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Learn what makes Goldcast events so binge-worthy.engage like a bingeworthy Netflix series and convert attendees high-intent opportunities.

Goldcast is designed to make event production and management stress-free for marketers. Our state-of-the-art features make it easy for you to create and host engaging events, leaving the nitty gritty of data and analytics to us.
Run virtual & hybrid events that

Feature spotlight by customers

Nina Butler, Director of Event Experience, Alyce

We got lots of wonderful feedback about how great the Goldcast platform looks, and our attendees were particularly impressed with by your “Raise Hand” function. I personally appreciated your slick “Q&A” tab. A pleasure working with you all!”

Velia Amarasingham,
Co-Founder at Curated EntertainmentExperience, Alyce
Melanie Flores Salman, Partner Marketing and Corporate Events Lead, Konga purple colored vector used as a testimonial photo backdrop.

“I’ve been to a few Goldcast events, and they’ve been really great! Their UI was super intuitive, and everything worked as expected.”

John Keck,
Co-Founder, CTO,

Plan and Produce

Events that truly reflect your brand

Everything from registration to in-event engagement can be tailored to highlight your brand.

Stream your events like a Netflix series!

Out with boring webinars, in with binge-worthy events. Let your attendees enjoy your event like their favorite series!

With Goldcast’s video production capabilities, you can elegantly handle empty stages, stream live or pre-recorded videos, schedule simulive sessions and have attendees walk away (virtually!) with high-fidelity event recordings.

Hybrid – Goldcast Hybrid events go beyond than just being a simple mix of virtual and in-person events.

With Goldcast Hybrid, you’re ensured that there’s no stark contrast between virtual and physical attendees and it still feels like one coherent event.

Amaze and Engage

Engage your audience, gauge the data, and get closer to won opps. And let your attendees have fun while at it!

Powerful in-built engagement options to showcase your brand and get a pulse of your customers. Fun options to keep attendees engaged - Embed games, selfie booths and other third-party widgets.

Follow up with Intent

Real-time event analytics

Check out your attendee engagement in real-time and get sales to act on intent signals immediately.

Seamless Integrations – Stream intent data into your MAPs and enable sales for quicker follow ups

Goldcast streams high-intent data (Goldcast Audience Intent Metric & Signals (AIMS)) into the marketing and CRM platforms of your choice. Keep registration, attendee, and engagement & intent data flowing throughout your stack.

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