Digital Events that help you beat your pipeline goals

Successful digital events can position your brand as a thought leader and build trust with your prospects and customers. You know this, but only one thing matters to leadership-revenue. Do they drive pipeline? And what’s the return on investment?

We increased our event attendance rate from 33% to 50% after switching to Goldcast

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Ashleigh Frank
Senior Demand Gen Manager
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Our MQL to SQL conversion through events increased by 30% after we implemented Goldcast. It was amazing
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Jess Bahr
Senior Director, Demand Generation
Our demo requests increased by 42%. Events became our second highest pipeline generating channel
An image of Nina Butler, Director of events, Alyce.
Nina Butler
Senior Director, Revenue Marketing
We influenced $13M pipeline through our events and webinars on Goldcast. Everything worked
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Mandy Darnell
Director Event Marketing

This calculator will help you calculate the revenue impact of using Goldcast. Simply input a few benchmarks around your average attendance and win rate and see how Goldcast can optimize your digital event investment.

How much impact can Goldcast have? Find out

*Based on average success metrics from Goldcast customers
within 1 year timeframe

Our customers are seeing some serious results

This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

Drift - 2x higher attendance, 3x pipeline goals

All virtual summits and webinars through Goldcast

We had incredible data post event through Goldcast that our sales teams actioned on and this resulted in 3x more pipeline than what we expected.

Our BDR and Account executive teams used the granular event data for post event follow-ups and had 2x the demo conversion compared to our previous events!

Janna Erickson

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Former Director of Events, Drift
This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

Alyce - 2nd highest pipeline generating channel

YOUniverse Annual conference and all webinars through Goldcast

Events are our highest pipeline creating channel and I sleep better at night knowing that our experiences are run on Goldcast - not only the platform but the team behind the platform that supports our success is next to none

“Native Marketo integration saves a lot of time for us and through our marketo-salesforce sync, our sales teams are able to send sequences few hours after instead of a few days”.

Nina Butler

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Director of Events, Alyce​
This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

Kong - 2x Attendance, 118% of Net Promoter Score Goal

Our registration to attendee conversion went up by 2x because of Goldcast’s automatic calender Invite functionality.

I didn't think you could get over 50, but our NPS score was 59. I really think a lot of this has to do with Goldcast and the ease for people to use

Melanie Flores Salman

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Partner Marketing and Corporate Events Lead, Kong
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