Repurposing Content for Social Media Platforms: 7 Ways To Get Started

December 19, 2023
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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You're probably aware that you should be doing something with the content generated during your digital events—but what? And how do you find the time to create repurposed content when you're already planning for your next event?

It seems counterintuitive, but coming up with a process to repurpose content for social media will actually save you time (and money!) in the long run.

Yes, it takes some thought to tailor content to different social media marketing tools and decide what will perform best on each platform. However, you'll reach more people with your content, gain more traction with your marketing strategy, and you can lean on AI tools to simplify the process and lighten the load.

Not bad, right? Today, we'll talk about how to repurpose content for social media, the benefits of repurposing, and how Goldcast's Content Lab just might be the AI tool for the job.

Read on to learn:

  • What does repurposed content look like?
  • How to repurpose content for social media, based on the platform
  • 7 ideas for repurposing events for social media content
  • Benefits of repurposing content for social media
  • How Goldcast's Content Lab makes repurposing easy

What does repurposed content look like?

At Goldcast, our biggest social media audience (B2B professionals and event marketers) spends a lot of time on LinkedIn, so we focus most of our efforts there.

As an example of how we repurpose existing content, let's start with an episode of our show for demand marketers, Donuts & Demand, featuring top demand gen marketers and their expert insights.

Once an episode of the show is complete, we write a blog post capturing the top takeaways, like this one: 4 Things Demand Generation Marketers Should Unlearn in 2024. We also draft social media posts to share the top quotes, insights, and discussion points from the episode, as well as quick, engaging video clips. And, of course, we'll promote that blog content across social, so people can catch up and hopefully go back and watch the whole episode.

Above is an example of event content we repurposed as a YouTube video. Check out our YouTube channel for more inspiration!

That sounds like a lot of work, right? But our Content Lab product really simplifies and speeds up the entire process. Thanks to Content Lab, our team quickly gets summaries from the event, as well as top quotes and excerpts, which they can then use to brainstorm how to create impactful repurposed content.

Here’s a quick look and explanation of the tool, clipped in Content Lab from our recent AI Summit session, Event Content Repurposing: The Next Frontier in AI.

Content Lab also delivers bite-sized video clips in different formats, from audiograms to speaker grid view, complete with captions—making it a cinch to share accessible, entertaining video content afterward. And, it'll help you draft those follow-up emails so nothing falls through the cracks, post-event!

Make Repurposing Easy: Learn more about Content Lab

How to repurpose content for social media, based on the platform

As we mentioned, you'll need a tailored approach so that each piece of content you post on each platform makes sense for that platform and its audience. Here are some general content creation guidelines to use for the major social media platforms.


Twitter, or X (we still haven't gotten used to the name change!), is best used for concise, brief updates, as most Tweets are character-limited. It can be useful for real-time event updates, sharing hot takes from an event, or promoting a top takeaway with your event link.

Try posting: Key quotes from the event, infographics, images featuring quotes or takeaways, event-specific hashtags to raise awareness, live tweets and updates during the event, polls and questions to engage your Twitter audience.

Event Content Repurposing Example: Drift not only highlights their on-demand event access on their Twitter/X account, but use clips from their events to make the event highlights stand out in your feed. Here’s a look at a recent post, which used a video snippet featuring some of the most exciting updates as a teaser.

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Facebook is a good option to share links to blog posts, whether short- or long-form, as well as articles and guides that are created with your event content. In general, you can get a bit more informal with your Facebook audience than with LinkedIn because people share a blend of personal and professional information.

Try posting: Photo albums or carousel posts featuring images from the event (this works particularly well if it's a conference or big summit event), longer-form descriptions or summaries of events, video content.

Event Content Repurposing Example: BambooHR does a great job of repurposing content from their ongoing live event series, HR Unplugged, over on their Facebook page. They pull out the best short clips, add some branding to the video, and then create a short post supporting the video that pushes to the full episode.

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Want to make event video repurposing easy? Goldcast's Content Lab is an AI-powered content studio, transforming your event content into video clips, blogs, and social posts—within minutes. Save time and money, and don't let your events go to waste any longer! Learn more and sign up here.


Instagram posts are more visually-focused than other platforms; you can share photos or videos, but text-heavy images don't fare as well here. You can also go Live on IGTV and share Stories to keep your audience in the loop during an event or a behind-the-scenes moment.

Try posting: Off-the-cuff, BTS content (whether to Stories or your main feed), high-quality visuals of the event or speakers, longer-form content to IGTV.

Event Content Repurposing Example: Instagram is a great platform to highlight your in-person events on. ClickUp does a great job of posting fun behind-the-scenes event images from their in-person events, like this networking event they hosted at their HQ.

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Threads is a newcomer on the scene and allows users to create stories through text, photos, and videos. Don’t worry if your organization hasn;t adopted this platform yet, it’s still very early and it’s likely your brand will want to watch the platform’s growth before jumping on full force.

Try posting: A series of photos woven together as a "thread," discussion questions post-event that tie into a conversation you had during the event itself.

YouTube (+Shorts)

YouTube is the world's leading video-sharing platform, and YouTube Shorts is the short-form section, focusing on videos that are one minute or less. You can distribute your event content in full on your YouTube channel and create engaging bite-sized videos for Shorts.

Try posting: Recorded sessions in their entirety, shorter highlights for people who don't have the bandwidth to watch the whole event.

Event Content Repurposing Example: Although it’s technically a podcast and not a live event, we’re inspired by how Gong repurposes clips from their Reveal Podcast as shorts on YouTube. They have a great video format and create one-liner descriptions that make it easy to understand what the clip is about in just seconds.


TikTok is full of fun, short videos aimed to entertain. The feel of the platform is less polished than others, so this might be a good platform to experiment with sharing raw or unedited footage to see how people respond. Some creators also use TikTok to educate users on specific concepts or topics.

Try posting: Event highlight reels, interesting or funny moments from the event, outtakes, BTS looks.

Event Content Repurposing Example: Take a chapter out of Cognism’s book and highlight your in-person event content on Tik Tok! Whether it’s capturing live interviews on the floor, putting together a highlight reel, or simply sharing snaps from the event, Tik Tok is a great place to share content gathered live to redistribute later.

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Reddit is a discussion-based platform organized into communities, or subreddits, based on interests and topics. B2B marketers might join in a conversation that's relevant to their business and share insights from an event, or they might even host an AMA (ask me anything) to start a new conversation while sharing post-event info.

Try posting: AMA sessions with your speakers or organizers to drum up interest in relevant subreddits, larger themed posts to start a discussion, comments that tie into someone else's discussion about event-related content.

Make event content repurposing easy! Here’s a secret from Davi Schmidt, Director of Demand Generation at SnapLogic: "Content Lab allows us to get more out of our virtual events. It used to take us weeks to find ways to repurpose our event content and now we're doing that in minutes across social, blogs, videos, emails. It's awesome."

7 ideas for repurposing events for social media content

There are lots of different ways you can repurpose event content afterward.

Here's a list of ideas to get you started:

  1. Video snippets: Turn highlight reels of the most engaging moments, keynote quotes, or panel discussion segments into short, impactful videos.
  2. Teaser clips: Use just the top moments to entice folks to watch the full replay or promote upcoming events (in a series, for example).
  3. Image slideshows: Use your highest-quality photos to create a slideshow that gives people a sense of the energy's event.
  4. Infographics: You can use poll responses or any other relevant stats, data, or takeaways. Even better if your infographics get re-shared!
  5. Testimonials and quotes: Anytime a customer shares something positive about your brand, you can turn that into a social media post. You could even make a case study, turn that into an infographic, and post it across social.
  6. Blogs: A tried-and-true favorite, you can recap your event takeaways in blog format, as well as use them to explore discussion points or go more in-depth on a certain subject.
  7. Podcast excerpts: Let people listen in on a quick clip to decide whether they want to listen in full.

Another great tip is to develop a content waterfall, a strategy espoused by Devin Reed, Clari's Head of Content. "Content waterfalls are really just a way of cutting your work in half and doubling your output,” shared Devin.

Watch the clip below to learn how this approach works at Clari:

All of these forms of content help extend the life of your event and provide value to your audience, long after they log off from the session. Brainstorm ways you can use type of content for upcoming events, as well as the different platforms you'll post them on, and then analyze metrics after to see how your content fared.

Benefits of repurposing content for social media

There are so many reasons to repurpose content. Here are just a few:

  • You save time in the long run because you aren't creating net-new original content.
  • You gain an SEO (search engine optimization) boost as you continue to talk across platforms about the same topics.
  • You effectively scale your content and reach new audiences, including folks who weren't able to attend but may be interested in your events and webinars.
  • You boost accessibility, allowing people to consume content in the ways that best serve them.
  • You continue to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and/or thought leader, building trust with your audience.

Repurposing content as part of your social media management strategy keeps your brand top of mind for your audience, continues to build relationships among your community, and extends the event ROI far beyond its actual run time.

How Goldcast's Content Lab makes repurposing easy

Are you ready to try our Content Lab for yourself?

“I would say out of all the tools I received this year to make my job easier, Content Lab has been the best one by far." - Kristen Nuñez, Global Event Manager, AspenCore

Not only is Content Lab intuitive and easy to use, but it gets big results. Take this single video post that AspenCore created using Content Lab; it had more engagement than a 39-post campaign with only graphics! That's huge, and you have the ability to harness the same power for your own repurposed content.

Learn more and sign up to try Content Lab today!

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