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Looking for a digital event platform that can support all of your event needs? Look no further than Goldcast!

Our platform has all the features you need to host successful digital events including webinars, product launches, summits, community events, and more.

In our on-demand videos, you'll see:

  • The Attendee Experience: Watch how attendees can easily access and participate in your virtual events.
  • The Speaker Experience: Learn how speakers can easily share their presentations and engage with attendees.
  • The Organizer Experience - Setting up a Webinar or Single Session Event: See how easy it is to set up and manage a webinar or single session event on Goldcast.
  • The Organizer Experience - Setting up a Multi-session Event: Get a behind-the-scenes look at how to set up and manage a multi-session event on Goldcast.
  • Branding your Event: Discover how you can easily customize your events with your own branding on Goldcast.
  • Building a Booth: Learn how to create a virtual booth on Goldcast where attendees can learn more about your brand and connect with you.

‍And the best part? The program is hosted on the Goldcast platform, so you can see firsthand how seamless and user-friendly it is. Say goodbye to frustrating, difficult-to-use digital event platforms and hello to Goldcast!

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