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Nothing’s as Sweet as Filling Your Pipeline

March 12th, 2024
1pm ET | 10am PT

Demand Generation Marketers, you deserve a treat! Take a monthly break to learn what tactics, strategies, and trends leaders are using to generate more demand and revenue. Join the conversation live on the second Tuesday of every month to get fresh ideas to infuse into your marketing plan.

Justin Swisher

Justin Swisher

Director, Global Business Recruiting

Lia Zneimer

Lia Zneimer

VP, Marketing

What’s the key to demand generation success in 2024? Running integrated campaigns! But what exactly does that mean? We’re hosting two marketing experts who have strong backgrounds in both SaaS and demand gen to explain. Join us for a live conversation around how to improve pipeline by rethinking the customer journey, better integrating assets across campaigns, and adding social selling into your strategy.

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Lindsay McGuire

About the Host

Lindsay McGuire

Associate Director of
Content and Campaigns

My days at Goldcast are spent overseeing and creating content around how B2B marketers (you!) can turn media and events into top revenue driving channels.

As the host of Donuts & Demand, I'm excited to dig into the modern marketing strategies demand gen leaders use that are actually effective.

It's a fun, informative, and collaborative show made for demand gen marketers. See you at the next event!

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