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November 9, 2023
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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As marketers, we talk about repurposing content a lot. Like all the time. You’ve most likely been on multiple marketing meetings where you all agree that you need to do a better job of repurposing your content.

But guess what? You don’t.

That’s because repurposing sounds easier than it actually is. In reality, it takes a ton of time, resources, and budget.

It’s why you have all these events and webinars, with incredible, authentic content, that ultimately go to waste.

But Goldcast aims to change that and move wishful repurposing goals into easy to deliver repurposed content. Here’s how.

Introducing Goldcast Content Lab

‍‍We’ve officially launched Content Lab to allow you to repurpose your event content in just minutes. Leverage our AI-powered studio to turn your events into snackable content that helps expand your reach and engagement.

Here’s what Content Lab can do to make event content repurposing easier for you and your team:

  • Auto-generate or manually create engaging, bite-sized video clips in minutes.
  • Remove filler words in videos by simply highlighting and deleting.
  • Choose between magic design layouts that help catch your buyer’s attention.
  • Create SEO-rich blog posts summarizing your event, with just a click.
  • Generate follow-up emails, event summaries, and engaging social posts in seconds.

Kristen Nunex, Global Event Manager at AspenCore, is an avid user of Goldcast’s Content Lab. She loves the AI-assisted video editing function, and shares the impact it’s had on producing a single video clip: “I would say it probably cut down our time from maybe like two hours to five minutes. I feel like it just makes it all feel seamless because it's all within the same platform, which is great,” she said. Think about that: If your team is cutting five video snippets per event, you could save upwards of 10 hours!

“I would say out of all the tools I received this year to make my job easier, Content Lab has been the best one by far.”

4 effective ways to repurpose your event content

Sometimes even the best events get planned, hosted, and then forgotten about.

You know your event is a gold mine of marketing material, but between the five hundred other tasks on your to-do list, content repurposing is usually the first to drop down the list. With limited time and resources, it can be incredibly difficult to find the time to review, transcribe, and repackage that marketing gold into shiny new content gems for your audience.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are three effective (and easy!) ways to repurpose your event content with Goldcast’s Content Lab.

1. Post-event amplification

The most obvious use case is to continue getting more out of your events even after they’re over.

Whether your goal is overall reach or to drive additional traffic to your on-demand videos, there are a few things you can do here:

Share highlight clips on social media

Use AI to automatically create five engaging clips for you or manually select parts of the event that you want to highlight. Content Lab has a ton of customization options, from magic layouts like speaker view or audiograms, to branding and subtitle options.

Entice your no shows

A majority of people who register for your event or webinar won’t actually show. So what better way to convince them to go watch it on-demand then to give them a glimpse of what they can expect. Content Lab can generate follow-up emails with event summaries that provide enough highlights that will get people wanting to go watch the full event.

Summarize the key takeaways in a blog post

Blog content is not dead. Not only do people still enjoy reading blogs but there are obvious SEO benefits. Content Lab can create a keyword-rich blog post for you in seconds, shortening what may have taken you a few hours to maybe 5-10 minutes tops.

2. Speaker boost

Many times, guest speakers are selected for events and webinars because they have something interesting to say. They have a unique point-of-view or perspective, and because of that, they’ve built an audience, some bigger, some smaller.

Leverage your speakers’ audience to create additional reach and eyeballs for your content and brand. Provide speakers a promo kit AFTER your event that gives them everything they need to share on social media to continue driving traffic to the content.

  • Video clip: Provide one or two clips that highlight something interesting and valuable that the speaker said. It should be something the speaker is proud of and wants to share with their audience.
  • Social copy: To make things easier for your speakers, provide them with the actual post copy that they can use to accompany their clips—for whatever social channels make sense for that speaker.
  • Blog post: It’s likely your speakers (or the orgs they work for) have a newsletter they could feature event content in. Consider crafting a blog post that highlights the best content from your event and then share it with speakers to have them distribute to their audience.

Speakers put a lot of time and effort into preparing for your event, so don’t let the post-event promotions fall flat with them! They’re likely to be more than willing to share your post-event content after the event, as long as you make it easy for them to share.

3. Pre-event promotion

What better way to promote an event or show episode than to tease how great one in the past was. This works great with annual events or event series, where you have recurring episodes.

Use takeaways and highlights from last year’s event or from the past episode to get people hooked and wanting to register for the upcoming event.

Social promotion

Pair clips from past events with engaging social copy to promote an upcoming event. Giving a teaser of how good the content will be, based on how great it was last time, is a great way to get people hooked!

Recap blog post

Generate a blog post that highlights the key takeaways from a past event, potentially all things that will draw someone in. Use this to get people interested and push them to register for your upcoming event or episode.

👀Want to see an example? Check out this follow up post from our first episode of Donuts & Demand, titled 4 Hot Demand Generation Takes from Chris Walker of Refine Labs and LaShanda Jackson of Intuit Mailchimp.

Invite emails

When inviting people to your upcoming event, it’s great to give them a glimpse of what they can expect. But since the event hasn’t happened yet, provide social proof that the event is going to be great by highlighting your last one. Use past event summaries, with takeaways and potential clips, to give confidence that your upcoming event is going to be just as good, if not better.

Kristen’s team at AspenCore has already begun using this strategy alongside Content Lab. “Because we hosted the event on Goldcast last year, it was already in the library of Content Lab. So we grabbed a snippet of a session from last year and used that to promote this year's event. And that one performed very well; we've been seeing a lot of engagement on those posts.”

4. Thought leadership

As a marketer, you are continually doing things to build your overall brand awareness and thought leadership by communicating your brand story and PoV. The more you can get the story and message out there, the more it begins to resonate.

Now you can leverage the library of events and webinars you have to do just that.

  • Internal PoV: Find moments from old events where company leaders talk about the company’s PoV, what they believe in, and why your company does what it does. These are great clips to share on social media as a constant drumbeat and reminder of your brand’s story.
  • External buy-in: Similarly, look for past quotes and clips from external speakers who share a similar PoV and belief. The more you can show that others are also thinking the same way, the more social proof and belief you can build around your PoV.

It all comes down to repetition of your message. The more content you can produce and the more voices you can highlight referencing your PoV, the better!

Repurposing is no longer a chore

What once took weeks to do can now be done in just minutes. That’s the incredible thing about AI.

“Content Lab is really modernizing the way we do marketing day to day. It used to take us weeks to find ways to repurpose our event content, and now we can do it in minutes across social, blogs, and videos.” -Davi Schmidt, Demand Generation Director at SnapLogic

Many marketing teams, maybe even yours, struggle to get the most of out of their events and webinars. Even if they want to repurpose the incredible content, it’s not the easiest thing to do. There are hurdles like time, resources, and budget.

Goldcast Content Lab aims to simplify this process, making event repurposing a realistic strategy for any marketing team. Start using it now inside your Goldcast account, or if you’re not a Goldcast customer yet, sign up to get a demo and closer look.

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