.

Because these days, it’s all about making the end-to-end event experience as seamless as possible for the attendee, while preventing dropoff as a byproduct.

By removing common login barriers and personalizing the process, Magic Links can get your event off to a flying start.

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