Why Demand Gen Marketers Love Goldcast: 10 Ways to Generate Pipeline With Powerful Digital Events

March 20, 2023
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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Demand gen marketers, we see you.

You have a lot going on at the top of the funnel. Advertising programs, email campaigns, content marketing, events — and you’re juggling it all.

Digital events are hard work, but they can also be one of your best pipeline-generating channels. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take some of the behind-the-scenes legwork off your plate and scale your events channel faster?

With the right digital event platform, you can build a steady stream of net-new leads, keep audiences engaged, drive real pipeline, and still have plenty of time for all the other tasks on your to-do list.

At Goldcast, our platform was purpose-built to help make that happen. Here are ten specific ways demand gen teams can use Goldcast to increase leads, scale event programs, and prove their impact by clearly reporting event ROI.

Drive more leads through powerful webinars that scale

How do demand gen pros generate leads with Goldcast? Let us count the ways.

There are so many features that make Goldcast different from your run-of-the-mill webinar platform. First and foremost, our platform is specifically designed with your pipeline in mind.

Our team works with leading demand gen pros every day to help them generate more awareness, leads, and revenue. Here’s how.

1. Broaden your global reach with high-impact accessibility features

Increasing leads starts with reaching more people. If your company serves a global audience, it can be challenging to scale your event marketing program to meet everyone’s accessibility and language needs.

But without the ability to run events in multiple languages, you might be limiting the total ROI on your events strategy.

“Webinars have been a really great way for us to take some of the things we’ve done in person and make them more accessible to everyone,” explains Maryann Ibrahim, Head of Community and Customer Marketing, Benchling.

She and her team have generated pipeline to the tune of $6.1M, due in part to a strong focus on event accessibility.

The world is more connected than ever and technology is rising to help bridge that gap. Through our partnership with Kudo, you can expand the reach of your Goldcast webinars with real-time translation.

With the power of human and AI translation, Kudo allows you to instantly expand your digital event to a global audience with live interpretation for 200 languages — including sign language.

Accessibility is one of our top priorities at Goldcast, so you’ll also find other features to help you execute accessible and inclusive virtual events, like on-demand recordings and subtitle translations.

2. Increase attendance with automated emails, calendar holds, and Magic Links

Now that you’re reaching a wider audience, let’s talk about increasing your attendance rates. After all, if a registered attendee doesn’t actually attend your event, they can’t become a lead.

So what’s a decent attendance rate for a webinar?

The average webinar has an attendance rate of about 40% — and of those who attend, another 40% actually watch the whole event. This means that on average, only 16% of those who register actually engage with the whole event.

With the right digital event platform, there is plenty of room to do better.

The average webinar attendance rate across all Goldcast webinars is over ten percentage points higher than the rest, at 51%.

We know increasing attendance is one of the biggest challenges for event marketers in charge of all things growth, and we’ve developed our features accordingly.

People are busy, and some of the top reasons they don’t attend the webinar they signed up for are:

  1. They had trouble accessing the event.
  2. They lost interest leading up to the event.
  3. They forgot.

We’ve solved for all three. Forgetting about a webinar? Not on our watch. As soon as a prospect signs up for your event, it’s on their calendar. From that moment, they’re getting automatic reminders and notifications.

Losing interest in what looked like a fascinating topic six weeks ago? Not even once. Our automated event reminder sequences keep hype levels at max from the minute your attendee signs up to the day of the event with custom-branded fields for key event details like:

  • Session summaries
  • Speaker bios
  • Event-related discounts and freebies
  • Questions and polls
  • Repurposed content from previous events
  • Add to calendar link (if you don’t automatically register them)
  • Single-click webinar join CTA
  • A link to invite peers

And you already know we won’t let accessibility bring your attendance rates down. Your attendees will never have to:

🚫 Create an account

🚫 Remember a password

🚫 Dig through emails for an event link

The Magic Link they get via email or text will take them right into the event, every time.

3. Boost engagement with polished event production

With Goldcast in your growth toolbox, you’re equipped to create experiences — not just events.

Our suite of video production tools makes it easy to give your attendees an engaging experience they’ll want to stick around for. For example, you can create a familiar news-style experience using overlays to showcase speaker information.

When you run your event with Goldcast, your attendees will feel like they’re watching their favorite show, increasing engagement in your event by 15% or more.

On the backend, you’ll have access to a robust engagement panel that centralizes data from chat, Q&A, and polls. From here, you can manage all your event’s chat sessions, messages to speakers or co-organizers, and in-session tools like Q&A.

“People have become used to consuming content digitally, so we're continuing to find good engagement with our webinars,” explains Tamara Teofanovic, Growth Marketing Manager, Validere. “They’re one of our main tactics for hitting pipeline goals, so they’re very important for us.”

But offering a TV-like experience doesn’t just look pretty. These features give your attendees the opportunity to engage with your event in ways that resonate, giving you and your team key account-level insights into the questions, sessions, and ideas that matter most.

For growth leaders like Tamara, this focus on experience and engagement has led to a 20% attendance increase, 18% engagement lift, and 6% rise in MQLs.

4. Capture leads and follow up with seamless integrations

All right — you’re reaching more people, they’re actually attending your events, and they’re engaged. That’s a huge win. Now, it’s time to seal the deal and capture those leads. 👏🏽

We know this is a crucial step, so at Goldcast we make it super easy with activity triggers.

You can set up your activity triggers any way you want, customize the calls to action throughout your webinar, and even track attendee interaction.

For example, CTAs within the event such as “Get a Demo” help capture hand raises during the event itself.

“We look at pipeline from a first-touch, last-touch, and an in-between touch — pipeline that’s influenced, created, or converted to demo by our campaigns,” explains Candace Gregg, Senior Director of Global Demand Generation at Bloomreach.

No matter how your attribution model is structured, Goldcast has you covered with easy pipeline-generating features at every step.

With our Salesforce and Slack integrations, BDRs and AEs are instantly notified when a key account registers and attends an event. If a key decision-maker comes to an event and asks an important question, you can instantly pass this information to your sales team who can initiate a focused conversation with target accounts both during and after the event.

5. Keep attendees engaged on-demand

One of attendees’ favorite things about digital events is not having to miss sessions. In fact, 44% of business attendees said on-demand content was important to them and 96% expect to see it.

For growth leaders who deliver the on-demand goods, there’s plenty of long-term ROI for the taking.

Our research also found that 84% of attendees say that access to on-demand event content increases their viewing time. But on-demand content can do even more for your event ROI by:

  • Expanding audience reach to those who would otherwise be unable to join.
  • Boosting your lead gen efforts by attracting new, on-demand attendees.
  • Improving accessibility via captioning and affordable pricing models for on-demand access.
  • Repurposing event content for future promo material.
  • Collecting valuable data on those viewing your content, even if they didn’t join live.

On-demand content is also a great way to formulate personalized, relevant, and value-led event follow-ups — for example: ‘We saw you watched our session on X topic, here’s a link to watch it again in case there’s anything you missed or would like a recap on.’

With Goldcast, it’s easy to build your on-demand Event Hub so attendees can continue engaging with your brand — and you can continue capturing leads — long after the event closes.

Scale your digital event programming without cutting corners on brand experience

Once you’ve nailed down the lead generation strategies that work for your brand, it’s time to scale. After all, there are only so many hours in the day — multiplying the manual work won’t cut it.

Here are a few ways Goldcast makes it easy to scale your demand gen success.

6. Duplicate event templates

Picture this: You put in the work and pulled off an event that hit the bullseye. Registration, attendance, engagement, and MQL conversion were off the charts.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could do that exact thing again…and again? With Goldcast, you can.

Simply duplicate your event and customize the new one as needed. All registration, branding, email sequences, and integrations remain the same.

We’re all trying to get a lot done, and Goldcast adds some time back to your day. Scaling up your webinar series is so much easier when you can copy and paste, change the dates and times, and keep the same format,” says Sara Lieber, Director of Event Marketing at Drift.

With a little help from Goldcast, Sara and her team can easily scale their four-part event strategy — consisting of educational events, product deep-dives, demos, and sales user trainings — to build a more engaged prospect and customer audience.

7. Automate pre- and post-event work

The great thing about automation for virtual events is that once it’s set up, it’s good to go, whether you have 200 attendees or 20,000.

With Goldcast, all your pre-and post-event email sequences will continue to work for you as you scale without cutting corners on brand experience.

My favorite thing is the customization on the back end. You can make every event feel different,” says Katie Dunn, Senior Demand Generation Manager at ThoughtSpot. “What's really great about having that virtual component through Goldcast is that we were able to reach prospects and scale lead gen.”

With seamless MAP & CRM integrations, your follow-up emails are just as impactful, even at scale. (More on this in a minute!)

8. Onboard new speakers with ease

As you scale your events, prepping your speakers can be a real time-suck if each one requires a half-hour (or more 😫) of training and troubleshooting.

These folks are a big deal. You don’t want to waste their precious time or your own.

Onboarding speakers is a breeze with Goldcast’s variety of setup, backstage, and control-sharing capabilities. No more frantic calls and emails. No more training sessions for ‘technically-challenged’ speakers.

“The tech checks alone would have easily been at least a 30-minute call per event which we're now saving,” says Ashleigh Frank is one part of the magnificent seven demand gen team at Cognism, “That’s a lot of time.”

Goldcast helps busy demand gen teams cut back on event prep time while providing a seamless experience for speakers.

Easy reporting on event analytics and ROI

When you’re killing it this much with demand gen events, you want to show off your results. Goldcast’s reporting features give you all the data you need to track event ROI and make it easy to tell your success stories internally.

9. Explore detailed attendance and engagement analytics

One of the things we love about virtual events is their versatility. That’s why we’ve built out detailed reporting on key KPIs at every stage of the funnel.

From event registrations to SQLs to revenue, Goldcast tracks everything you know to drive more revenue for the business.

To start, we make it easy to score attendee accounts based on your own definition of “engagement”.‍

Within our own event marketing team at Goldcast, we define engagement as an experience where every interaction is a brand moment. From there, we assign a weighting to each of our top five engagement metrics:

  • Time spent
  • Chat
  • Q&A
  • Polls
  • Resource

No matter what your lead scoring strategy looks like, Goldcast gives marketers access to a further 16 engagement data points that can feed directly into your existing tech stack — from Hubspot to Marketo, Salesforce, and more.

10. Deep, native integrations across your MarTech stack

With Goldcast, you don’t have to worry for a second about exporting and formatting CSVs. We integrate across your martech stack via deep, native integration with Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, and more, giving you a full view of attribution — without the headache.

Not only will you be able to seamlessly feed deep account-level insights straight to your sales team for immediate follow-up, you’ll also be able to answer the following key questions:

  • How well are your programs performing?
  • How are you tracking against your event goals?
  • How many net-new leads are coming in via your events?
  • How many events are leads attending before they become an opportunity?

Whether the goal is meetings booked or pipeline generated, with Goldcast, you’ll never have to wonder what ROI to expect from your events.

Build more pipeline in less time with Goldcast

Unlike some alternatives, Goldcast didn’t start as a video conferencing tool and morph into an events platform over time. We developed all the features we’ve discussed specifically for B2B marketers looking to drive pipeline and revenue with virtual events.

This has been our mission from the beginning and continues to be at the center of our product development roadmap. That’s why demand gen teams can count on Goldcast to consistently provide revenue-focused functionality that helps them do their jobs better, with less manual work.

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