Show 'Em What They Missed: The Power of Event Recap Videos

January 16, 2024
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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After your event concludes, you may already be thinking about how to repurpose some of your event content for distribution across your blog, social media, and other platforms.

Event recap videos are a great asset to add to your arsenal; they quickly let people in on the magic of your event, catch them up on what was discussed, and motivate folks to sign up for future events!

Today we'll talk all about event recap videos, from what makes a strong one to how to go about creating them. Read on to learn:

  • What is an event recap video? +3 strong examples!
  • What are the benefits of event recap videos?
  • How to create an engaging event recap video
  • Now what? Where to distribute your event recap video
  • To recap: The right tools make all the difference!

What is an event recap video? +3 strong examples!

An event recap video is exactly what it sounds like: a video, typically pretty short in length, that hits the main points or highlights of a live event. Event recaps can be used for any type of event, from conferences to trade shows, to your everyday webinar or event series.

Let's check out some real-world examples of solid event recap videos:

Preseem's WISP Virtual Summit Recap

This quick one-minute recap sparks FOMO with its concise stats, letting us know that 500 people joined in on the 17 unique sessions and giving us a little peek into the friendly competition that happened during the event. Sponsors and exhibitors are highlighted, and people are directed to the Preseem blog to learn more.

PhRMA's 2023 Pathways to Success

In just over four minutes, viewers can learn more about PhRMA's virtual graduate summit and career expo and get a sense of PhRMA's mission. Fun, interesting graphics are mixed with virtual event clips and notable quotes from industry leaders, with smooth transitions in between.


This is a great example of a recap from an in-person, Bay-area event aimed at gathering local leaders to brainstorm resource-sharing and problem-solving. The video features some brief clips from keynote speakers at the event, as well as footage from people mingling throughout the session.

What are the benefits of event recap videos?

Event recap videos are a great way to repurpose content and can really maximize your event ROI. While not every single event needs a recap, leveraging them in a smart way can help push more people to watch your on-demand content, sign up for future events, and even attract more sponsors and partners down the road for your big events!

Here's a handful of the major benefits of incorporating event recap videos into your post-event marketing strategy:

  • They don't cost much to make. You've already done most of the heavy lifting with event planning and actually hosting your event; the recap video will be pretty straightforward in comparison.
  • Videos are engaging. Many marketers we've talked with see video as the future of marketing efforts; people love TikTok for a reason! Providing your audience with helpful, interesting visual content can keep them coming back for more.
  • You can connect with more people in your audience beyond event attendees.
  • You can repurpose your event recap even further, pulling out clips, testimonials, and event highlights to share on different channels. We're all about working smarter, not harder, whenever possible!
  • Event recaps show the true value of your events. People can tune in to the "essence" of your event and pick up some of the key moments. That gets the value of your event programming across in a way that not many other mediums can.
  • They boost your brand awareness. On-brand event recaps can strengthen your brand image and bolster your credibility.
  • People featured in the videos may share them, amplifying your reach across social media platforms and other channels.

You can see there are lots of different benefits to creating and sharing event recaps. Next, we'll talk about what goes into creating strong event recaps.

How to create an engaging event recap video

It's a smart move to start thinking about your highlight video before the event even begins. For us, that means when we're planning out our Run of Show, we're already noticing where we think the recap clips are going to come from.

We also always leave some space in our agenda for those unexpected magical moments that happen during live events; those can end up being the best part of your event recap videos!

Invest in the right equipment

Make sure you use high-quality equipment and attractive backgrounds or physical locations. Notice we said high-quality, not high-cost; a good microphone doesn't necessarily have to cost a fortune, but it's important to have a reliable one when you're doing digital events! You want all of your speakers to sound crisp and clear.

Include the right moments

As you're watching your event, here are some things to keep an eye out for and consider including in your highlight reel:

Key event moments: Was there a moment (or more) when something groundbreaking was shared? Did you do a product demo? Or was there a moment where people experienced genuine connections or breakthroughs? These would be great highlights to include in your recap.

Speaker quotes, sound bites, or testimonials: If your speakers said anything particularly noteworthy, flag that for your event recap. Testimonials from customers should also be included; sometimes nothing moves people like peer-to-peer feedback!

Moments that convey the "vibe": Give viewers a glimpse into what it's like to attend your events. If you have any footage that captures the atmosphere or engagement within your audience, consider including that. (If you use Goldcast, pulling someone on stage for a Q&A could make a good video clip.)

You should also go with your gut. If you find that you're naturally drawn to a certain part of the event, consider including it. You're a viewer too, and if something resonates with you, it might also resonate with your audience.

Create different video lengths

As we mentioned before, you can slice-and-dice your event recap video content once it's created and share different versions of it, depending on the platform.

You might decide to post the full video on YouTube but share smaller clips on Instagram and TikTok, for example, because people's attention spans and expectations vary depending on the channel.

Choose an event platform like Goldcast

Goldcast's event platform helps simplify event recap video creation in a few different ways. First, our video production tools are easy to use and give your events a modern feel. This is important because video production tools can increase engagement by at least 15%!

With Goldcast, you can publish chat comments and poll responses to the stage, as well as use lower-thirds and overlays, all of which will look great in your event recap video.

Second, our engagement tools allow you to easily hone in on times during the event that people were most engaged—these could be your standout recap moments!

Finally, our new Content Lab harnesses the power of AI to help you create snackable videos, zero in on those key authentic moments, and gather some clips you can use to start creating your event recap video in minutes.

PS: If you're new to video editing, check out this blog on easy-to-use video editor options.

Now what? Where to distribute your event recap video

Once you've got your video done, what should you do with it? Here's a list to get you started:

  • Send it out to everyone who attended (or signed up) in an email blast.
  • Feature your event recap video on future relevant event landing pages (for example, if it's part of a series, include it on the next episode's promo page so people know what to expect or why they should sign up).
  • Include it in a pitch deck to attract future speakers, sponsors, or partners.
  • Post the full event recap on social media and direct people with a call-to-action (CTA) to watch the on-demand content if they want more!
  • Include the recap at the start of a blog post highlighting the event and any takeaways.

When it comes to recaps, the sooner you push it out into the world, the better. People will be less interested in an event recap for something that happened a month ago, so capitalize on the momentum you built during your event and ride it straight into more ROI!

To recap: The right tools make all the difference!

Now you know all about successful event recap videos: what they are, why you should create them, and how to do it. You've also learned that Goldcast's suite of functionality, including the new Content Lab, can help you conquer event recap videos in no time.

We'd love for you to try Content Lab for yourself and let us know how it helps you repurpose content after your next event! Request a live demo and let's chat soon.

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