10 Things Customers Love About Goldcast

September 14, 2023
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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As B2B marketers, you have a lot to think about. You’re responsible for telling your brand’s story, owning key moments in the buyer’s journey, and delivering critical account data that generates more pipeline and revenue for the business.

As guardians of what is possibly the most influential brand messaging channel today, marketers need a modern digital event platformone that offers an unbeatable attendee experience.

And you definitely don’t have time to run a gap analysis on every event tool out there. Today, we’ll help you cut to the chase by explaining some of the key things that customers love about Goldcast.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Let’s dive into each of them

  • Unparalleled ease of use
  • Features that deliver an experience (not just an event)
  • Everything you need to accelerate speed to lead

Unparalleled ease of use

Organizing an event is no small feat. But organizing a whole calendar of events? That’s a different ball game entirely.

For marketers who undertake that mission, every feature that speeds things up behind the scenes becomes critical to scalability and success.

Here are some of the usability features you’ll find in Goldcast, that’ll make your life easier.

#1. Built-in video production

Producing event content is a time-consuming task, especially if you’re going all in with video.

At Goldcast, our goal is for your digital events to feel like a highly-produced TV show, only without all the time and effort it takes to make that happen. We’ve created a suite of user-friendly video production controls that are intuitive and integrated deeply within the platform to make that goal a reality.

With Goldcast’s video production tools you can:

  • Publish chat messages, polls, and Q&As directly to your stage to highlight topics of debate, points of interest, and insider insights.
  • Bring attendees ‘on-stage’ to engage in live or simulive Q&A with speakers, hosts, and other guests.
  • Share important information at scale, like an upcoming session or related resource, using event-wide ticker messaging that scrolls across the bottom of the stage.
  • Add a little magic to your video content with overlays and lower-thirds that align with your brand’s visual ID.

#2. Live-streaming

Live-streaming has gone from a cool new social media feature to the default way of doing business. And for digital and hybrid events, it’s an absolute must.

Leading the charge with live-streaming integrations, Goldcast offers easy-stream options direct to YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin Live, or any other RTMP destination.

With this single feature, event marketers can:

  • Extend prospect and customer reach.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Offer enhanced sponsorship opportunities.
  • Increase attendance at future events.

Multiple channels for the price of one? Now that’s what we call a dream-stream. 😉

#3. Backstage

As an event pro, you know better than anyone that live performances always have the potential for an on-the-day disaster — especially when there’s new tech involved.

Designed to avoid last-minute misfires, Goldcast’s backstage feature allows organizers to kick back and relax knowing their speakers are inside the event, ready to go, and clear to work their magic with the audience.

#4. Automated calendar invites and magic links

When it comes to boosting your event show rates, it pays to remember two things:

  1. Humans are forgetful
  2. And we tend to give up easily

Attendees forget to show up to events all the time, even if you send them a ton of reminder emails.

With legacy event platforms, it’s even worse. Attendees have to:

  • Create an account
  • Remember a password
  • Dig through emails to find an event link
  • Store multiple links (pre-game Zoom call, login link, post-session check-in, etc.)

With Goldcast’s automated calendar invite, you can eliminate the barriers and easily schedule calendar invites and email reminders upon registration.

Which is also where Goldcast’s Magic Link technology comes into play. 🪄

Instead of having to memorize a clunky login combo when entering an event, registered attendees receive one unique URL that grants access in a click. No login. No usernames. No passwords.

Features that deliver an experience (not just an event)

With a big weight off the organizer’s shoulders, it’s time to take a closer look at how Goldcast measures up when it comes to attendee experience.

And to be honest, this is our favorite part. 🤩

If you’re ready to raise the bar with your digital events, these show-stopping features have you covered.

#5. End-to-end branding and customization

When it comes to digital events, branding is often an out-of-box solution that gives you zero wiggle room for personalization. It’s all just kind of…meh. 😒

When we built Goldcast, we wanted to break boring and create an immersive experience attendees would actually remember.

While many other platforms offer the bare minimum logo uploads and limited color palettes, Goldcast’s event branding features let you customize your events in the following ways:

  1. Registration page
  2. Logo
  3. Stage background
  4. Favicon
  5. Font
  6. Call to actions
  7. Virtual background
  8. Buffer video
  9. Name cards
  10. Sponsor logos
  11. Chat banners
  12. Emails

🔥 Ready to bring your bespoke branding to life? Get real-life inspo from Goldcast customers who’ve slayed the branding game.

#6. Video Q&A

So Q&As are nothing new, we hear you. But since you’ve gotta have ‘em, you might as well elevate them.

With next-gen video Q&A, Goldcast lets you invite audience members to ask their questions live on stage. Whether your audiences are virtual or hybrid, this simple, visual feature helps attendees feel connected to the speakers and content, helping to foster conversations that matter to them.

#7. Roundtable rooms

Second only to learning opportunities, networking ranks as the most common reason for attending events.

While chats, polls, and Q&As are great for mass engagement and communication, when it comes to facilitating intimate conversations, Goldcast’s in-event Room feature is where it’s at.

Goldcast Rooms function like mini zoom calls within your digital event, allowing small groups to chat in an intimate setting where attendees can hop in and out as they please, without losing track of what’s happening in the wider event.

These close-knit VIP experiences allow you to personalize the attendee offering and connect with key accounts in a way that drives meaningful conversations (and revenue).

#8. Engagement opportunities

If you want your events to generate all the buzz they deserve, you’ve got to make them as engaging as possible.

Many tools were built during the dawn of webinars — they simply weren’t created with dynamic digital events in mind.

Unlike legacy systems, Goldcast was purpose-built for B2B event marketers. Inside, you’ll find every engagement feature you could ever need to create one truly experiential event:

  • Session and direct chat options
  • Polls
  • Text and video Q&A
  • Virtual event games
  • Scoreboards and gamification
  • Rooms & booths
  • Swag & gifting
  • Social media
  • Download center for on-demand content
  • Photobooths
  • And more

Everything you need to accelerate speed to lead

The attendee experience is important but ultimately, your event has to produce results.

And when it comes to generating pipeline, your event platform has to be able to seamlessly capture, display, and react in real-time to the engagement data you’re collecting. And the below data features add a lot of value to your sales and marketing campaigns.

#9. Integrations

With Goldcast, you never have to Zapier-duct-tape together your marketing tech stack. Our deep integrations with modern martech tools like Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, and Salesforce make sure your event data moves seamlessly to the right place and people.

Take our power couple Slack and Salesforce integration for example.

Designed to help brands ace an account-based marketing approach, this integration immediately notifies relevant teams when key accounts register or attend events. From there, in-event and post-event communication plans can be put in place by Account Execs and Business Development Reps for the best chance of conversion success.

#10. Email-builder

Last but by no means least, Goldcast comes complete with a best-in-class email-builder.

We’ve seen time and time again that emails are a critical part of any post-event pipeline strategy. And with Goldcast, you can customize your pre- and post-event email sequences with templates that are completely on brand.

The email analytics dashboard then allows you to track key information on email traffic as well as how your event registrants engage with elements within your emails, such as links and calendar invitations. You’ll have everything you need to ensure your sales follow-ups get off to a strong start.

An event experience that always comes out on top

Digital events have evolved from “nice to have” to essential demand generators for growing brands. If you’re looking to take your events to new heights and leave the world of clunky tech behind, you’re in good company.

Goldcast users are tapping into the power of an experience-driven platform to deliver can’t-miss events that actually move the needle on revenue. And it’s just the beginning.

With features that will boost your event team’s efficiency, raise audience engagement levels, and accelerate the pipeline, there’s no need to default to legacy event tech. Goldcast is the platform you can trust.

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