Snackable Content for B2B Events: What It Is and Winning Recipes

February 28, 2024

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Snackable content is bite-sized pieces of information designed to engage your audience quickly.

And in today’s saturated market, even B2B prospects have a serious craving for quick, tasty content tailored directly to their needs and motivations.

In this article, we’ll explore the role of snackable content in event marketing as content saturation and shortened attention spans reach their peaks.

Ready to create the kind of snackable content that transforms passive window shoppers into raving fans? Here’s how to unite your events strategy with your snackable content strategy for best results.

What is snackable content?

With the surge in digital content consumption, consumers often find it challenging to stay focused on meaty, long-form content like whitepapers and original data reports. That’s where snackable content can be a game changer.

By breaking down detailed comprehensive content into manageable, snackable bits, brands can maintain audience engagement and provide a quick rush of information that satisfies a prospects immediate “appetite” for valuable content.

These tidbits, normally positioned strategically within a broader piece of content, are purposefully designed to capture attention, stir interest, and prompt further engagement.

You can think of snackable content as a tasty appetizer before the main “content course”. For example, you might use an eye-catching infographic to highlight the top findings from your latest data report.

After viewing the infographic on social media, you encourage prospects to download the full report, creating a virtuous cycle of snackable content that fuels your long-form content, and vice versa.

Snackable content refers to the small, easily digestible pieces of information or data that connect with your audience quickly. It can be delivered via multiple formats, including infographics, memes, video reels and more.

stackable content

Types of snackable content

Not only is snackable content perfect for the short attention spans of today’s consumers, it’s also incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide variety of formats.

Common formats and examples of snackable content include:

  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • GIFs
  • Polls
  • Video snippets, reels and shorts
  • Quote graphics
  • Testimonials
  • Quizzes
  • Top takeaways
  • And more

Snackable content can take many shapes and forms, all while maintaining its critical characteristics: brevity, relevance, and appeal.

In the world of B2B events, where generating interest and ensuring engagement are paramount, snackable content is a key ingredient to success.

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Why should you invest in snackable content?

Speaking of snacks, today’s market is saturated.

In the roaring 2020s, B2B event marketing is a nonstop affair. New events come up every day, and breaking through the noise is a challenge.

With competition coming from all angles, it can be hard to win attention and engagement on saturated channels like social media. Snackable content is here to help by presenting your event information in eye-catching, easy-to-consume formats to fuel your marketing strategy.

But not all snackable content is effective. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest best practices for using snackable content to capture engagements and hit key targets across multiple channels.

Proven tips to use snackable content from your B2B events

Today’s business prospects are buried under an avalanche of low-quality content. As the noise gets louder and attention spans get shorter, the demand for quick, easily digestible content will continue to grow.

So, how can you create a snackable content strategy that rises above the noise? Let’s get into it!

1. Don’t just “chop up” long-form content

No matter which format you choose, B2B events are typically long-form content.

Webinars, one-person talks, and workshops are lengthy by default, but that doesn’t mean you can simply “chop up” your event recordings and hit publish.

Truly snackable content should make your event content easier to watch and read.

Here are some tips to help you nail it:

  • Keep your snackable content brief and simple
  • Make your content ultra shareable by putting it in the right format for each channel
  • Always include a clear call to action (CTA) to register for the event

By delivering a clear and compelling message quickly, you can make it easy for prospects to share your event content, leading to increased registrations and engagement from your event promotion efforts.

But remember, there’s no trophy for a job half done. Whether it’s text, graphics, or short-form video for TikTok—snackable content must be correctly formatted and easily viewed on mobile devices.

“The engagement from one post versus an entire campaign was incredible. We also got a lot of re- shares and whatnot,” said Kristen Nuñez, Global Event Manager with AspenCore. A single snackable video post created from Kristen’s long-form event content generated more engagement than a 39-post campaign using only graphics.


2. Create organic moments of connection

One of the most powerful elements of a successful event is organic engagement.

Plan your events to include authentic moments of connection that can be transformed into short-form content that will inspire attendees to register for future events.

With the right approach, you can even bring this snackable content strategy full circle by using short videos during breaks to keep attendees engaged during your longer events and online conferences.

Here are some tips to help you create those moments of connection:

“Truth be told, when I'm an attendee at an online event during a workday, I'm at my desk and am usually still working on emails and other things. This means I'm definitely not paying attention to what's happening for the live event,” said Karen Hartline, Founder at Reinventing Events and Director of Events at Homepoint.

Experts like Karen are big believers in the power of short-form content to help keep your audience engaged before, during and after your event.

For bonus points, add snackable content to your pre- and post-event emails to boost your chances of opens and clickthroughs. Depending on your event platform, you may even be able to sync your content and data straight into HubSpot.

3. Plan for post-event content creation

When it comes to leveraging your event content, it’s best to begin with the end in mind.

In this day and age, events are so much more than a band-aid response to a global health pandemic. They’re a rare source of deep, authentic content. And one that’s becoming increasingly critical for modern marketing teams.

Start by using a digital event platform with excellent built-in video production and audience engagement tools. With high quality long-form content, the sky’s the limit for how you can repurpose it to make it as snackable as possible for other channels.

From there, consider the following tips to get more out of your event content:

  • Repackage key hot takes, discussion panel moments or debates to quickly tap into current trends or news
  • Launch an on-demand hub to drive more views for content from past events and encourage users to sign up for future ones
  • Use AI-enabled tools to help content managers take video content creation in-house

AI excels at creating the type of snackable “fast food-esque” content that doesn’t require a lot of nuance or mental bandwidth.

“The thing that I like about AI tools in general is that they even the playing field,” said ChatGPT expert Deborah Ashley at Goldcast’s recent AI Summit. “In my consulting company, we wear several hats, and it allows us to get the job done a lot quicker.”

For example, tools like Content Lab use AI to help event marketers create snackable content directly from their event recordings, podcasts and long-form media assets—all in a matter of minutes, not hours.

And there’s no need to use a professional video editing tool like Descript, or outsource to a video agency or freelancers. You’ll have everything you need to fuel your social media marketing, boost your SEO, and build more awareness for future events.

Elevate your content marketing with snackable event content

In the modern marketing era, every target audience is an ideal audience for snackable content—including B2B prospects.

By using snackable content formats from and for your digital events, you can fuel your content flywheel with attention-grabbing visual content and stand out amid the vast amounts of noise and competition.

When you’re ready to get more out of your event content, Goldcast can help.

With the powerful combination of professional grade video production tools, a customizable on-demand hub, and Content Lab for high-quality content repurposing, you’ll have everything you need to bring snackable content creation in-house.

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