Arm Your Sales Team with the Insights They Need to Drive Pipeline via Events: Introducing Our New Slack + Salesforce Integration

June 13, 2022
Chaithra M D
Chaithra M D
Product Marketer at Goldcast

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How’s your current event workflow?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could give your sales team real-time insights to start conversations with their target accounts?

What if you had instant visibility into any account engagement happening in your events, like questions asked, polls answered, hand raises, and more?

Well, dreams do come true—at least they do with Goldcast. 🤩

Introducing Goldcast’s Slack + Salesforce integration.

Like every marketer, you’re likely focused on building pipeline through events. You work hard to drive attendees to events and put together great experiences—all with the hope that these attendees eventually become customers. But the most challenging question to answer is what should you do with the engagement data? What if a key decision-maker comes to an event and asks an important question? How do you pass this information to account executives and BDRs who need these detailed insights instantly to engage with their target accounts both during and post-event?

Here’s the caveat. When we spoke to many of our customers during quarterly business reviews, the single common pain point that kept coming up is sales teams usually have little to no idea if their target accounts just signed up, if they asked a question, or other critical activities until after it’s too late. 😩

Typically, CSV files are sent to sales after an event and they'll have to manually go through the list and see if their account attended and then send them a follow-up. And even if there’s a Salesforce integration, all they see is whether the person attended or not several days post-event, in which case it becomes too late. At Goldcast, we care deeply about building a seamless platform for B2B marketers to host engaging events with their prospects and customers, ultimately to drive sales pipeline.

Our Slack + Salesforce integration helps with just that.

You can now instantly send notifications about account activity and tag the lead owner (they'll also receive a magic link to the event) so they can go into the event and chat with them instantly rather than sending a delayed email follow-up.

Here’s how this might look:

Attendee from target account:When is this new feature getting launched?Sales rep Immediately gets pinged on Slack, jumps into the event, and starts a 1:1 chat with the prospect to answer their question. Sales rep: It’s getting launched in Q2 this year. Happy to share more about this during our next call if you are available.

If a sales rep is too busy and unable to attend the event live, all detailed activity is sent to them immediately post-event through Slack. How handy is that?!

Timely insights = instant action = great experience for target accounts.

Giving actionable data to sales teams about the accounts they care about at the right time can create a great personalized experience for your buyers.

In a world where a $50 consumer purchase order from Amazon gives them incredible data to personalize the buying experience immediately, a $10,000 B2B purchase needs a lot more. 💰

Some of our beta customers are already finding incredible value through our Slack + Salesforce integration.

⚡️ Current Goldcast customers can add this new integration right away without going through support! Check out this quick guide to learn more about how you can set it up.

*As of now, the notifications for lead registrations and attendance are live. The other notification triggers (including polls, questions and others) are in beta.

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