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For a full end-to-end event and video solution, from registration to repurposing, check out Goldcast Core. To repurpose existing video content into multi-channel campaigns, Content Lab is the solution for you.

The Goldcast Core platform provides B2B marketers with the event, webinar, and video sophistication needed for your business. Boost event attendance, wow your audience, repurpose your content, and drive more business with Goldcast.


For small B2B marketing teams that want to get started with basic webinars.

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Key features include:

  • Up to 90-minute webinars
  • Registration page builder
  • Automatic calendar holds
  • Pre-recorded sessions
  • Access to Content Lab
  • Rooms
  • Event analytics
  • HubSpot, Salesforce, and Slack + Salesforce integrations


For growing B2B marketing teams that want to scale the impact of their webinar program.

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Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Series events
  • Event templates
  • Translations & subtitles
  • Waitlists
  • Cross-event and ROI analytics
  • Pardot, Slack, Drift, and Wistia integrations
  • Dedicated CSM

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For scaling B2B organizations with a diverse and robust event strategy.

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Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Unlimited length webinars, virtual conferences, summits, etc.
  • Teams
  • Booths
  • RTMP stream in
  • Marketo integration


For large B2B organizations with a sophisticated event strategy needing additional structure and teams.

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Everything in Premium, plus:

  • 2 teams included
  • SSO
  • Custom domains
  • In-person field events
  • Eloqua integration

A decision our customers are confident about.


Our MQL to SQL conversion through events increased by 30% after we implemented Goldcast. It was amazing.

Gurdeep Dhillon

Gurdeep Dhillon

Former SVP Growth

We love Goldcast! We always thought that you have to just find the least worst webinar platform and just deal with it as a marketer, but were pleasantly surprised when we found Goldcast! It's an amazing platform with superb integrations.

Kae Gradford

Kae Gradford

Marketing Operations Manager

Goldcast is the forerunner of digital event platforms. I have tried close to all of them, and Goldcast checks the most boxes and has the best digital experience.

Georgianne Parker

Georgianne Parker

Senior Manager, Events & Field Marketing


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