10 Free Webinar Follow-Up Email Templates to Get More Out of Every Event

June 1, 2023
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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Congratulations! You’ve successfully wrapped up your webinar.

Attendees loved your event content, and speakers were impressed by your slick organizational skills. You aced it! So why stop there?

While it can be tempting to think of the webinar follow-up email as just one more thing to tick off your to-do list, a little extra love at this part of the journey can go a long way.

To keep your event from becoming “just another webinar,” you’ll need to keep the conversation going with a value-driven follow-up email.

Whether you’re looking for increased MQLs, demos, or meetings booked, these webinar follow-up emails will help you move the conversation forward.

What’s inside:

  • Webinar follow-up emails—why you can’t afford to skip this step
  • 10 webinar follow-up email examples to increase your event ROI
  • Keep the conversation going with proven tips and templates

Webinar follow-up emails—why you can’t afford to skip this step

Webinar follow-up emails are the emails you send to registrants and attendees after your webinar. Though often overlooked, these emails are an essential part of every webinar email sequence and a great way to engage with your audience after the event closes.

To get the most out of your webinar follow-up emails, think of them similar to how you would view your lead nurturing emails. Our friends at Drift describe this as “continuing conversations after an event.”

“Just as you need to understand your audience in your pre-event communication, you’re going to want to do the same thing after an event,” explains Sara Lieber, Event Marketing Manager at Drift.

Webinar follow-up emails can come in the form of a simple ‘thank you for attending’ plus a link to the webinar recording or a more personalized sales outreach email answering a specific question raised during the event.

Before you roll up your sleeves and start writing your webinar follow-up emails, here are some of the latest webinar tips and best practices for keeping your follow-ups as relevant and value-driven as possible:

  • Personalize your emails with the attendee’s name or other key details such as topics covered or questions asked.
  • Set your subject lines apart with emojis.
  • Use active verbs. For example, ‘Watch all sessions on-demand!’ instead of ‘All sessions can be watched on demand.’
  • Keep your CTA concise with a correct, working link.
  • Brand your emails. Use your event logo, brand colors, and fonts.
  • Keep your email short and punchy. Try to keep the body of the email under 200 words.
  • Include images in your emails. For example, speaker headshots, screen grabs of attendees interacting, or embedded slideshows.

For Drift’s GTM Lab webinar series, the team hired a sketch artist to recap each session visually and included a link to the images in the post-event email as a unique way to share high-level takeaways at a glance.

“You want to prolong the conversation as long as you can,” explains Sara. Offering a little something extra to attendees after the event helps maintain the buzz on social media and can even build a little FOMO with those who registered, but didn’t attend.

“The messaging that you use in an email follow-up for someone who registered for the event is going to be very different from the language that you use in an email for someone who attended the event,” says Sara. “If someone registered for GTM Lab but didn’t attend, they wouldn’t have gotten those graphics.”

10 webinar follow-up email examples to increase your event ROI

If you’re not sure what to put into your emails for those who attended vs. those who didn’t, these follow-up email templates will help get you started.

Before you dive in, make sure you’ve segmented your list by those who did and didn’t attend, plus any top prospects that may require an extra layer of personalization.

1. Webinar follow-up template: attended

For attendees who took the time to join your webinar, use your follow-up email to say thank you.

If you offer on-demand content, be sure to include clear steps on how to access the recording and invite them to share it with any friends or colleagues who may also be interested in the content.

This is also a great opportunity to share any additional resources that might be worthy of a social share or for future relationship building — such as a research report, presentation slides, screenshots, etc.

Got specific prospects you want to start a conversation with?

Here’s a 1:1 template you can use for deeper personalization with top prospects.

2. Webinar follow-up template: did not attend

This one is for folks who signed up but couldn’t make it to your webinar.

Since you’ve been engaging with registered attendees from the first day they signed up, sending them one more email with your webinar recording is a natural way to continue the conversation.

Include a brief summary of the event, along with a link to the on-demand recording.

Here’s a more personalized template you can use to drive 1:1 conversations with people who registered but didn’t attend.

3. Personalized follow-up email from sales: attended

For many modern event marketers, meetings booked is the ultimate goal.

Sara and her team at Drift track each registrant’s status (attended vs. not-attended) in Marketo which is integrated with Salesforce so that each account executive (AE) has a full view of their accounts’ activities.

With the right digital event platform, you can even set up alerts so that AEs know when their accounts are active in an event. This also makes it super easy for them to know which prospect to send a customized outreach email to after the webinar.

What about follow-up emails for post-registration?

To achieve your goal of more meetings booked, you’ve got to get your webinar prospects to show up first.

If you haven’t already perfected your post-registration webinar follow-ups, the following templates can help.

4. Webinar registration confirmation email

This is the first email prospects should receive after signing up for your webinar. Ideally, this email should be automated so that email lands in their inbox the moment they register.

The registration confirmation should include:

  • A ‘thank you’ for signing up
  • Automatic calendar holds
  • A single-click link to join the event
  • If the webinar is part of a series, a link to watch previous events

5. 1st post-registration reminder email

While there is no set standard for how many reminder emails to send for an upcoming webinar, we’ve found that three is often the sweet spot between too many and not enough.

The first reminder email should be sent three to seven days before your event.

Every reminder email should include:

  • The webinar date and time
  • A single-click link to join the webinar
  • A shareable invite link to invite friends and colleagues

The first two reminder emails are also the perfect opportunity to promote your event content and get prospects excited to attend.

6. 2nd post-registration reminder email

The day of your webinar is almost here, which means it’s your last chance to promote your event and drive those attendee numbers higher.

We recommend sending the second reminder email one day before your webinar.

Keep it short and to the point with two crucial elements:

  • The webinar date and time
  • A single-click link to join the event

7. 3rd post-registration reminder email

This is the third (and almost last!) reminder email you’ll send after an event prospect registers.

We recommend sending this email one hour before the event. Similar to the second reminder, this email should be concise with full emphasis on the CTA.

8. Happening now email

Aim to send the “webinar happening now” email a few minutes before your webinar.

Ensure all links lead to the right places when sending this one.

Keep the conversation going with proven tips and templates

A great follow-up email is about so much more than blasting attendees with a link to the recording.

Every email you send should help contribute to the overall success of your webinar and increase your chances of getting more attendees for future events.

Grab these free customizable webinar email templates to instantly level up your game or learn more about what makes a webinar great with the latest Webinar Benchmark Report, including valuable insights you can put to work right away to get more out of every event.

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