11 Examples of Branded Digital Events We Love

October 25, 2022
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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With digital events on the rise, event branding has undergone a major glow up in recent years. So why is it that so many companies still end up defaulting to whatever out-of-the-box branding their hosting platform provides?

Well, for starters, modern event marketers are busy.

Many simply don’t have the time to coordinate with the design team over every last speaker headshot and landing page favicon.

But having the right branding for your events definitely matters. It can even mean the difference between driving prospects through the pipeline, or sending them straight into the arms of the competition.

The good news is, the first step towards better event branding is actually a whole lotta fun — and with the right event platform, it can be a whole lot less time consuming too.

Today, we’re helping you gather all the right inspiration for your freshly updated event branding, starting with some of our favorite (and most eye-catching 👀) digital events and webinars.

11 digital event branding examples:

  1. GTM Labs by Drift
  2. YOUverse by Alyce
  3. FireTalks by Dooly
  4. Spark by Toast
  5. Beyond by ThoughtSpot
  6. Destination: Automation by Kong
  7. The Virtual Summit by Salesloft
  8. Business Intelligence Beyond the Obvious by Weave
  9. Roundtable Webinars by Clari
  10. Experience Everywhere by NexThink
  11. Behind the Scenes by Goldcast

Digital Event Branding: Why you can’t afford to overlook it

Inviting prospects to an event without branding is kinda like hosting an open house with no staging, flyers, or freshly baked brownies. Without the ambience, prospects just won’t see the potential.

As with the rest of your branding, your event brand is made up of your unique voice, message, values, and most importantly — the event’s reason for existing in the first place.

With the right value prop, here’s what powerful event brand can achieve:

  • Increased trust and recognition
  • Better quality leads
  • Increased pipeline velocity
  • Stronger company culture

“Users have high expectations of how straightforward the event experience should be, from login to navigating through the platform,” says Jennifer Cummings, Director of Global Event Marketing at Salesloft.

After being thrown head-first into the world of digital events at the same time as the company’s rebrand launch, Jennifer knows too well how the right event branding can make a massive difference.

But if you’re new to this, where exactly should you start? How about some inspiration to get the creativity flowing? Keep scrolling for a gallery of our favorite examples.

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11 gorgeous examples of digital event branding in action

Storytelling has been bringing people together since the beginning of time and with 79% of B2B marketers naming brand awareness as a central focus, marketing your event through an inspiring brand story is essential. Here’s how some of the best are doing it.

#1. Creating an unmistakable event ID with Drift’s GTM Labs

Company: Drift

Event name: GTM Labs

Digital event format: Panel

🧡 Land your brand: Drift’s carefully curated brand identity is a big part of what makes them stand out. And when it comes to their digital events, Drift’s bright and personable branding remains a central part of the immersive experiences the company is known for.

From the expertly-branded event landing page to the moment you click the magic link to enter the event, the colors, logos, and tone of voice all come together to let you know that without a doubt — you’re at a Drift event. ⭐

#2. Telling a compelling story via Alyce’s YOUniverse event

Company: Alyce

Event name: YOUniverse

Digital event format: Conference

💜 Land your brand: The name ‘YOUniverse’ is a real giveaway — events at Alyce are all about the attendee experience. And as a truly customer-centric company, Alyce’s digital event branding is fundamental to telling their story, building brand recall, and maintaining their credibility as an industry thought leader.

With only 23% of organizations saying they feel confident in their ability to tell an engaging brand story, Alyce’s digital event branding strategy is one to note. We’re particularly loving the instantly recognizable color palette, which spans their registration page, event content, and all follow-up communications.

#3. Going big à la Dooly’s FireTalks

Company: Dooly

Event name: FireTalks

Digital event format: Q&A

🧡 Land your brand: Dooly’s hot pink color scheme isn’t the only part of their branding that packs a punch. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

From a knockout logo positioned front and center at every event, to a flame-themed background running throughout, and even a hot-sauce content segment to tie it all together — this fast-growing sales enablement platform knows how to turn up the heat when it comes to event branding.

#4. Setting a swoon-worthy stage like Toast’s digital Spark event

Company: Toast

Event name: Spark

Digital event format: Product demo

💜 Land your brand: For cloud-based software provider Toast, a generic side-by-side video conversation wasn’t going to give them the polished look their brand required.

Instead, Toast decided to create the ultimate hybrid interview stage — a contemporary ‘in real life’ meeting room for the interviewer, with a high resolution TV screen displaying the remote interviewee. And for a little extra brand appeal, see if you can spot the subtly branded Toast swag dotted around the set. 🕵🏻

#5. Keeping it clean like ThoughtSpot’s digital Beyond conference

Company: ThoughtSpot

Event name: Beyond

Digital event format: Conference

🧡 Land your brand: Going big and bold is a great way to catch your attendee’s eye. But if that’s not your brand’s vibe, there’s no need to force it.

By sticking to their ultra-clean black and white branding, the business intelligence pros at ThoughtSpot were able to add subtle splashes of color to their pre-loaded presentations, decks, and live sessions to really make their message pop.

#6. Sticking to the theme with Kong’s Destination Automation event

Company: Kong

Event name: Destination: Automation 2021

Digital event format: Multi-track conference

💜 Land the brand: The cloud connectivity experts at Kong are all-stars in automation. So when it came to selecting a theme for their annual summit, Destination: Automation was a no-brainer.

But that choice didn't just influence the event content. Branding across the platform strategically spoke to the event theme — with API visuals spanning the lobby, agenda, speaker, and presentation pages. Now that’s a dream theme!

#7. Embracing brand consistency with Salesloft’s Virtual Summit

Company: Salesloft

Event name: The EMEA Virtual Summit

Digital event format: Digital summit

🧡 Land your brand: Salesloft’s branding is unmistakably green.

Across sponsor booths, presentations, chat functionalities, and beyond — Salesloft’s signature color remains the number one constant that attendees, prospects, and clients expect to see — even down to Founder and CEO Kyle Porter’s event attire. #onbrand 😉

#8. Making a powerful impression with Weave’s Business Intelligence Beyond the Obvious webinar

Company: Weave

Event name: Business Intelligence Beyond the Obvious

Digital event format: Webinar

💜 Land the brand: First impressions count when it comes to wowing attendees. So while going big, staying consistent, and acing the theme are all important — be sure to set some time aside to focus on an epic entrance too.

For the all-in-one communication pros at Weave, the ability to set a looped pre-event video to play before attendees entered the event gave them a prime opportunity to show off their brand, products, and sponsors, while making a powerful impression from the moment attendees entered.

#9. Striking a balance between subtle and strong with Clari’s digital roundtable events

Company: Clari

Event name: How to Achieve Revenue Precision with Actionable Conversation Intelligence

Digital event format: Roundtable

🧡 Land your brand: Ads that are too obvious are just… bad. And salesy event content is just as cringey.

For revenue platform Clari, by simply applying their branding to the lower-third element of their event platform, they were able to avoid the hard pitch and keep it ultra-classy with a subtle approach to digital event branding that never makes the attendee feel underestimated.

#10. Bespoke branding at the Nexthink Experience Everywhere conference

Company: Nexthink

Event name: Experience Everywhere

Digital event format: Conference

💜 Land your brand: If seamless storytelling is your vibe, Nexthink’s approach to digital event branding may be exactly the inspo you’re looking for.

By blending their blue and coral color palette across both their event platform and live speaker backdrop, Nexthink’s marketing and event content is completely seamless, giving the impression of a bespoke in-house meeting.

#11. Setting the right vibe with Goldcast

Company: Goldcast

Event name: Behind The Scenes

Digital event format: Interactive experience

🧡 Land your brand: Last but certainly not least, be sure to match your digital event branding to the emotion or ‘vibe’ you want to create.

Here at Goldcast, our Behind The Scenes experiences combine product and feature demos with a just-for-fun hands-on masterclass for attendees. By producing a feld event that combines live sessions with pre-recorded reels that match the event theme, we were able to achieve the ultimate virtual happy hour vibe. 🥂

Now that’s what we call outstanding branding 🤩

As markets become more and more crowded, the role of the brand will be even more crucial to every growing company — and every modern event team.

At Goldcast, we are endlessly inspired by the creativity of our customers and event community. These are just some of the best examples of branded digital events we've seen so far. And believe it or not, many of these were created in a matter of minutes.

“My favorite thing is the customization on the back end. You can make every event feel different,” says Katie Dunn, Demand Generation Manager at ThoughtSpot. With a simple click, you can easily replicate your beautifully branded events inside Goldcast — no design team necessary.

Simply upload your branded elements, take it for a test drive, and voila — you’ve got a branded event that tells your story the way it deserves to be told.

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