Run beautifully branded webinars that drive engagement and pipeline

Built for B2B marketers to scale webinar programs with less hassle.

Great B2B brands use Goldcast to scale their webinar program


We increased our attendance conversions by 15% and demo requests by 42% after using Goldcast. Trust me, we looked at so many tools!

Dallin Hunt

Digital Event Manager
Dallin Hunt

A simple set-up paired with powerful features

Customizable registration pages & forms with branding controls


Branded email cadences & calendar holds to boost your attendance rate


Duplicate webinar templates in a single click to scale your webinar program


Provide a memorable experience with next-level engagement tools

Stimulate your audience with high-quality video production displays


Allow your attendees to engage with each other via chat, polls, and Q&A


Create breakout room and roundtables for smaller discussions


Scale your webinars across a global audience

Run live sessions, pre-recorded videos, or a mix of both with ease


Reach your global audience through language translation and subtitles


Powerful on-demand functionalities to host recordings


Automated and detailed analytics to enable sales follow up

Get detailed attendee analytics and event insights in real-time


Powerful CRM & marketing integrations to drive follow up


We provide support for all your events

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Not just a Zoom or WebEx replacement. This one is legit.

Nathan B

Nathan B


Our weekly product demo showcase is just out of the world because of Goldcast

Jay I

Jay I

Co-Founder, Business Development

Elevate Your Event with Goldcast's Webinar Technology

Unlike other webinar platforms, Goldcast offers a purpose-built solution for B2B marketers that delivers ROI without sacrificing a great experience.

Webinar technology isn't new—but Goldcast has taken a lot of inspiration from streaming services to ensure our webinars are binge-worthy. Our automated webinar platform enables marketers to easily scale event programming and seamlessly feed event data back into other marketing tools.

Delight attendees with a fully branded, Netflix-style event experience. Goldcast's single-click Magic Links make joining events a breeze, and automatic calendar blocks ensure your webinar won't fall off the radar. Customizable email reminders that look and feel like your brand are a high-touch, low-effort way to turn webinar registrants into attendees.

Inside the event, keep your audience engaged with flexible content formats including slides, pre-recorded videos, additional resources, and more. And include attendees in the conversation with live chat, polls, and video Q&A.

Post-webinar, arm your sales team with the data they need to have meaningful conversations with leads and prospects. Goldcast offers robust in-app analytics and connects to popular marketing automation and CRM platforms. All webinar data flows seamlessly into contact records for lead scoring and outreach opportunities.

The best webinar platforms attract new leads and drive pipeline for your business. Explore how Goldcast can transform your webinars into a top revenue-generating channel.

Webinar Software FAQs

Webinars platforms should be simple and seamless for attendees. Spend your time building the best event and spend less time worrying about the “how” of the technology. Whatever purpose your webinars serve, we're here to help you make them memorable.

Selecting the best webinar software for your event means being fully educated about everything Goldcast offers. Read on for some frequently asked questions about Goldcast''s webinar management software.


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