From One Webinar Per Quarter to 16: Why SnapLogic Loves Goldcast

Challenge: A Clunky Platform with Limited Opportunities for Engagement

The SnapLogic team was using a competing product to produce their webinars, but they kept running into issues. The clunky interface made it hard for speakers to navigate the product, and when they ran into issues, they had a hard time getting into contact with support. “It was really difficult for us to get timely, sometimes any response, for support issues,” said Davi Schmidt, Director of Demand Generation.

There were also issues with getting data and analytics out of the platform. Davi felt like there were many holes, and she was never able to gather an all-encompassing view of the data, analytics, and results of her webinar programming.

They also faced limitations with the product not being able to address multiple use cases, such as larger virtual events, smaller online webinars, and hybrid events, forcing them to have yet another tool to address the gaps. This led them to look for a way to consolidate their tech stack with a single event platform that could meet all of their event needs.

Solution: An Engaging Event Platform with Multiple Uses

Davi first heard about Goldcast after attending a digital event hosted on the platform. The experience she had on Goldcast was much more modern and interactive than what she had ever seen from any events platform.

“Goldcast was a reliable platform that was welcoming and encouraged collaboration and participation, and the platform was slick,” she said. Her colleague Negin Malekzada, Marketing Ops Coordinator at SnapLogic, noticed a difference too. “Previously we didn't really have much for the audience to do within the platform,” she stated. She went on to say:


When Davi began looking for a new event platform, she wanted a platform that could host a variety of events, from webinars to large virtual conferences. Another requirement was consistent and easy access to support.

Finally, she wanted strong data and analytics that made reporting on event ROI simple and easy. Goldcast fit the bill, and after presenting it to SnapLogic’s Director of Field Marketing and Director of Marketing Ops, the team was sold.

Did you know? The content and videos produced for this customer story were created using Goldcast’s Content Lab, the first AI-powered studio to turn your events into a multi-channel content strategy.

Results: Improved Event Attendance Rate by 25%

Once they got their webinars and events off their old platform and onto Goldcast, SnapLogic saw an immediate increase in results across the board. “Goldcast has really changed our entire webinar experience. I have just so many good things to say,” shared Negin. Within the first few months, they:

  • Improved attendance rate by 25%
  • Increased volume from 1-2 webinars per quarter to 16+
  • Quickly integrated Goldcast with Slack, Marketo, and Salesforce
  • Boosted audience engagement and satisfaction
  • Increased in-event content downloads from zero trackable interactions to 1000+
  • Ramped up post-webinar content creation from 1-2 pieces to 7+
  • Replaced three tools with one: a webinar platform, a virtual conference platform, and a landing page builder

Now, SnapLogic runs incredibly engaging events that make a huge difference in the quality of their webinars, conferences, and other digital experiences. “I think where Goldcast really sets themselves apart is that networking aspect. People want to be a part of the conversation, ask questions, and get immediate answers. Those types of interactions are just so important and useful,” Davi shared.

Negin, who helps run all of SnapLogic’s webinars, is equally impressed with Goldcast’s engagement tools. She explained:


Goldcast has surpassed Davi and her team’s expectations with its constant innovation and responsiveness to customer needs. “I can honestly say that their research and development team and their product team is always working with customers to make sure they're constantly innovating and making our lives easier,” Davi shared.

Experience the Goldcast Difference

What’s Next: Expanding Post-Event Content with Content Lab

Now that they have their webinars ramped, they are excited to jump into Goldcast’s newest feature, Content Lab. This AI-powered studio helps turn events into a multi-channel content strategy by making repurposing event content in video and text a breeze. Davi explained how it is a game-changer for their marketing teams:


“Bottomline, there really is no limit to what you can do and what type of experience you can provide for your customers and prospects. And I think that's what makes Goldcast so special as a platform,” said Davi.

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