5 Tips on Increasing the Attendees' Engagement during Online Events

January 30, 2021

Meisha Bochicchio, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

Hosting events online can be a culture shock for many businesses. Times are changing, and you must adapt the way you engage with your attendees online. Otherwise, you might end up wasting time, resources, and effort on ineffective virtual events. You will need the right tools and strategies to provide unique and satisfying experiences for everyone.

A study by Tagoras shows that almost 93% of businesses are continuing to hold events online instead of face-to-face in the coming months. Majority of them believe that hosting online events will become the new norm for businesses worldwide. It is high time that you start preparing for this.

With that, here are some tips on how you can increase your virtual audience engagement for all your online events.

1. Find the right software

You can only host online events by using a software. With the many options available, you might find yourself overwhelmed in your selection. To narrow down the list, you must first understand the different possible software solutions you can use, and how each could help you manage and hold certain types of virtual events.

For one, video conferencing tools might not be enough if you plan on hosting bigger events. This type of tool is designed to host a smaller number of audiences and will only allow invited participants from specific organizations or groups. Hence, you should consider using virtual event platforms. Unlike the former, virtual events platforms focus on facilitating digital experiences on a grander scale. You can also compare event management software solutions for other alternatives.

2. Incorporate dynamic activities

The downside to in-person events is that most audiences usually end up just sitting and listening for an hour or so. Sometimes, it is difficult to facilitate a dynamic conference or event if there are too many participants involved. There is little to no opportunity to focus on each attendee. Fortunately, online events can offer an entirely new experience for your attendees.

You can make virtual events engaging by incorporating dynamic and interactive activities during the event. You can integrate gamification elements into your online events such as points collection, mini-competitions, polls, and rewards to engage your attendees throughout the event.

3. Provide communication channels

Keeping in touch with your attendees can be difficult especially since all of you are in different locations at the same time. There are no more friendly lunch outs or casual chats in the lounge or water coolers. As a result, your attendees might feel a bit isolated and detached from the actual online event.

One way on how to make virtual events more interactive is by providing inclusive communication channels for all your attendees. This can be in the form of Q&A sessions, forums, and discussion boards. You can also create chat rooms that simulate lounges during short intermissions or breaks and have centralized dashboards where they can comment or post their thoughts for everyone else to see.

4. Assign accessible moderators/support

Unlike in-person events, your organizers or teams aren’t as visible. There are no registration tables where they can introduce themselves to your attendees. Likewise, your audience cannot just look for someone in uniform or name tag if ever they have any questions or requests.

This is where moderators can come in to connect your attendees to the event itself. Their tasks include facilitating discussions, checking up on everyone else, and making sure that everything goes smoothly. By assigning moderator roles, your audience won’t be too much at a loss. Your moderators can guide them closely throughout the online event.

5. Ensure production quality

There are many aspects of online events that can go beyond your control. For one, your attendees’ internet speed can vary. Likewise, your platform itself can also become unstable. In such cases, lagging videos and poor production quality will be your worst enemies. These can disrupt your attendees’ immersion and engagement to your online events.

Ensuring quality production is one way on how to keep attendees engaged during virtual events. This requires you to invest on reliable and proven software like Goldcast that can maintain high-quality standards across all screens. Aside from software, you also need better cameras, microphones, backdrops, and digital presentations. Having awesome video quality will keep attendees glued to the screen.

Boosting audience engagement online

Engaging with your virtual audience can be challenging. The distance can make them feel cut off from the rest of the event. Not to mention, there will be many new factors that can steal their attention away. This makes it easier and faster for them to lose interest in what you have to offer.

With the countless tools and platforms at your disposal, you can create unique and riveting online events for your audience. Likewise, keep these tips in mind so that you can further boost their engagement in the process.

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