Video Production Tools

Using effective video production tools can increase engagement in your event by at least 15% and make it feel like an interactive TV show. At Goldcast, all of these engagement points are sync’d to marketing automation tools and CRMs to help your sales and customer success teams understand how your prospects/customers are interacting in the event.

Here are some ways to leverage Goldcast’s inbuilt easy-to-use video production tools


Overlays and lower-thirds:

Give a newsroom style experience to your attendees using simple overlays and lower-thirds. Add in names, designations or other helpful info for attendees.


Publishing attendee chat on Stage:

Publish interesting chat comments to stage and encourage more attendee participation. This is a great way to make attendees feel seen.


Publishing poll questions and responses on stage:

Publishing poll responses on stage allows attendees to see the poll answers and encourages them to participate more actively.


The ability to make attendees participate more and feel engaged through simple production tools makes a huge difference.

Callum Donnelly

Business Development
Callum Donnelly

Publishing Q&A on stage

Organizers/Speakers can push questions from attendees to the stage. This allows every attendee to know who is asking the question, when it is answered and encourages them to ask more questions.


Using Ticker messages to direct attendees to specific pages

Organizers can use ticker messages that are clickable and can direct attendees to specific external pages - be it their website, e-books, next event series, post-event surveys.


Highlighting partners during your session

Highlight logos of your partner/sponsor to the main stage and create brand awareness.. This is of course an addition to having sponsor booths, where sponsors can have a booth of their own and have attendees learn more.


Virtual Backgrounds:

You can choose to have your own virtual background during the event. This is especially helpful in remote and at-home settings.

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