How Modern Sales Pros Seamlessly Runs 176 Webinars with 25 Sponsors a Year with Goldcast

As the Marketing Manager at Modern Sales Pro, Eduardo Duarte Ruas is tasked with continually growing not only their community but sponsorships as well. By putting together a strong webinar program with an excellent user experience and robust reporting, Eduardo meets the needs of both audiences through Goldcast.

Challenge: Scaling an Extensive Webinar Program

Modern Sales Pros is an organization that focuses on educating a sales community of more than 35,000 members. One way they achieve this is by putting together an extensive offering of webinars throughout the year—nearly 200!

In his role as the Marketing Manager, Eduardo Duarte Ruas runs many of these webinars. As the team was looking for a webinar tool, they knew they needed something that would make it easy to scale their webinar program. “We host at least two webinars a week,” Eduardo explained. “I use our webinar tool daily.”

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Because of their scale, Modern Sales Pro needed a tool that was user-friendly all around. It was important for them to find a webinar tool that made setup easy, offered an impactful user experience, and provided the data webinar sponsors needed to prove ROI. When they found Goldcast, they knew they had found the perfect tool to address all their webinar needs.

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Solution: A Webinar Platform that Makes Sponsors Happy

Although Modern Sales Pros has a huge audience, they still have a fairly small team running all their webinar planning, logistics, and events. Because of this, they needed a single webinar platform that could not only handle the diversity of events and webinars they were producing, but make it quick and easy to create and run them.

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“We use Goldcast for every webinar we run, and it's honestly perfect. It's everything that we need,” said Eduardo. They found the tool incredibly easy to use, but the true key to scaling their webinar programming was ensuring webinar sponsors were happy with their event experiences, audience engagement, and data.

Here’s a look into two features that really stood out to the Modern Sales Pros team and their webinar sponsors:

Analytics and Dashboards

Since many of their webinars are sponsored, having instant access to powerful data and analytics is crucial to keeping sponsors informed about their webinar ROI.

“The analytics part of the events right after it makes it really fast for us to contact the sponsors with this is who attended, who didn't attend, attendance rate, the questions asked, and what people clicked on,” said Eduardo. “Goldcast makes it really easy for us to collect the data and create a follow-up to the event that is very seamless and very fast.”


Another feature that impresses their webinar sponsors is the ease of use and flexibility of virtual event booths. “We can give a link to the sponsor and they come and fill out their booth the way they want it,” remarked Eduardo.

This is especially helpful for their virtual summits, when they might have upwards of 15 sponsors. The interactive content within booths allows sponsors to show off their brand in the best light to event attendees and capture engagement through videos, content, and more.

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Results: Quicker Access to Data and Better Webinar Experiences

In just 2023 alone, Modern Sales Pros ran 176 webinars on Goldcast. When asked about the biggest impacts of using Goldcast, Eduardo pointed out three areas: data, webinar setup, and the speaker experience. Let’s dive into each.

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Improved Data and Speed to Lead for Sponsors

For a company like Modern Sales Pros, gathering data from their events quickly and easily and getting it into the hands of sponsors is crucial for business success. “We are very focused on speed to lead. We want to give our sponsors everything that they need to contact their leads really fast and Goldcast helps us a lot in being able to do that,” mentioned Eduardo.

Within one hour of the completion of a webinar, Eduardo is able to provide his sponsors with a data packet that includes:

  • Full registration list and attendance information
  • CTA button clicks
  • Engagement info from polls and chats
  • Short video snippets pulled from Content Lab

Getting this data and content to sponsors within an hour of an event’s close ensures the businesses partnering with Modern Sales Pros can get the highest ROI from their sponsorships. At the end of the year, Eduardo puts together a “year end wrapped” style email for each sponsor that includes all the data from the events they sponsored as well as a content clip pulled from their top-performing event.

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“I received a lot of positive feedback from sponsors being like, we partner with other communities, but you’re the only one who does this type of thing,” said Eduardo. “The data helps us to elevate the experience that the sponsor has with us.”

Did you know? The video snippet included in the email example above was created using Goldcast’s Content Lab, the first AI-powered studio to turn your events into a multi-channel content strategy.

Below is the full video snippet so you can see an example of Content Lab content in action! The clip was pulled from the Modern Sales Pro event Adding Value to the Inbox – Email Marketing Best Practices Everyone Should Know.

Simplified Webinar Setup and Branding

Running two webinars per week, equaling nearly 200 a year, is no small feat! But with Goldcast’s intuitive setup, robust event hubs, and event branding controls, Eduardo is able to easily build, launch, and run all of Modern Sales Pros’ webinars with ease.

“With the branding aspect, you can basically edit every single thing in Goldcast’s platform. The color of everything, the branding, the logos, fonts. That's been really successful for us, especially with summits because we theme every single summit,” explained Eduardo.

“We use different templates and that really works well for making the branding go all the way through. And also for the sponsors, the branding aspect of it is really successful because they can have their own backgrounds with their logo, stuff like that.”

Provided Speakers Excellent Experiences

A sponsorship of a Modern Sales Pros event includes a speaking opportunity, which means the speaker experience must be excellent. Since they host more than 200 speakers across all their webinars and summits, finding a platform that provides a speaker experience that’s simple, easy, and intuitive was crucial.

“I think the platform itself is pretty manageable and very intuitive for people who are using it for the first time to go ahead and enter backstage and know what is going on,” Eduardo said. “I don't think I had any problems with people messaging right before an event saying I don't know how to get backstage.”

Easy access to all documents, visuals, slides, and videos from backstage is also a huge win when it comes to providing speakers an excellent experience. “Having all the documents already collected in one place beforehand makes it really easy for the speaker to be able to enter the event before and see everything there, which is something that I don't know if other products have,” said Eduardo.

“Goldcast makes everything very centralized and organized. Everything is named. You have the tab for videos, you have the tab for documents, so they know where to go. Everything is in there so they don't need to share the screen if they don’t want to. They can add videos, so if they need to play a video, it's already in Goldcast and they don't need to use their own data.”

What’s Next: Expanding Content Repurposing with Content Lab

One way Modern Sales Pros have begun improving their post-webinar sponsorship packets is by including a variety of webinar video snippets for sponsors to use post-event. Providing these videos within a few hours of the event has really impressed sponsors. Eduardo now uses Content Lab, Goldcast’s AI tool to automatically identify, clip, and edit these video snippets quickly and easily.

Yet that’s just one way Content Lab has helped them scale their event content repurposing. It’s also enabling them to quickly scale their social media strategy. “I think it's going to be really helpful for TikTok, especially the one with the picture and the words on the side, that's the one that we use the most,” stated Eduardo.

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“I believe it's going to be really fantastic. We have a full calendar of social media and we are counting on the Content Lab to be able to help us with this task for next year.”

Scale Your Webinar Production with Goldcast

If you’re looking for a webinar platform that can help you quickly and easily scale your webinar programming, look no further than Goldcast. Especially if your webinars involve sponsors.

“People like Goldcast because everything is integrated in just one platform. With Goldcast, everything is just in there, so that makes everything really, really easy. It looks very professional in a way that I don't think other platforms can achieve.”

As Modern Sales Pros gears up for another great year of webinar programming, they are looking forward to how Goldcast will continue innovate with new features, tools, and offerings. “We've been using Goldcast for a long time now and the team really loves the changes that are being implemented.”

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