From Old To Gold 🏆 6 Brands Repurposing Content (Featuring Real-World Examples!)

February 15, 2024

It seems like the 2020s are going to be a time where marketers learn to do the most with an increasingly limited set of resources. Many of us are dealing with limited or slashed budgets and trying to find ways to scale without burning out our team.

Repurposing is a great solution that allows you to get the most out of something you're already doing. You have to create content for your current marketing strategy, so why not turn it into multiple other assets you can also promote?

This line of thinking applies even more so if you're running virtual events. Most marketers who are in the digital virtual event space got into it, in part, because virtual events can be more cost-effective than IRL events. However, that doesn't mean we want to lose out on ROI or impede our company's growth!

Today we'll talk about the importance of content repurposing, and we'll also highlight some awesome brands that are true trailblazers in this area.

Read on for:

  • Why every marketer should be repurposing event content
  • How to repurpose virtual event content
  • How brands are killing it with their event content repurposing
  • Egnyte
  • Apollo
  • Modern Sales Pro
  • Goldcast
  • Board of Innovation
  • How to accelerate your content repurposing

Why every marketer should be repurposing event content

Before we dive into examples, let’s explore the "why" behind repurposing.

Even if you're doing a virtual event, it's still a significant investment of your time and resources. It only makes sense to try to get as much runway as you can out of every single event!

Here are some solid reasons to repurpose event content: 

  • Extend the life of your event by keeping people interested afterward
  • Push on-demand views and traffic to your evergreen content library
  • Fill your content calendar across social media, blogs, email, and other channels
  • Give your speakers more opportunities to share content
  • Boost accessibility by making parts of your event available to different members of your audience with different preferences
  • Enhance SEO by posting content across platform
How events feels like a movie

Even if people don't go see the movie itself, they become more aware of the company, its branding, and what type of content they can expect.

It's the same with your events. Even if folks don't go to your on-demand library and watch the full replay, they're still getting some value out of the teasers and other stuff you're pushing out across your channels, and they're becoming more familiar with your brand.

How to repurpose virtual event content

Now you're probably thinking, "Repurposing sounds great, but how do I do that?"

First, if you want to talk to other marketers about content repurposing, sign up for our Event Marketers Club! We have a dedicated Slack channel for folks to talk about how to reuse event content, and we've seen some great ideas come out of those conversations.

There are so many different ways to repurpose content. Here are just a few:

  • Slice and dice your virtual event recording into bite-sized, snackable video snippets. Our AI-powered Content Lab studio makes this super simple! You can include those video clips in email campaigns, social posts, and more.
  • Identify some powerful quotes from the event and turn them into graphics that both you and your speakers can share.
  • Create a blog post after an event that highlights the top takeaways from the event and has a link to the full recording.
  • Put together infographics with key statistics or poll findings and post them across social. You can also take a poll from your event and continue the conversation on social, allowing more people to weigh in and discuss.
  • Post your full recording on YouTube and include copy that can help you rank for SEO.

As you can see, just one virtual event can lead to a landslide of shareable assets afterward!

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How brands are killing it with their event content repurposing

There are tons of companies who are doing a great job repurposing content, but these six caught our eye. Each company has found creative but on-brand ways to share event content and use it to drive views, signups, or another metric.

Egnyte shares CEO insights after global summit

Egnyte is a leading provider of intelligent content management solutions. They're looking to transform the way organizations handle and derive value from digital content, and their AI-fueled platform caters to businesses of all sizes.

After the 2023 Egnyte Global Summit, the company took a clip from the summit that featured Egnyte co-founder and CEO Vineet Jain talking about the critical role of AI in business. Egnyte posted this clip, as well as some context about Jain's remarks, on its LinkedIn page.

The CTA for the post led to the full session, which people could watch to catch up on the summit if they weren't able to attend. With almost 80 reactions and 5 reshares, we'd call this one a success!

Egnyte created this content using Content Lab, which we touched on briefly before. Content Lab uses the power of AI to turn content into shareable assets. After you upload your full video, you'll receive clips you can then format and style the way you want, so that each clip is truly on brand for your company.

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Apollo publishes full webinars to YouTube

Apollo is a sales intelligence platform that aims to help both sellers and marketers achieve higher revenue. The platform helps customers discover new potential customers, connect with leads, and establish a GTM strategy.

After each webinar, Apollo doesn't let its quality content go to waste. Instead, the team takes the full replay and uploads it to the company YouTube channel, where more people can view it.

In the example above, this is a replay of a class that taught attendees how

to stand out with their cold emails. In the body underneath the YouTube video, Apollo hooks viewers with the question: "Do you want to learn how to get a 20%+ reply rate on your cold emails? How to stand out in the inbox of CEOs and VPs?"

Um, yeah. Sign us up, please!

The copy goes on to establish the speaker as an expert in her industry and an award-winning sales leader, which further piques the reader's interest.

While Apollo could have just hosted this same video in its on-demand content library, YouTube is the most popular video streaming website in the entire world. Hosting your videos there gives you a chance to reach new audience members who are searching for content about email marketing on YouTube.

In addition to posting full webinars to its YouTube page, Apollo also shares quick but helpful educational content to its page. Check out this video on "Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Email Sending Limits."

This video clocks in at just three minutes but packs a lot of value into that short time period! Viewers learn about sending limits, how to maintain a healthy email deliverability rate, and ways to keep their domain safe via email activity. Educational videos like this can be promoted in email campaigns, social posts, and more.

Modern Sales Pros embeds video clips in partner emails

Modern Sales Pros is an organization that focuses on educating a sales community of more than 35,000 members. Their goal is to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality peer learning, and one way they do that is through hosting a ton of webinars—we're talking at least two a week, and sometimes more!

Because of the volume of their events program, Modern Sales Pro needs a tool to help them repurpose their content. Enter: Content Lab. You simply drop in your full event and exit the platform with a handful of clips you can put to use right away! Here’s an example:

In this email sent to its partner, SalesIntel, Modern Sales Pros recapped 2023 for readers, hitting on the year's milestones—including 1816 RSVPs!—and showcased its top performing video that came from this particular partnership.

This style of email hits on the popularity of things like Spotify Wrapped, which personalizes an annual wrap-up in a way that makes people feel seen and included—and is also incredibly shareable. We're betting that many Modern Sales Pros partners who opened this email were ready to work together again in 2024!

Learn More: How Modern Sales Pros Seamlessly Runs 176 Webinars with 25 Sponsors a Year with Goldcast

Goldcast creates customer quotes and case studies

You know us (or at least we think you do), so we'll go light on the company bio here. But if you're totally new to Goldcast, hi! đź‘‹ We're the only event platform designed specifically for B2B marketers to crush their goals.

As you can imagine, we do a lot of content repurposing. Here are a couple of examples!

After a live virtual field event, we reviewed the transcript and pulled out this amazing quote from Davi Schmidt, Demand Generation Director at SnapLogic. We knew this quote would help marketers understand the appeal of Content Lab, as well as what kind of impact it can have on their repurposing efforts.

That's worth noting: The repurposed content never HAS to lead back to your full event replay, although many times it might. You can use your clips to promote anything, including other offerings, products, or services!

We also dove deeper into SnapLogic's story and turned it into a full-fledged customer story, complete with video clips outlining the challenge the company faced, how they decided on a solution, and the results they saw (25% increase in attendance rates).

The best part? Every single thing in the post—from the copy to the videos—was produced using Content Lab. Talk about a compelling case study! embodies a multi-channel strategy was founded in 2016 when the company's founder, Nabeil Alazzam, realized that sales compensation software and processes were inefficient and overly complex. He decided to create his own solution, and was born.

Since then, the company has grown, and with it, its event programming. At the end of last year, hosted its first-ever virtual conference, CompOps 2023, aimed at Sales Comp and RevOps professionals.

After the event, the company took to LinkedIn to shout-out its speaker lineup and share a fun screen grab from one of the sessions.

They also pulled out expert tips to share on their blog, further promoting the conference.

expert tips to excel your sales

Even if someone wasn't able to attend CompOps, they could scroll through this blog post and get five tips on how to grow their sales compensation career. The final CTA of the post led back to the full recording of that particular session, as well as all of the other CompOps event content.

And check out's LinkedIn newsletter, where they promoted their upcoming podcast season and linked to episodes from the last season. This is a great way to push people to listen to existing content!

the sales compensation show -

Board of Innovation

Board of Innovation is a global network of strategists, designers, and entrepreneurs that works with businesses to promote innovation.

For their Autonomous Innovation Summit, the company posted a clip from Day 1 on LinkedIn to push people to sign up for the second day, which had just started at the time of posting.

By including the full lineup and tagging folks who were involved, Board of Innovation used existing and new content to reach a bigger audience and hopefully drive more attendees to its ongoing summit event. With 175 reactions and 11 reposts, we're guessing this strategy worked!

How to accelerate your content repurposing

As the six brands we covered have shown you, repurposing your event content allows you to accomplish so many things. You'll have fresh content to push across platforms, you'll reach new audience members, you'll keep people engaged—and so much more.

Repurposing really is the best thing you can do to get the most ROI out of your events.

If you want to chop up your videos, get blog outlines, or create social drafts in just minutes, look no further than Goldcast's Content Lab. With the help of AI, Content Lab makes repurposing super simple. The best part? All of the content can be matched to your tone of voice and your brand aesthetic.

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