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Deliver a transformative event experience. Leave the nitty gritty to us.

Your event 'experience' begins even before the actual event starts. That's why it's critical that your company gets it right.

Goldcast lets you manage registrations seamlessly - for higher turnout and improved attendee experience, even prior to the event.

Powerful registration

Accept registrations using Goldcast’s branded registration page or seamlessly integrate with Splash, Hubspot, Market, Pardot registration pages or 20+ other platforms.

1. Registration

Automated emails and calendar invites

Automating how your brand interacts with registered participants will lead to higher turnouts.

Easily create and pre-schedule confirmation and timed reminder emails with the Unique Login Link to join your event and send calendar invites automatically. You can even test out the emails before they go live.

Attendees can just Register and Relax!

2. Automated invites

Hassle-free registrant and attendee management

Organizers can view all registrants in real time through Goldcast. They can even remove registrants prior to the event, or ban attendees from live events in progress.

Banned users won’t be able to re-register for the event using the same email address.

3. Attendee management

Create a Netflix-like event and give your attendees an incredible experience.