Building Your On-Demand Event Hub? Start With These 6 Examples

February 16, 2024
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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None of us are immune to the allure of snackable content. Even in the world of B2B, consumers expect multiple options for accessing and consuming content at any time, day or night.

You can provide the on-demand experiences they’re looking for by strategically using your event content as fuel for your multichannel strategy.

One of the best and easiest places to start? An on-demand content hub to house all your past, current and future events.

In this article, we’ll explore why a digital events hub is important for building and growing an audience of loyal fans. We’ll also share real examples of best-in-class upcoming events hub pages to inspire your own design.

Why create a central hub for your upcoming and on-demand events?

Consumer viewing habits have changed dramatically in just a few short years.

News comes from TikTok. Shopping happens live in real-time. And platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime make it easier than ever to find the content you want, when you want it.

With the rise of short-form video, live streaming, and multi-screening, you can’t afford to overlook your events as a goldmine of authentic content featuring real stories from real people.

And let’s be honest. You work too hard defining the perfect event themes, recruiting marquis-worthy keynote speakers, and perfecting your video content to let it fade away in an archive folder somewhere.

An on-demand event hub lets you showcase the content you worked so hard to create in one central place where your audience can always find it.

But not every virtual event hub has the user experience and backend data you’re looking for.

Let’s take a closer look at the major advantages of an on-demand event hub, plus the top features to look for when choosing a platform to host it.

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What to look for in an on-demand event hub

For busy marketing teams, a beautifully branded digital events hub lets you promote upcoming events, boost registrations, and host your on-demand events in one easy-to-find location.

“Going from planning to promoting events has been so easy and quick. Already seeing higher registration numbers with this event page builder,” says Jeroen Kuunders, Manager, Brand & Marketing Operations at Sendcloud.

From faster event planning and execution to evergreen lead generation, there are a host of benefits for brands that actively use a digital events hub.

Here are some of the biggest perks of a central on-demand events hub:

  • Expand your reach: 44% of event attendees say never having to miss a session is one of the biggest perks of a digital event. By offering your event content on-demand, you can expand your reach to include those who couldn’t make it to the live event due to different time zones or other scheduling conflicts.
  • Increased viewing time: 84% of attendees say access to on-demand content increases their viewing time allowing you to drive engagement even after the event closes. You can also use captioning and translations to make your visual event content accessible to the widest possible audience.
  • Boost brand awareness: With a customizable on-demand event hub you can adjust the fonts, colors and themes to support your visual identity and keep your brand top of mind with prospects—even when you’re not engaging with them live.
  • Grow your lead gen: An easily accessible event hub with multiple sections for event topic, type and audience makes it simple to attract new on-demand attendees long after your event is over.

The right virtual events hub will make it easy for your audience to find the information they need and continue engaging with your brand when it’s convenient for them. But if you cater to multiple job titles, functions, and/or industries, it can be difficult to make sure the right content is targeted towards the right audiences in your on-demand events hub.

Here are some of the key features to look for when exploring platform builders to create your digital events hub:

  • No-code builder: It should be easy for your team to control the page layout without having to bring in external design or development help.
  • Easy customization: Look for a variety of colors, fonts and themes to create a branded, personalized feel quickly.
  • Mobile optimized: A non-negotiable for modern attendees, your digital events hub visitors must be able to view the content easily on any device.
  • Easy content sorting: The builder should make it easy to point visitors toward different types of events, from webinars to multi-day conferences.
  • Data analytics: You should be able to sync viewer analytics to your MAP and CRM for easy list making, follow up and reporting.

The ideal on-demand events platform will be able to offer specific hubs based on content, role, industry and more to make finding content as easy as possible for various types of prospects and visitors.

No matter which platform you choose, be sure to use your event titles, descriptions, and other details to explain the content clearly and help viewers understand which events are the best fit for them.

With Goldcast’s page builder, you can create a branded public page for all your upcoming and on-demand events, without a developer’s help. Use pre-built blocks to easily create your event registration pages and on-demand event hubs and customize them with your own brand colors and fonts for a completely immersive viewer experience.

Examples of upcoming event and on-demand event hubs

Many brands are already taking full advantage of an upcoming events page. Here are some five-star examples to inspire your own.

1. Intercom’s all-in-one event hub

Intercom is the go-to customer service solution that offers everything from an AI chatbot to proactive help desk support for today’s leading customer success teams. And its on-demand event hub is just as epic and customer-focused as you’d expect it to be.

Intercom’s all-in-one events page features upcoming live events, in-person events and on-demand webinars. Visitors can explore the different event types and register for the events of their choice on a single, central page.

What makes Intercom’s on-demand event hub unique:

  • A central page for all events, including product updates, customer service office hours and thought leadership events
  • Easy navigation with different sections for live webinars, on-demand webinars and in-person events
  • Distinct branding that stands on its own while still tying back to the original site and brand
intercom hub

2. Netskope’s cyberthreats webinar hub

Founded in 2012, Netskope provides users with the product and platform they need to stay a step ahead of data and network security challenges. Their team hosts a range of events, from webinars to summits and live demos.

Netskope’s event hub page features a series of webinars that focus on how security professionals can protect their businesses from the latest cyberthreats. Since webinars were hosted in multiple different time zones, the page features all three recorded versions available for access on-demand.

Here’s what we love:

  • A clear event tagline that tells attendees exactly what to expect: “Get Ahead of Cyberthreats from Cloud to Edge”
  • Easy-to-navigate sections with specific event hubs based on geographic location
  • A reader-oriented event summary with clear bullet points on what to expect
netskope event hub

3. Braze’s annual Forge event hub

Braze is a customer engagement platform purpose-built for brands looking to elevate the customer experience. The company’s annual Forge event is a two-day conference bringing together leading marketing, growth and engagement professionals to dissect the latest trends and opportunities in customer engagement

In 2023, the in-person event was held in New York, but Braze also offered the option for attendees to participate virtually via Forge Digital. After the event, Braze created an on-demand event page for attendees who weren’t able to attend live or in-person, while boosting awareness with new prospects who hadn’t yet heard about the event.

Here are three things that make the Forge 2023 event hub unique:

  • Eye-catching branding that gives each event a connecting theme
  • Recommended broadcast options with live and pre-recorded suggestions based on visitor time zone
  • Detailed description of what’s in store for the viewer
  • Increased engagement on Forge Digital content while also building awareness for the in-person event
braze event hub

4. AspenCore’s global event hub

AspenCore provides reliable news and trends to over 15 million engineers, technologists, designers and managers. As you can imagine, their team has to meet a huge demand for content.

AspenCore’s marketing team runs up to 10 events per year and they’re very intentional about using tools that save them as much time as possible. The brand’s virtual event hub is the central place where prospects from all over the world can go to register to attend live or view on-demand.

Here’s what makes AspenCore’s event page truly best in class:

  • A clear digital event hub value prop that invites visitors to: Check out some of our upcoming events or watch past events available 24/7 on-demand…
  • Images of real people immediately grab the visitor’s attention and help replicate the feeling of an in-person event
  • Easy for visitors to navigate and register for their choice of upcoming event or view past events on-demand
aspencore event hub

5. Cognism’s Diamond Package Training hub

For the event team at sales intelligence company Cognism, it’s all about events that educate and engage. “Our priority is making sure that people enjoy our event. So long as someone gains value from it, that’s what we want—we're happy,” says Ashleigh Frank, Senior Demand Generation Executive at Cognism.

Their Diamond Package Training is a series of bi-weekly training sessions the team runs to educate users and prospects on how they can get the most out of the platform.

By using their on-demand event hub to create a central training hub, Ashleigh and the team at Cognism make it easy for prospects to access all upcoming and on-demand training sessions as needed.

Here’s what makes Cognism’s event page stand out:

  • Upcoming training updates with shout outs for their next quarterly event, the Product Mastery webinar
  • Suggestsvisitors attend live but still gives them the opportunity to view on-demand
  • Attention-grabbing CTA button that takes the visitor straight to the event registration page
cognism event hub

6. Goldcast’s upcoming and on-demand events hub

At Goldcast, we like to take our own advice. Our on-demand event page features several events previously hosted by our amazing team.

From our Frosty Fest holiday event replay to our Series Masterclass and monthly Donuts and Demand webinars, you can find all things Goldcast on our on-demand events page.

Here are some of the things we love about our digital events hub:

  • Action-driven headline inviting visitors to: Watch Goldcast Events
  • Text preview snippets to give the visitor a glimpse into what each event covers
  • Signature branding right down to the dark background
  • Showcases a range of event types from webinars and masterclasses to virtual events and ongoing series
goldcast event hub

A conversion-focused page builder that’s easy on the eyes

The right on-demand events hub can help you expand your reach, deliver on consumer demand and continue to drive event signups, even when your event team is sleeping.

So, don’t cut corners on choosing the right platform.

“From start to finish using Goldcast is way faster than it would've been with a competitor. I find the UX really easy—our team can even teach themselves,” says Ashleigh Frank from Cognism.

Find out why teams like Ashleigh’s and so many others are choosing Goldcast’s page builder to create their upcoming and on-demand event hubs.

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