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Engage your audience, build brand, and drive revenue on Goldcast, the only event platform built specifically for B2B events.

Create exceptional hybrid and virtual event experiences

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The Goldcast Experience

Virtual Events

Custom Branding

It’s your event, it should look and feel like your brand not ours. Customize Goldcast with ease to make every aspect of your event, well yours!

Breakout & Networking Rooms

Attendees love to network and talk shop in small groups. Use Goldcast Rooms to offer smaller, intimate sessions and networking opportunities that deliver big results.

Best-in-class Video Production

Make your event pop with high fidelity, studio-grade video for live, pre-recorded, & simulive video. Powerful moderator controls, hassle-free slide share, and ‘between sessions’ videos ensure a seamless and professional event. Reach a wider audience by streaming to YouTube, Facebook, or any RTMP destination.

Make your events interactive, social,& fun!

Make your virtual events feel less virtual with a variety of engaging features and experiences. Chat, polls, and Q&A keep things interactive and social. Fully customizable booths for you and your sponsors provide endless opportunities to interact with your audience, while embeddable 3rd party apps inject even more unique and fun experiences into your events.

Mobile Web

Attend from anywhere (it is a virtual event after all) with our mobile web-optimized experience. Same content, same experience, just on a smaller screen. No app download required!

Attendee Experience - no detail is too small

A plethora of engagement features including chat, polls, and Q&A to keep things interactive and social. Fully customizable booths for you and your sponsors to interact with your  prospects and audience, and embeddable apps to inject even more fun experiences into your events.

The Goldcast Experience

Hybrid Events

First-class Experience for All

Bring your virtual and in-person attendees together with Goldcast’s unified hybrid event experience. Goldcast Hybrid TV and mobile-optimized web experience bring our interactive features to in-person attendees, so they can network with their virtual counterparts seamlessly.

Goldcast Hybrid TV

Give your in-person attendees the full Goldcast experience. Stream virtual sessions, showcase chat feeds, poll results, and questions.

Mobile Web

In-person attendees get all the virtual platform benefits to connect, interact, and engage with all attendees, speakers, and interactive polls, chat, and Q&A.

Check-in & Badges

Let Goldcast power your in-person check-in logistics, technology, and badge printing. Brand your check-in kiosks and even add facial recognition to streamline check-in and provide the ultimate attendee experience.

Lead Capture

Capture and qualify leads right from your own mobile device through our integration with boabee. You can even distribute content to scanned attendees and you’ll appreciate the daily lead reports sent right to your inbox.

Streamline Event Management

Less stress, fewer headaches, more sleep.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate Goldcast with your marketing and sales tools to sync registrant and attendee data, including Audience Intent Metrics & Signals (AIMS). Leverage integrations to power campaigns & personalized sales conversations.

Invitation & Registration

Maximize attendance with Goldcast’s streamlined invitation and registration tools and integrations. Build branded registration pages and automated emails and calendar invites right in Goldcast or leverage integrations with your website and marketing platforms of choice.

Attendee Management

Give attendees the white glove treatment during your event. Monitor activity, provide support and even remove & ban attendees (hopefully, that’s not necessary) during your live event.

Track, Measure, and Followup

Go beyond attendance numbers and anecdotal feedback. Get the facts, get results.

Engagement Metrics

Collect, analyze, and report on attendee engagement with Goldcast’s Audience Intent Metrics & Signals (AIMS) data. AIMS data is sent to your integrated sales & marketing tools to power campaigns and sales conversations.

Built-in Dashboards

Get all your pre and post-event metrics and analytics in Goldcast Dashboards. Take action to drive registrations and attendance and analyze event activity at the individual and aggregate level to understand just how engaging your event was.

Drive Pipeline & Attribute Events to Revenue

With Goldcast AIMS data integrated into your sales & marketing tools, you have everything you need to automate and power personalized, timely sales conversations that convert to revenue and track the impact you create from generating pipeline.