5 tips on building engagement of event attendees with software solutions

May 30, 2023
Kishore Kothandaraman
Kishore Kothandaraman
Co-Founder at Goldcast

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Whether you are running a virtual event or a face-to-face one, your top priority is keeping your attendees engaged. The success of your event will largely depend on it. This Can be tough, considering how hectic events can go. But with the right software solution, you can make this task easier and more effective.

With almost 87% of events for this year affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizers opt to change their event engagement strategy. Most of them have taken this time to explore what technology offers for the industry. From virtual event platforms, event management solutions, and livestream sites, and social media, there are a variety of choices available to help you engage with your event attendees.

With that, here are some tips on how you can use software solutions to build better engagement with your attendees.

1. Let your attendees speak

Forcing your attendees to listen to someone talk for hours is almost tantamount to torture. It is like forcing them back into the classroom instead of attending an event. Before you know it, they will quickly lose interest and might leave midway through.

One sure way on how to increase event engagement is by letting your attendees speak in between sessions. And while this might be easier in a face-to-face event, you can find some virtual event platforms that allow two-way communication between you and your attendees. Goldcast, for example, offers interactive discussion rooms where attendees and representatives can interact with one another. This way, your event feels more intimate and organic—even when it’s virtual.

2. Include gamification elements

 Include gamification elements

If you are running out of event engagement ideas, consider including some gamification elements in your events.This is one sure way to spice things up and give your attendees something to look forward to. You can either prepare a game or competition that all your attendees can enjoy.

However, this can be easier said than done. After all, games can get messy and out of control, especially if planned wrong. This calls for the help of a gamification software that can seamlessly integrate games or competitions into your event. It will automate processes such as choosing and notifying the winners, managing contestants, tracking progress, and facilitating interactions. This way, you have lesser things to worry about while increasing attendees’ engagement at the same time.

3. Show off your unique brand

Show off your unique brand‍

Regardless of what type of event you are running, you need to have something visual to present or show to your attendees. This can be a powerpoint presentation, some banners or steamers, ora simple backdrop. These elements aren’t just there to make your event look beautiful and lively. You can also use it to engage with your attendees and show off your unique brand.

There are various software solutions that can help you design and manage the materials you will present in your events.You can use a content management software to help you publish and churn out the myriad of content for your event. Some virtual event platforms even allow you to customize backdrops for your livestreams. Likewise, it can ensure that the design for your virtual events is cohesive and aligned with your unique branding.

4. Post real-time updates

 Post real-time updates

One of the biggest challenges when handling a huge event is how to measure event engagement. Since you will deal with so many attendees, it would be difficult to check on them one by one. This might even be the cause for their lack of engagement.

To make sure that all your attendees remain connected with your event, you can provide real-time updates via notifications, social media posts, or alerts. Through your software solution,you can easily send these updates out to everyone attending your events. They Can receive it through their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. This way, they won’t feel disconnected and isolated from the rest of your event.

5. Leverage data and analytics

Leverage data and analytics

Your events have a trove of data you can use to improve your next events. This information may range from your event strengths and weaknesses, attendees’ behaviors, latest trends in the events industry, and more. All of these can help you increase attendee engagement in the future.

Your software solution can help you mine and extract such data from your events. Most Event management software can generate reports based on your events performance and your attendees’ satisfaction. You can also use it to discover new insights on how best to build engagement for your events. This way, you can properly prepare and plan ahead for the next one.

Make your events engaging

Make your events engaging

An event’s success depends on how well you engage with your attendees. Failure to connect with them will also mean failing to achieve your goal for your event. Without the right tools, you might leave your attendees dissatisfied.

Nowadays, there are various software solutions that can help you increase attendees’ engagement. You can use an event management and planning software to help you prepare better for events and make sure everything runs smoothly. Likewise, you can even go digital by using a virtual event platform or a web conferencing app. These tools will make sure that your events will be engaging and dynamic for your attendees.

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