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Gone are the days of ‘host and hope’ events—these days, field marketing is all about powerful data-led decision making.

With virtual events rising by over 1000% since Covid hit, the opportunities to use smart analytics to drill down on your real ROI are huge.

We’re talking big boosts in the number of high-quality leads, actionable attendee insights, and less time wasted on opaque event analytics.

Sounds awesome? That’s because it is.

Here are just a few ways to make it easier than ever to unlock your event ROI.

Account-level insights you can act on

Bridge the gaps left by basic webinar platforms and seamlessly transfer account-level insights into Hubspot, Marketo and your other existing sales systems for targeted post-event follow up.
With the right tools in your field marketing arsenal, ABM has never been easier. 👌🏽

Capture crucial influenced pipeline data

Get to know your attendee’s real interests and questions, while uncovering your most successful event marketing efforts.
For a solid ROI metric, simply add the number of attendee touchpoints that occurred during the event. Think: document downloads, break-out room choices, time in session and answered polls.

Knuckle down on your net new pipeline

Keep tabs on your net new pipeline to figure out how many new leads were captured by the event—then start those relationships with a bang by using event data to get to know them even better.
Once you have net new pipeline stats for a few events, you can run a comparative analysis to figure out what worked (and what didn’t).
Hello slick events everyone will love.

Accelerate your existing pipeline

Whether you're using your events to connect with and capture net new leads or pull the lever on conversion and expansion opportunities in your existing pipeline, Goldcast can help.
Now you can qualify, route and follow up with attendees using deep, account-level insights that transform your event data into revenue.

Win (and keep) a seat at the revenue table

2020+ is the age of the revenue marketer— and knowing your event ROI is key to proving your worth.
With insightful analytics and integrated systems, pinpointing your real ROI and winning a seat at the table has never been easier.

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