Devin Reed Saves Hours Per Event on Content Repurposing—Here’s How

December 13, 2023
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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Imagine this: You’ve just wrapped a multi-day digital event. Attendance was great. Audience was happy. Vibes are high. But now, the team has a question. They want to know how to use this freshly captured event content to move the revenue pipeline forward.

For content pros like Devin Reed, it’s a familiar struggle. As someone who has hosted more than a hundred digital events, the Head of Content at Clari has found himself in this position more times than he can count.

“It's like, hold on. I need to timestamp it to find the highlights. Then once we get the timestamps, I need to send it over to an editor. The editor was sick for a week. Okay. In a week or two, I'll get you it. And by the way, I need to pay $500 to $1,500 to get it done.’”

By the time the video clips get back to him, the next webinar is already being promoted.

Because the truth is, event content repurposing is a lot harder than it sounds. It can take days, or even weeks, to get the post-event assets you need to fuel your multichannel strategy.

At our recent AI Summit, we sat down with Devin to deep dive into practical ways to use Goldcast’s Content Lab to quickly create post-event video clips, blog summaries, social media copy, and more—without spending additional time or money. Here are Devin’s top tips, revealed.

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Event content repurposing isn’t as easy as it sounds

We learned this one the hard way. Like the majority of our customers at Goldcast, we’re always looking for new ways to transform our events into an effective multichannel strategy for generating revenue.

But no matter how many great ideas we had for our event content, it felt like we were never able to fully execute. The re-watching… the time-stamping… the endless downloading and uploading… It could take days just to generate a handful of clips.

Over time, we realized many of our customers had the same problem. That’s when we decided to build Content Lab.

By using AI to do the re-watching, time stamping, and clip suggesting for you, you can take your event content repurposing process from two hours to ten minutes.

Event content repurposing example using AI

For example, at Goldcast, we use Content Lab to quickly generate snackable content to fuel our multichannel event promotion strategy and keep the audience coming back for more.

After each episode of our Donuts & Demand event series, we ask the AI in Content Lab to draft a blog post summary with the hottest takes from our speakers, and add a CTA to watch the full session on demand. This helps us drive increased views and engagement for our on-demand events, while also building awareness for future live events.

Each hot take has a supporting video clip, which we can then use in our LinkedIn post announcing the blog. It’s a great way to keep the audience coming back for more, without asking them to watch the full 57 minutes.

Here’s a peek into the ones we have produced so far to give you some examples:

Of course, as with all things AI, human oversight is a must. But instead of spending their time rewatching, our content team can get straight to editing and polishing—then go right back to working our strategy.

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Content Lab: A quick and effective way to repurpose your event content

“When I saw the post for Goldcast Content Lab, I think my actual comment said: ‘I'm very hard to impress, but this looks interesting. Sign me up.’ Someone reached out and I got on the beta list and started using it,” says Devin.

For him, it all came down to Content Lab’s ability to answer one key question that’s always on his mind: How can I quickly and effectively repurpose my digital event content?

“Our event strategy is pretty complex,” he explains. “We have everything from in person events like small executive roundtables and Michelin-star dinners, all the way to the easier to scale digital events.”

Devin’s digital events are primarily focused on delivering thought leadership to individuals in the awareness and consideration phase. “I’m always looking to deliver the most insightful, relevant and actionable, and dare I say entertaining, content possible to drive growth,” he says.

You might already know that Devin is a big proponent of a social first content strategy. After each digital event, creating video snippets to repurpose for LinkedIn is the first task on his list.

How Devin Reed repurposes event content with Goldcast's Content Lab

“I know that if I can get a good 30 to 90 second clip from that webinar, I'm going to probably get more eyeballs on it via social than I did in the initial event,” Devin explains. “The reason I love Content Lab is I can easily go from the long form to the short form, put it on social, and share it with sales in a matter of a day or two instead of a week or two.”

Devin’s top 7 content repurposing tips

With a packed events schedule, Devin is always looking for ways to get more out of his event content. His golden rule?

“If you said it, write it. And if you wrote it, say it.” That may sound philosophical, but “It's really just a way of cutting your work in half and doubling your output,” he explains.

For each new piece of source content, Devin and his team include a slide outlining the exact steps they’re going to take to get as much ROI as possible out of that asset.

He calls it a content waterfall.

Devin Reed's Content Waterfall Content Distribution Strategy

By creating a new one for each piece of net new content—webinars, podcasts, social strategy and more—the team can maximize the impact of everything they publish. “It’s a bit of a game,” says Devin. “How can I get the most out of this one thing?”

How, indeed. Let’s take a closer look at Devin’s top 7 tips for content repurposing.

1. Auto-generate event video clips

Not sure where to start? Content Lab’s AI will auto-generate what it believes to be the clips for you. With easy editing features, you can quickly adjust the start and end time or create your own bite-sized video clips in minutes.

2. Find the best moments quickly

Got a particular mic drop moment on your mind? Simply highlight the moment you want to clip, click Create Clip and instantly see your top clips in the side panel.

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3. Dive deeper on a specific topic

In a recent Clari event, Devin shared three prospecting power plays that guarantee bigger commissions. Content Lab autogenerated a longer-form clip of all three plays, but Devin also wanted a shorter clip dedicated to each one.

“Instead of doing it the old way by trying to listen to it, I love that I can go, okay, cool. Here's where I got into this topic. Where do I want to clip?” he explains.

In just a few minutes, Darren has three video clips—one for each power play—that he can immediately share with his team and followers.

4. Fuel your social strategy

Devin is quick to point out that the metrics you use to measure your event will be different from the metrics you use to measure the content that comes from it. He’s not using event video clips to generate MQLs, but in the age of zero click content, he’s a big believer in digital events as strong source material for social media.

By clipping moments that demonstrate insight, thought leadership, or just members of the Clari community connecting and “saying smart things”, Devin can fuel Clari’s LinkedIn strategy in a way that feels organic and doesn’t require additional time or effort from the team.

5. Remove filler faster

Instead of scrolling through one massive transcript full of ums and ahs, Devin uses Content Lab’s easy editing feature to remove filler words and zoom in on a tightened up version of the transcript.

“In Content Lab, it’s going to the core parts of the conversation—really tightening it up from a giant transcript to core highlights,” he explains.

“I’m an ‘um’ guy sometimes,” Devin admits. And honestly, aren’t we all? 🤷🏼‍♀️

6. Quickly add your CTAs

Once Devin has his video clips ready to go, he uploads his intro and outro bumpers with a CTA for viewers to follow them on LinkedIn, or visit the Clari website.

Once uploaded, he’s ready to publish. “I can make the production value better without spending tons of time and energy on it. I just take that clip, download it, and then share it with my team and with sales,” says Devin.

Goldcast's Content Lab event content repurposing tool

7. Create a high-quality content assembly line

Ultimately, Devin views content as a product. And like any high quality product, you need a tight assembly line to make it happen.

“I want as few people on the assembly line as possible with as few steps as possible with the best output,” he explains. With Content Lab in the mix, he no longer has to rely on five other people to get the job done.

“We can get this done in an afternoon versus a couple weeks,” says Devin.

Squeeze every ounce of awesomeness from your digital events

With ongoing pressure to do more with less, today’s marketing teams are charged with the task of using AI to deliver better content outcomes faster. It’s an awesome challenge to have, but not one you can meet by winging it.

For webinars and digital events, Content Lab can provide the speed and agility to fast-track your post-event content process and create engaging video, blog and social content—without sacrificing your time or standards.

“I've always viewed events as a critical part of my content strategy,” says Devin. With a clear process to maximize the reach and impact of their events, he and the marketing team at Clari are getting more ROI out of every event.

Repurpose your event content faster with Devin Reed’s simple pro tips and processes.

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repurpose event content faster with Devin Reed's pro tips

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