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Goldcast has support and services that customers rave about. You’re in for a smooth ride with an experienced partner to ramp up your event and video strategy.

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You're fully supported throughout the entirety of your event journey – from set-up to event day and beyond.

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We’ve partnered with hundreds of customers, on thousands of events, to help them successfully build and launch their event strategy — just ask around.


Our customer experience teams are focused on bringing your vision and goals to life. Count on us to equip you with everything you need for seamless event execution.

Customer Support

Our dedicated support specialists are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns, whether it's setting up your event or managing it day of.

We offer live support via chat and email, starting from 30 minutes before your event and continuing throughout its duration.

Support was super fast. Anytime I needed something, I'd get a really quick response. Goldcast has been really responsive to our requests to enhance the tool and optimize to our needs. That's huge.

Ande Kempf

Senior Marketing Operations Manager



Support CSAT

55 secs

First Response time for
Live Event

24 mins

Time to resolution

Customer Success

Maximize the potential of your events with the guidance of our CSMs.

Benefit from regular recurring meetings, ad-hoc email support, and monthly updates from Goldcast tailored to your needs, ensuring you extract the most value from events.

Goldcast’s customer success team is amazing. If I have a question about how I set up an event or about functionality, our CSM is always on top of it. From a customer service and support perspective, the team goes above and beyond to make sure we feel comfortable with the platform. Beyond the technology itself, it's the people in the team that help us succeed, which is a true differentiator.

Laura Wille

Director of Customer Marketing



It’s super easy for you to onboard and get trained through our comprehensive onboarding and training program.

The implementation team is your go-to for Goldcast account configuration, integration setup guidance, and troubleshooting.

Our team grew exponentially at the same time we were starting with Goldcast. We were constantly asking questions and onboarding new people, and Goldcast helped us immensely to keep us successful during that key transition.

Candace Gregg

Senior Director of Global Demand Generation


Event Services

Do you need additional support? Our Event Services team is here to provide you with personalized support for planning, coordinating, and executing your events seamlessly.

You can count on them during the event for production support, managing content, driving engagement features, and speaker management based on your specific service package.

The thought of managing this [massive 25K attendee event] on our own without error was terrifying. We brought in Goldcast's event service for extra support and THANK GOODNESS WE DID. It could not have been executed without Goldcast's additional support.

Kayla Drake

Director of Field Marketing


Reviewers on G2 agree

They have a fantastic customer-focused team that worked closely with us to prepare for the event - this is a huge draw compared to other platforms.

Conor McCarter

Conor McCarter

Co-Founder at Prequel

I personally love how hands-on the Customer Success and Support teams are. They are attentive, they listen, and they take feedback into consideration.

Roberto L Mortensen

Roberto L Mortensen

Senior Community Marketing Manager at

They have great customer support which makes a huge difference when you're first entering the virtual events world.

Lisa Gregory

Lisa Gregory

Founder and Head of Events at Gregory Event Services

From the dedicated sales team who stayed connected even post-deal signing, to the incredible customer success team, and an impressive product team that takes our requests and produces, quickly! The company does a great job of making us feel genuinely cared for.

Jenna Jones

Jenna Jones

Director of Events at SenseTuitive

Goldcast is the forerunner of digital event platforms. I have tried close to all of them, and Goldcast checks the most boxes and has the best digital experience.

Georgianne Parker

Georgianne Parker

Senior Manager, Events & Field Marketing at Fullstory

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