2023 Attendee Sentiment Report

Get a pulse on the state of B2B events

Hello! We're thrilled you've discovered Goldcast's inaugural report on what attendees actually want from events in 2023 and beyond.

As marketers, knowing exactly what people are thinking is like striking gold—and this report gives you that superpower!

That's right. No spin. No guesswork. Just firsthand, unfiltered facts.

Download the full report to get insight on what 500+ attendees had to say about:

  • Where we are in the event world right now
  • The types of experiences attendees want more of
  • What types of events attendees aren’t so keen on
  • Tangible ways to exceed expectations in 2023

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Here's a little preview of what we learned…

sessions are

A whopping 90% of respondents want sessions of 60 minutes or less, meaning you should keep things as succinct as possible.

People love the
convenience of
digital-first events…

74% of attendees said they loved being able to log on and attend events from anywhere, as well as the ability to watch recorded sessions on demand.

… but they miss
networking in

Almost everyone who weighed in said they enjoy networking at in-person events, and 65% said they don't like the lack of face-to-face interaction at virtual events.

The demographics behind the data

Curious about where we got this data?

Here's the nitty-gritty on our numbers:

We surveyed 516 participants who attended work-related B2B events in the last two years and who also attended both in-person and virtual-enabled events

Survey respondents spanned all levels of seniority, from individual contributors to executive leadership—they also came from companies of all sizes!

All responses came from North America

The majority of people worked in the Technology, Financial, Education, and Healthcare sectors

Folks self-identified as extroverts (18%), introverts (22%), or somewhere in between (60%)

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