Looking for Ways to Repurpose Your Event Content? These 10 Creative Ideas Will Get You Started

June 19, 2023
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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Maximize Your Marketing ROI

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Wherever budget is involved, the words ‘return on investment’ (ROI) are sure to follow. And for field and event marketing pros, event ROI is always a priority.

For better or worse, if you can’t prove the value of your events, it won’t be long until your managers pull the plug. On the flip side, the higher your event ROI, the more buy-in you’ll get for the next one.

And while stand-alone events can absolutely generate ROI all by themselves, there’s no reason to stop there. Both virtual events and in-person events are a goldmine for additional content gems!

By repurposing your event content and sharing the love across formats, channels, and audiences, you’re putting yourself in a position to generate more leads, more customers, and ultimately, more revenue — all off the back of a single event.

And even if you’re not a content marketing expert, we’ve got all the inspo you need to help get you started!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What are the benefits of repurposing event content?
  • 10 ways to repurpose event content
  • 10 places to repurpose event content

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Why should you bother repurposing your event content?

While it’s certainly cheaper than starting with a blank canvas, repurposing event content can still take a hefty chunk of your time and resources.

Whether you need a copywriter, video editor, web designer, social media manager, or just more hours in the day to do it yourself, repurposing your content almost always requires some kind of investment.

So, what makes that investment worthwhile?

For a start, when you repurpose your event into multiple pieces of content, you also:

  • Increase event ROI — Your return on investment increases every time you repurpose event content. Now, a single event can produce multiple lead gen and revenue streams. 🤩
  • Boost conversions — A 2020 report by PFL and Demand Metric found that 85% of marketers use three or more channels to diversify their strategy and maximize data collection. Repurposed event content is a great way to capture more data, test new channels, and increase those multichannel conversions.
  • Speed up content production — Repurposing pre-existing content is one thing, but creating content from scratch? That’s a way bigger undertaking. One of the many great things about events is that they organically create content on their own. All you need to do is repurpose and go.

Clearly, the benefits of repurposing your event content are 100% worth any effort you put in. But with so much unique event content to work with, where should you start?

10 ways to repurpose event content

In the age of short attention spans, switching up how you present your branded content is critical.

When it comes to repurposing your event content, feel free to use as many creative formatting and distribution ideas as possible to keep your audience engaged.

Here are ten ideas to help get you started.

1. Bite-sized learning opportunities

Every online event and in-person engagement generates hundreds of pieces of quality learning content — an original report, powerful statistics, inspiring quotes, step-by-step how-to’s, and tales from the industry battlefield. The list goes on.

Whether it’s a one-hour webinar or a three-day conference, repurpose those quality learning gems by building thought-provoking mini-lessons for your blog or social media channels and get to work educating the masses.

Check out how Metadata.io expertly repurposed snippets of their Demand2021 event content on LinkedIn. Sharing a commonly overlooked tip or slightly controversial opinion from your event can be a great way to capture your audience’s attention on other channels.

2. Create video clips

From TikTok to Instagram, modern marketing is all about video.

In fact, a whopping 90% of customers say they want to see more videos from brands. And with 87% of video marketers reporting positive ROI, video is a no-brainer when it comes to repurposing your event content.

Find an event platform with the video production capabilities you’ll need to create stream-worthy video content. Then simply download your event recording, crop the best hot takes and highlight reels, and let the binge-watching commence. 🍿

3. Invest in infographics

Video is definitely big these days. But that doesn’t mean it’s your only option for repurposing your visual event content.

If you want your audience to remember something — a fact, stat, or instruction — a well-structured infographic is still a solid way to go.

For example, an infographic summing up the key lessons from a specific session or the event as a whole can be a great way to make sure the event stays present in the minds of your attendees.

Recent research has even found that when essential information is paired with a related visual representation, it can increase your chances of retaining that knowledge by a whopping 55%. 🚀

At Goldcast, we love an illustrated ICYMI! By taking an out-of-the-box approach to the age-old infographic, you can offer your audience an eye-catching visual while building awareness (and signups!) for the next event in your series.

4. Retell stories and case studies

If you’re hosting an event, chances are you have a speaker (or ten) delivering epic content. And whatever content that may be, odds are they’re going to throw in a story or two along the way to help paint the picture.

That is great news for event marketers looking for clever ways to repurpose their content.

Everyone loves a good story, whether it’s a quick social media post or a comprehensive long-form case study. So why not take your story-driven sessions and create a compelling story or case study your prospects can’t wait to read?

Of course, make sure you always have your speaker’s permission to share their tale first. 😉

5. Author an article

Okay, so not every speaker will make the case study cut. But that doesn’t mean the content they’re sharing is any less valuable.

It just means you need to repackage it a little differently. 📦

If a session isn’t personal enough for an inside story or case study, try a more thought leadership-focused article or a how-to blog post explaining an industry leader's steps to achieve a specific result.

Review the session recording, extract the most inspiring or actionable parts and create an insightful long-form piece that will help drive organic traffic to your website.

You can also deliver an extra traffic boost to your article by sending it out in your event recap email. Be sure to also optimize the article for conversions by including a strong call to action.

6. Write a white paper

How you repurpose your event content has a lot to do with the audience you want to attract.

Stories, case studies, and articles are great. But if your customers have complex needs and long buying cycles, they may benefit from a deeper dive, such as a white paper. 🤓

You’ll need the right event content to repurpose to create a genuinely value-driven white paper.

When reviewing your event sessions, look for one that:

  • Presents a problem
  • Provides a solution
  • Relies heavily on research, facts, and statistics to implement that solution

White papers can often require additional digging and some supplementary content, so expect them to take a little longer than other content repurposing options.

If you have the budget, you could choose to outsource the task to an expert to save time and publish more quickly.

7. Refresh your event content

Time and money are often in short supply immediately after an event. The good news is, repurposing your event content doesn’t have to take as much time as you might think it does.

If you’ve shared event content in the past, chances are a little sprucing up is all you need to repurpose and reshare it again.

Perhaps you need to flip the narrative with new messaging or copy. Provide up-to-date data to keep it current. Or simply swap out the imagery to change the aesthetic.

Whatever you decide, updating old content with fresh data and insights is a fast and affordable way to repurpose event content without reinventing the wheel.

8. Cue the commentary

If you’ve chosen the right speakers and topics, your event content will inevitably create a buzz. That buzz can be leveraged into an often untapped source of even more event content.

Find out what your audience, customer base, and event team have to say about their experience at the event. Do they have advice to add? Do they strongly agree or disagree with any specific session? Has it sparked new questions for them?

Whether it’s stand-alone quotes for social media or a debate-led monologue for your blog, let others continue the conversation long after your event.

Better yet, why not encourage your audience to share that commentary with their network, too? 👇

When recapping key commentary from your event, make sure you’ve covered all your conversation-starter basics. Session snippet. ✅ Concise comment. ✅ Tactical tagging. ✅

9. Raise the relevance

Content has a shelf-life. Or, as our friends in the UK might say, ‘Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish-and-chip paper.’ 🗞️

But that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose it (the content, not the fish-and-chip paper). You just need to redirect the focus.

For example, if you were repurposing a webinar on ‘banking in 2019,’ chances are you’d have had at least one session on digitization. In 2022, you could look back at some of the top quotes or key takeaways from those sessions and compare them to your most recent event findings to create a ‘look how far we’ve come’ blog or slideshow showcasing the then and now.

One event. Two pieces of repurposed event content. Three years apart. 🙌

10. Switch the search terms on your event content

From a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, repurposing event content can be as simple as swapping out your search terms.

Every piece of event content you repurpose should have a primary keyword that will draw in relevant prospects. But often, multiple search terms exist for a topic.

When it comes to your event content strategy, think about the various keywords you use across your marketing channels and consider ways to broaden or deepen your site’s SEO by layering the right keywords into your repurposed content.

Where should you share your repurposed event content?

Now that you’re up to speed on the many options available for repurposing your event content, the next natural question is:

Where does that repurposed content go?

Once again, the way you approach your event content distribution will have everything to do with the audience you want to target with it.

Here are some of the most common channels for sharing and promoting your repurposed event content.

  1. Social media 📱
  • Examples: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest
  • Best for: bitesize content, videos, infographics, and commentary
  1. Email 📧
  • Examples: outreach, lead-nurturing, post-event follow-up, welcome, re-engagement
  • Best for: bitesize content, infographics, and commentary
  1. Newsletter ℹ️
  • Examples: blog, company update, promotional, event-based
  • Best for: articles, bitesize content, infographics, and commentary
  1. Webinars 🖥️
  • Examples: educational, thought-leadership, demo-based, lead-nurturing, onboarding
  • Best for: videos, infographics, commentary, and case studies.
  1. Resource center 🗄️
  • Examples: event recordings, long-form content, whitepapers, workbooks
  • Best for: deep-dive content, bookmarkable resources, multiple formats
  1. Campaigns 💬
  • Examples: brand awareness, lead generation, product launches, re-branding
  • Best for: infographics, videos, quotes (via billboards, ads, emails, social media, and magazines)
  1. Customer-facing decks 📄
  • Examples: pitches, upsell meetings, onboarding material, comms blurbs
  • Best for: infographics, videos, bitesize content, case studies, and white papers
  1. Webpages 💻
  • Examples: homepage, product and feature pages, testimonials, lead gen assets, use cases
  • Best for: infographics, videos, commentary, quotes, and case studies
  1. Podcasts 🎙️
  • Examples: education, brand awareness, thought-leadership, promotional
  • Best for: commentary, quotes, case studies, and video audio
  1. LinkedIn 🤝
  • Examples: posts, job advertisements, events, brand awareness content
  • Best for: most content types, with functionalities for posting, submitting articles, adding videos, networking, and more

Record, repurpose, re-share, and keep rockin’🤘

As an event marketing superhero, you know too well the massive amounts of time, energy, and budget that goes into creating the ultimate event experience.

When the big day is over, the last thing you want to do is let all that hard work go to waste—especially when there are easy ways to repurpose your stellar event content and keep driving results for the company.

Commit to making content repurposing part of your post-event workflow. Create those hot takes and highlight reels, spark commentary on social media, and use past content to drive future registrations.

Often, it’s these small actions that help keep your events alive in the hearts and minds of your audience.

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