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Our Head of Growth, Kelly Cheng, runs a weekly live session just for B2B marketers.

Hi, I’m Kelly! As Head of Growth at Goldcast, I have a deep understanding of our platform. We use our own product to run all of our events, and we’ve hosted over 50 events (large and small) over the past year. That’s a lot of events!

Not only do I know the product, but I’m a marketer just like you with big pipeline and revenue goals to hit this year.

Plus, I’m not in sales. So for this walk-through, there are no qualifying questions about your budget, authority, needs, and timing—and there's definitely no hard sell. Just a casual, one-hour session built to help you learn more about Goldcast and see the product in action.

Maybe you're just curious because you've heard about Goldcast from a friend, or maybe you're evaluating event and webinar platforms for 2022 and want to see how Goldcast works. In either case, this session is for you.

In this 30 minute session, I’ll walk through:

  • The Goldcast Attendee experience (what your attendees will see)
  • Fully customizable event branding (your brand—not ours)
  • Next level engagement tools (did someone say games?!)
  • An event that feels like a Netflix show (get your popcorn ready!)

Plus, I’ll be taking your questions live. This is a great chance to ask anything that’s on your mind around rocking virtual events.

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