Level Up Your Content Repurposing with AI: Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Event Content

January 5, 2024
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

Content creation is no small job. Whether you’re running research surveys, creating reports, or planning events, you’re working too hard to let your content be thrown into the archives and forgotten forever.

Great marketing isn’t a one-time occurrence. But too often, our plans to repurpose, redistribute, and increase our impact get derailed by a growing list of urgent to-dos.

That’s where AI for content repurposing enters the picture.

Instead of creating valuable content and using it in one format, for one audience, on one channel, you can use generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools to make repurposing faster and amplify your reach.

In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of using AI for content repurposing in the context of events, including practical tips to help you make the most of it.

How to use AI for event content repurposing

Your audience wants snackable content everywhere. Which means you have to spend hours upon hours re-watching, time stamping, and clipping long-form content for other channels.

Now, that’s all changed.

Rapid adoption of GenAI tools like ChatGPT, Firefly, and so many more, has made it possible for anyone at any skill level to create images, edit videos, generate text, and more. But if you’ve spent any amount of time experimenting with these tools, you know they come with important limitations and potential pitfalls.

Let’s take a closer look at the top tools, use cases, and best practices for using AI to repurpose your digital event content.

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Use highlights from past events to promote future events

Highlight quotes and clips from speakers to build social proof

Draft a recap blog post with top takeaways to get people to register for your next event

Draft SEO-rich blog posts summarising key takeaways of your event

Create teaser copy for social media by pairing clips from past events with engaging copy

Entice no-shows with event summary emails to boost on-demand views

Update your event invite email with past event summaries, takeaways and clips

Generate social content recapping events and thanking speakers

Find moments from past events where leaders talk about the company's PoV to drive your branding message repetition

Create subtitled audiograms customised with your branding

Dive deeper on a topic by sharing short clips featuring each step in a multi-step process

Draft summaries of the event's key points targeted to various audiences

Fuel your social media with content that feels organic

Provide promo kits to speakers with clips, social copy, and blog posts they can share

Examples of AI content repurposing: tools, tips, and proven use cases

Digital event content is a prime source of valuable original content. You can’t afford to waste it.

Here’s just a small selection of AI tools, plus ideas for how to use them to repurpose your event recordings into different types of content.

Content Lab

Content Lab was purpose-built to help marketers easily repackage event content for maximum impact. It uses AI in a variety of ways to quickly generate content from your webinars and virtual events.

Use Content Lab to:

  • Draft SEO-rich blog posts summarizing key takeaways from your event
  • Entice no-shows with event summary emails to boost on-demand views
  • Create highlight reels from past events to promote future events on social media platforms
  • Create subtitled audiograms customized with your branding
  • Provide promo kits to speakers with clips, social copy, and blog posts they can share
  • Highlight quotes and clips from speakers to build social proof
  • Generate social content recapping events and thanking speakers
  • Create summaries of the event's key points targeted to various audiences
  • Draft and personalize follow-up emails for attendees in each segment

Curious about Content Lab? Learn how AspenCore Saves Two Hours of Production Time Per Post-Event Video Snippet.


This AI content platform can generate written content, copy, and event art in a fraction of the time.

Use Jasper to:

  • Generate on-brand event descriptions
  • Create a custom logo for your event series
  • Draft social content based on your event agenda
  • Add session descriptions or sum-ups to include in your email sequences


You’re probably already a HubSpot fan, but did you know it now includes AI to help with a variety of content repurposing use cases? This is especially helpful if HubSpot is already integrated into your event marketing tech stack.

Use HubSpot’s Content Assistant to:

  • Draft emails and send them directly to prospects for rapid post-event follow-up
  • Customize your email templates with details from the event
  • Generate social copy for specific audience segments
  • Draft blog post copy summarizing your events


This tool helps you repurpose your event video content for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube videos, Facebook, Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox, and your podcast audio to rapidly generate snackable content to fuel multiple channels.

Use Repurpose.io to:

  • Automatically format event video snippets for social media
  • Use your event audio to fuel your podcast
  • Expand your omnichannel presence


Got a moment that sounded great but didn’t look as awesome? From frozen screens to awkward pauses, Wavve is perfect if you need to drop the video and just repurpose your event’s audio content.

Use Wavve to:

  • Use audio snippets from your events in your podcast
  • Transform your event content into social-media-ready video clips
  • Easily generate hot take audio snippets from your event speakers

With the right tools and the right approach for using them, you can use AI in a number of ways to repurpose your content.

But, be warned. While the growing list of AI content tools is impressive, it’s still only half the equation.

To use AI to repurpose your content for maximum effect, you’ve got to know how to get the best out of these tools.

How to Use AI in B2B Event Marketing  (+7 Tools for the Job)

3 expert best practices for repurposing with AI

During our recent AI Summit, we went behind the scenes with Devin Reed, Head of Content at Clari, to get his top tips for repurposing event content into YouTube shorts, video clips, blog summaries, social media copy, and more.

Let’s get into some of the key best practices he highlighted.

1. If you said it, write it and if you wrote it, say it

Use AI tools to transform your audio and video content into text, and vice versa.

For example, if you wrote a thought leadership report, find a way to say it on a digital stage. If you said it on a digital stage, find a way to write it as a blog post summary, email, infographic, or other type of social media content.

“It might sound philosophical, but it's really just a way of cutting your work in half and doubling your output,” explains Devin.

2. Use AI to accelerate the content assembly line

With the right approach, you can reduce manual processes, create content faster, and get back to the task of building more impactful events, not less.

“I actually think of content as a product,” says Devin. “When I tell my team we're going to build the assembly line for something, I’ll say, I love everyone on the team, but I don't want everyone involved. I want as few people on the assembly line as possible, with as few steps as possible, and with the best output.”

3. Never cut corners on quality

In a world where marketing leaders are continually asked to do more with less, the temptation to fully delegate to AI is high. Whatever you do, don’t give in.

“I need to know my inputs, my outputs, and it needs to be of the highest quality. We all want to have the best tech. Why should we view our content any differently? We shouldn't be cutting corners,” says Devin.

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AI can be helpful for many things, but it can’t be fully trusted with anything—at least, not yet. To get maximum time savings on content repurposing—without damaging your brand—start with high quality prompts and inputs, and always make sure the human oversight is there.

Goldcast Content Lab: content repurposing AI designed for digital events

After all the work you put into your digital events, it can still take days, or even weeks, to get the post-event assets you need to fuel your multichannel strategy.

With the right tools and systems, it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Goldcast, we use Content Lab after each episode of our Donuts & Demand event series to generate a draft blog post summary with our speakers’ hottest takes and a CTA to watch the full session on demand to help boost views and engagement.

Here are some examples of blogs Content Lab has helped us draft:

Each featured hot take has a supporting video clip, which we also use in our LinkedIn post announcing the blog. This one simple repurposing tip helps us drive more traffic to our on-demand events, while building awareness for future episodes.

And it all happens in a matter of minutes—not days.

“Content Lab is really modernizing the way we do marketing day to day,” says Davi Schmidt, Demand Generation Director at SnapLogic. “It used to take us weeks to find ways to repurpose our event content, and now we can do it in minutes across social, blogs, and videos.”

Go from theory to practice with AI. Learn more about Goldcast’s Content Lab.

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Content repurposing FAQs

Still have questions about the role of AI in content repurposing? Here’s a quick recap on the top FAQs.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is the practice of reusing all or elements of existing content to extend its reach via different formats and attract a wider audience. It involves taking a piece of content that has already been created and giving it a fresh spin, adapting it into a new format, or targeting it to a different audience.

You can repurpose your event content by creating clips from speakers to build social proof, drafting SEO-rich blog posts to boost rankings, enticing no-shows with event summary emails to boost on-demand views, and more.

Why do marketers repurpose content?

There are many reasons marketers repurpose their content. Common reasons include meeting increased demand for video content, reinforcing the marketing message through repetition, expanding reach by engaging with target audiences on different channels, and extending the lifespan of their content.

It’s important to note that content repurposing only pays off when you have something that is genuinely worth repurposing. You’ll need a strong content strategy to drive it forward.

How is content repurposing important for events?

Content repurposing plays a crucial role in maximizing your event ROI by using your event content to fuel your multichannel strategy.

With a clear plan and strategy, you can use your event content to elevate your event planning, marketing, execution, and follow-up.

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Repurpose with purpose

With AI in the mix, content repurposing tasks that once took weeks can now be done in mere minutes. But these tools aren’t without their risks.

Before diving into any new AI tool, it’s important to set clear guidelines and standards for how your teams should use it. After that, the name of the game is simply making sure you get the most value possible out of your partnership with AI.

And for that, Content Lab is here to help.

‍Goldcast Content Lab simplifies the event content repurposing process, making it a realistic strategy for marketing teams of any size. Start leveraging your event content today.

Sign up for Content Lab today to transform your content repurposing with AI.

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