Go Big on Events: 8 Specific Areas Goldcast Shines over BigMarker

May 1, 2023
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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Making an impact in the world of event marketing is simultaneously easier and trickier than ever before.

Because with more events popping up every day, standing out from the crowd to clinch those registrations and get prospects to attend is a pretty big ask — and that’s especially true if you’re using a clunky, legacy digital event platform.

But with a modern digital event platform that is completely customized to your needs, creating a high-impact event is a breeze.

Today we’re running through a few of the core features past BigMarker customers have been loving since switching over to Goldcast.

Where Goldcast excels

  • Streamlined event organization
  • An elevated experience
  • Deeper data insights

Streamlined event organization

Organizing an event takes time and budget. But with the right tools at your disposal, you can reduce the resources required to launch an unforgettable event.

With Goldcast, your audience will have no idea that the work behind the scenes is a whole lot less. Here are a few key features Goldcast has prioritized that most legacy event software providers just don’t offer.

1. High-quality production capabilities

Quality production is a big deal in the world of digital event content.

Reducing the event budget on this fundamental aspect might save you some dollars, but it could damage the experience for attendees.

The DIY approach is time-consuming and more often than not, pretty amateur.

Instead of settling for sub-par production or forking out for fancy agencies or videographers, you can let your event platform do most of the work.

At Goldcast, our suite of video production tools has you covered, including:

  • The ability to publish chat messages, polls, and Q&As directly to your stage to encourage live discussion.
  • Event-wide ticker messaging,to share real-time updates ‘news style’ across the bottom of the stage.
  • Bespoke overlays and lower-thirds to bring your brand identity to life.

2. Automated calendar holds

Humans are fallible. We forget things. Sometimes even important things, like a rockstar event we’ve been excited to attend for months.

For a while, the ol’ ‘Add to calendar’ function was a reliable way of protecting your attendance rate.

But these days, everyone from your dentist to your dietician has access to calendar invite functionalities. To keep attendance high, you need a seamless alternative that delivers on the promise of little-to-no extra work for the attendee.

That’s where automated calendar holds come in. Without any additional effort, your event will appear in a registered attendee’s calendar as a placeholder, producing an expected attendance increase of 15%.

3. Ease of use for speakers

Legacy event platforms aren’t known for making speaker onboarding easy.

At Goldcast, we make speaker onboarding easy to navigate and simple to scale across different teams with our intuitive magic link and backstage features.

With our magic link technology, speakers can:

  • Attend a pre-event run-through: You can easily show them around the platform and wish them luck before they take to the stage.
  • Take to the stage during their presentation slot with no last-minute dramas.
  • Seamlessly drop into the post-event sync to swap notes and exchange a virtual high-five.

With your speakers on set and ready to rock, you’ll have more time to focus on creating those high-impact moments your attendees will remember.

4. Seamless on-demand content

84% of attendees report that access to on-demand content increases their viewing time. But with many of the legacy event platforms, the process of making your event content available on demand is anything but seamless.

Goldcast has the easy on-demand features you need to keep leads coming long after the event.

Simply set your Goldcast event to automatically move into On Demand Mode after your event has ended. Your session recordings will automatically be available to attendees, ready to be played straight from your event Agenda.

An elevated attendee experience

Webinars today are about so much more than a live chat function. For close to 75% of attendees, it’s the technology that makes a virtual event excellent.

We’ve future-proofed Goldcasts’s engagement features to give your attendees an experience they’ll remember.

5. Live video Q&A

Q&As have long been an attendee favorite. But sitting behind a keyboard, submitting questions that may or may not be answered was getting a little old.

With Goldcast, this event staple has been brought back to life in a big way with live video Q&A.

You can instantly invite attendees ‘on stage’ to ask their questions, giving them the ability to grab the mic and engage in the conversation face-to-face.

Whether they’re in the same office or oceans away, your attendees will feel like they’re right there with you, engaging in a way that makes them feel seen and heard.

6. Better branding options

To wow your attendees, you have to take every opportunity to deliver a memorable brand moment — from your registration page, to your emails, to your event itself.

Which is why if there’s one thing we take seriously here at Goldcast, it’s our ability to take events from basic to bespoke with our market-leading array of white-label branding solutions.

Our platform puts your brand front and center at every turn with customizable:

  1. Registration pages
  2. Event logo
  3. Stage backgrounds
  4. Favicons
  5. Fonts
  6. Call to actions
  7. Virtual backgrounds
  8. Buffer videos
  9. Name cards
  10. Sponsor logos
  11. Chat banners
  12. Emails
  13. And more!

If you’re looking for an in-platform solution that gives you the look and feel of outsourced professionalism, Goldcast has you covered.

Deeper data insights

At the end of the day, event marketers have one thing on the brain: driving revenue.

To achieve that, you need a fully integrated tech stack. And while proving your direct impact on pipeline isn’t always easy, with the right event technology on-hand, it’s more than possible.

7. Real-time notifications

Goldcast’s Slack and Salesforce integration allows BDRs and AEs to receive real-time notifications when a key account:

This seamless integration helps instantly capture hand raises through strategically placed in-event CTAs, giving your sales team the context they need to initiate relevant, need-meeting conversations with target accounts in real-time.

8. Robust integrations

Integrations are commonplace. But deep, direct integrations? Now those are hard to find.

Because these days it’s way simpler for low-grade platform providers to find a middle-person (mentioning no names, Zapier 👀) to provide a patchwork solution.

If you have your sights set on increased pipeline, clunky solutions simply can’t deliver against the deep integrations you’ll find in Goldcast.

After your event, Goldcast pushes 16+ engagement points straight to your CRMs and MAPs, including business critical integrations like Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce.

Your team will instantly be able to access key data, including:

  1. Attendee summary
  2. Average time spent
  3. Resource click counts
  4. Traffic in broadcast
  5. Userwise time spent
  6. Q&A
  7. Resource click data
  8. Userwise poll responses
  9. Requested demos
  10. Userwise time spent in booths
  11. Booth videos viewtime
  12. Userwise time spent in
  13. Userwise time spent in discussion group
  14. Chat messages
  15. All user responses
  16. Video recordings

This data can then be used to:

  • Calculate an engagement score for each attendee to determine if they pass as a marketing qualified lead (MQL).
  • Craftpersonalized follow-ups that show prospects you’ve taken the time to understand their needs.

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. 🎶

In the modern event marketing era, taking your foot of the gas and settling for anything less than best-in-class simply isn’t an option.

While established providers like BigMarker have aced the basics, today’s attendees require more.

Goldcast delivers best in class features that elevate attendee engagement, simplify the speaker and organizer process, and ensures an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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