Goldcast Engagement Panel

Goldcast Engagement Panel is where attendees engage with the content and interact with one another. All of this information is captured so that target accounts can be sent personalized follow-ups after the event.


95% of Onspring's registered customers attended the event. Of those that attended, 87% were engaged throughout the experience and spent 8.8 hours on average in the event

Megan Guerra

Director of Marketing
Megan Guerra

Here are some ways to leverage Goldcast’s Engagement Panel



Spruce up engagement with various chat options - text, emojis or GIFs!.


1:1 Messages

Attendees can interact 1:1 with each other through chat/video calls through the messages tab.



Organizers can create poll questions and share the poll results in real-time on the screen.


Text Q&A

Attendees can use text Q&A to ask any questions. This can be easily moderated by the organizer before it’s public. Questions can be shared onto the stage while the host/speaker answers them. If not, you can type a response in the 'Post an answer' box.


Video Q&A

Attendees can use “raise hand” to come on stage and ask a video Q&A when approved by the organizer.



Organizers can host documents/links relevant to the session for attendees to download. All clicks will be tracked for post event analysis.



CTAs help in driving demo requests or signups and are key if lead gen is part of your event strategy.

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