Why Invest In B2B Video Marketing: Benefits & Outcomes

May 14, 2024

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Did you hear? Video marketing isn’t just for marketers.

In an age when most of us jump from morning podcasts, to afternoon webinars and before bed streaming—video is for everyone. Everywhere. Pretty much all. the. time.

That includes everyone in your org. From sales to customer support, video has the power to increase adoption, accelerate pipeline and skyrocket your ROI.

But just because video is more accessible and powerful than ever, doesn’t mean everyone can do it (or can they? 😜). And your leadership team? They might still need a little convincing.

Whether you’re in the process of planning your video marketing budget, or making a strong case to secure buy-in, we’ve got the data and real-life B2B marketing examples you need to prove ROI.

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What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the use of video content to engage, inform, and entertain audiences while building awareness for your brand, products and services. The term video marketing also refers to the strategy of using video content to establish a deeper bond with your intended market, often by repurposing it across multiple channels and marketing efforts.

Common types of video marketing include:

  • Snackable social media content
  • Explainer videos
  • Tutorials and how-to videos
  • Case studies
  • Customer testimonials
  • Webinars
  • Live streams
  • Live videos and events
  • On-demand events
  • Team culture videos
  • Video podcasts
  • Expert panels
  • Interviews
  • Event recap videos
  • New product demos
  • Product videos
  • Brand videos
  • Video ads
  • Animations

And more. In 2024, B2B brands are leveraging multiple video types across multiple social media platforms and channels through the power of video content repurposing.

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5 big benefits of B2B video marketing

With 92% of marketers reporting positive ROI, video is a central part of any modern digital marketing strategy. And while marketers may have been the first to take the leap, they certainly aren’t the last.

More and more B2B stakeholders are jumping on board (and on camera) as a way to connect with prospects and customers on a more personal and meaningful level.

And according to HubSpot’s latest State of Content Marketing report, 30% of marketers who don’t already use short-form video are planning to start in 2024.

Here’s why now’s the time to bet big on video.

1. Real ROI

Despite its widespread popularity, video is still relatively new. It can be challenging to find hard data on the conversion rates across various channels and video formats.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of real examples to point to. For instance, the team at FullStory saw an 8X return in qualified pipeline after switching to stronger video production tools for creating their webinar source content.

Georgianne Parker, Senior Manager, Events & Field Marketing at FullStory knew she was sitting on a goldmine of webinar content just waiting to be repurposed for other channels. She also knew she’d need a professional-grade video platform with deep branding tools to add FullStory’s logos, brand colors, thumbnails, and a custom call to action (CTA) to capture their audience’s attention.

After switching to a stronger video production platform (ahem, Goldcast), she got all of the above—and more.

“Now we even have monthly repeatable webinars. We’ve scaled substantially and I expect it'll continue at this scale,” says Georgianne. After each event, she and her team spent just minutes (not hours!) repurposing their recordings into high-quality video content for social, email, the blog and more.

2. Video builds trust and affinity

With consumers viewing 19 hours of online video per week, B2B brands of every shape and size can use video to build brand awareness.

Even if you start by repurposing vs. creating net new video content, just imagine how much you could grow your reach by layering video onto your existing marketing efforts.

“I know that if I can get a good 30 to 90 second clip from that webinar, I'm going to probably get more eyeballs on it via social than I did in the initial event,” said Head of Content at Clari, Devin Reed.

Whether it’s building awareness via TikTok, YouTube videos or increased search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, with a repeatable process for repurposing long-form videos, you can easily fit video marketing into your existing programs and start building more awareness with every campaign.

3. Increased engagement and conversions

In 2024, 82% of consumers say they’ve been persuaded to make a purchase because of a video.

Video marketing isn’t just about setting the content flywheel spinning. It’s also about driving increased results at every stage of the prospect and customer lifecycle.

The marketing team at AspenCore was able to generate significantly more engagement from a single video than a 39-post campaign containing only graphics.

By some estimates, video posts on social generate 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. And AspenCore’s example is proof.

“The engagement from one post versus an entire campaign was incredible,” said Kristen Nuñez, Global Event Manager, AspenCore. “We also got a lot of re-shares.” With a central place to store your on-demand video content, you can keep the party going even when you’re off the clock.

4. Reach prospects anytime, anywhere

The hard-sell tactics of the 2010s aren’t going to fly in 2024. “People’s attention spans are short and only getting shorter,” said Ghazwan Almoazen, Director of Global Events, Demand Generation and Communications at DocuSign, in a past episode of Event Marketers Live.

At a moment in time when 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make buying decisions, one of the most powerful elements of video marketing is that videos don’t just stand on their own. They can be used to add an attention-grabbing visual element to so many other parts of your marketing campaigns—including email marketing, landing pages, blog posts, and more.

Marketers like Ghazwan and Ashley Faus, Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Portfolio at Atlassian, are putting video at the center of their marketing activation strategies to meet prospects wherever they are, whenever they want.

And in a way that feels much more “pull” than “push”.

“We created snippets and gave them to speakers so they were able to promote that on their own LinkedIn or Twitter. We were also able to take that video and embed it into an SEO-focused article around story points and estimation and then update that article with additional insights,” said Ashley.

5. Increase internal participation

Want in on a little known marketing secret? Videos made by your internal experts are excellent tools for boosting both internal participation and your external reach.

Just ask Nicolette Konkol, Global Head of Demand Generation Marketing at Morningstar.

“We already had internal experts that were engaging in those conversations. We sold to a sales audience and our CRO was more than happy to do some videos that we could then leverage at scale. Same thing with our sales enablement manager,” explained Nicolette.

The result was a more personal and more engaging experience, both for internal and external target audiences.

“We gave people lots of options to engage… You could reshare one of the videos that someone else had internally recorded or you could just go to our socials and basically select posts to put out on LinkedIn,” explained Nicolette.

Elevate and extend your video marketing outcomes

While other B2B brands fall back on staged actors and stock footage, you can create a powerful multi-channel video content strategy by repurposing your webinars, digital events, podcasts, and other long-form video content into authentic snackable videos that connect.

Goldcast makes your events engaging and entertaining, then transforms them into always-on video content that continues to drive results long into the future.

With deep analytics and seamless integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce and Marketo, you can use any of Goldcast’s 16 activity metrics to gauge engagement and pinpoint which parts of your videos struck the right chord with your audience.

And with marketing tools like Content Lab, you can easily repurpose those videos into shareable snippets that grab attention on other channels.

Find out how team’s like AspenCore, FullStory, and Clari are winning with video marketing. Book your free demo of Goldcast today.

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