Increase registration and on-demand views with the Goldcast page builder

Build beautiful event registration pages and event hubs to promote pre/post event content.


Going from planning to promoting events has been so easy and quick. Already seeing higher registration numbers with this event page builder

Jeroen Kuunders

Manager, Brand & Marketing Operations, Sendcloud
Jeroen Kuunders

Increase your event registrations through our easy-to-use page builder

No-code builder to control page layout


Design down to the pixel with your colors, fonts, themes


Make your events look good on any device


From webinar series to field events to large conferences - we got it covered

Large Conference with multi-track sessions


Repeatable event and webinar Series


Field Marketing Events


A centralized hub to promote your upcoming events and on-demand content (beta)

A single hub for all your upcoming and past events


On-demand video hub that can keep getting more views


Viewer analytics sync'd to your MAP and CRM


We provide support for all your events

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Not just a Zoom or WebEx replacement. This one is legit.

Nathan B


Our weekly product demo showcase is just out of the world because of Goldcast

Jay I

Co-Founder, Business Development

There are many registration page and event hub builders. What's different with Goldcast?

Most page builders products sound great on paper - “drag and drop” interfaces where you have “complete control” but as anyone who has actually tried to use these products knows, it's very difficult to pound them into shape and despite how hard you try, you can only ever reach a result of “good enough, I guess”

The Goldcast page builder allows writers to write and designers to express their brand in an authentic way that won't feel like a compromise. It was created with the lessons of 15 years of content management experience in mind to make beautiful, responsive, websites with virtually no effort.

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