Event Content Repurposing: How Content Lab Changes Everything

October 18, 2023
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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Reduce, reuse, recycle. This catchy slogan from the ‘70s is still relevant today, and it applies to more than cans and bottles. ♻️

Yep, we’re talking about repurposing your digital event content. As an event marketer, you pour a little piece of yourself into each and every event offering.

But does the impact of your events end there? It shouldn’t! Set yourself up for continued momentum by repurposing your events after they conclude to hit even more of your marketing goals. Here’s how:

Repurposing content = a fundamental part of your event strategy

Sometimes even the best events get planned, hosted… and forgotten. 😢

You know your event is a gold mine of marketing material, but between the five hundred other tasks on your to-do list, there’s no time to review, transcribe, and repackage that marketing gold into shiny new content gems for your audience.

Your events are where the most authentic moments happen.

Digital events are where experts collaborate, attendees connect, and insights are shared that you can’t find anywhere else.

The living, breathing content that materializes during your events can have 10x more value than one expert creating content in a bubble.

With the right approach to event content repurposing, that “something special” can translate into major benefits for your brand.

Here are just some of the ways repurposing your event content can benefit your brand:

  • Reinforce key takeaways and brand messages
  • Extend your reach beyond past attendees
  • Increase the memorability factor of your event
  • Arm your marketing and sales teams with evergreen content

With the ability to repurpose your events into always-on, easily consumable content—including blog posts, video snippets, on-demand libraries, and more—you can execute omnichannel campaigns in a fraction of the time.

Introducing Goldcast’s Content Lab: 4 ways to supercharge your event content flywheel

What is Content Lab? Put simply, it’s mission control for any busy marketer sitting down to repurpose their event content.


‍If the time investment has been holding you back from squeezing the most out of your event content, we created Content Lab for you. Powered by AI—and driven by your expertise—Content Lab helps you harness the benefits of content repurposing in minutes, not weeks.

So how does it work? Here are four of our favorite Content Lab features.

1. Highlight the best moments with AI-suggested video clips

During the event, your sattendees are fully immersed in all the juicy insights that come from an engaging hour-long session. But turning that long-form session into snackable bites and clips can be a challenge, especially for small, time-strapped teams.

Hayley Ferrante, director, digital programs at Zuora, explains: “We have to go to our content team and say, ‘Okay, let’s brainstorm how we take what we have already and try and figure out what to do with it.’ That’s a much harder task when our content team is already also small.”


Content Lab solves this problem by suggesting video clips for you. No more rewatching the entire session while frantically scribbling down notes and timestamps.

Content Lab’s AI-suggested video clips can be used for:

  • Social sharing
  • Previewing on-demand content
  • Promoting your next event
  • Blog post embeds
  • Outreach emails
  • Event summaries
  • And more!

The possibilities are endless, just as you always knew they were. Only now, you have the power to extract those clips quickly and easily—no matter the size of your content team.

2. Easily brand and edit your video clips

Today, the cost of creating content is lower than ever. While that might sound like a good thing, it also means your audience is drowning in a sea of content.

By expertly repackaging your event content, you can outshine your competitors with a little extra polish your audience can’t get anywhere else. 🌞

Once you’ve identified the best clips, you can go straight into tailoring them to your audience.

We know what you’re thinking. Time to pull in your video production gal, right?

Not on our watch. With Content Lab, you can:

  • Cut out filler words automatically
  • Extract clips in a click
  • Adjust your branding so clips are ready-to-use

And you can do it all straight from your browser. No pricey editing software necessary.


3. Create SEO-rich blog posts in a fraction of the time

For most marketers, the SEO value of event content is money left on the table. The steps to cash in are simply too long and time-consuming.

You need written content. And as you probably already know, transcripts aren’t always the best approach. They’re not optimized for search and in many cases, they just aren’t fun to read.

Content Lab can extract and summarize your event takeaways into a blog post by:

  1. Automatically digesting a long event session
  2. Extracting the key points
  3. Structuring the content into a cohesive blog post
  4. Optimizing the post so that it serves your brand and pulls in organic search traffic

Hannah Steinhardt, editorial content director at Unusual Ventures, was blown away by just how on-point the blog creation tool is.

“I made an actual blog post based on this event, and this direction that [Content Lab] is suggesting is kind of the same.”

Of course, your brand and content goals are unique. AI can’t magically hit the nail on the head without any input from you. To start, you’ll need to provide a prompt, add the keywords you want the content to focus on, and select your preferred tone of voice.

From there, Content Lab’s AI will get to work pinpointing the best “nuggets” from the event and generating ideas for you to mold into a cohesive blog post, without the endless recording re-watches.


4. Auto-generate post-event emails, social, and executive summaries

Pulling off an amazing event is half the battle.

But there’s more value to be gleaned here and as usual, it’s all in the follow-up.

“You want to prolong the conversation as long as you can,” explains Sara Lieber, event marketing manager at Drift. Quickly repurposing your event content to offer a little something extra to attendees helps maintain the buzz post-event.

Plus, it can spark some healthy FOMO in those who didn’t attend and motivate them to make time for the next event.

What kind of following up should you be doing? Here are a few fundamentals:

  • Post-event emails thanking attendees for coming and promoting your next event
  • Email nurture campaigns sharing key event highlights and resources
  • Tailored sales follow-up for engaged attendees
  • Community-building social posts and stories
  • Executive summaries for company leadership and the sales team

Effective follow-ups are key for generating pipeline. 📊

Foster focused conversations and keep the momentum going by auto-generating everything from email copy to social posts and leadership summaries, straight from within Content Lab.

With high quality production elements and easy AI and editing tools, you’ll have everything you need to get fast follow-up material to your sales and executive teams, and continue wow-ing your audience long after the event is over.

Get more out of every event with Content Lab

Event content is powerful stuff. With the right tools to harness it, you can transform your events into a multi-channel content strategy that delivers stronger results with each and every campaign.

As the first AI-powered event content studio, Content Lab is the latest in our lineup of products to help you amplify every aspect of your events.

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