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Join leading marketers and create virtual and hybrid events that feel like in-person experiences.

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Goldcast honestly listened to the things that mattered to me and was willing to adjust and adapt to the industry I'm in and the goals that I have. That really showed me that, ‘Okay, I'm going to be taken care of while making the switch from something that wasn't great, but it worked — to this.

Melanie Flores Salman

Partner Marketing and Corporate Events Lead

One of the main reasons we chose Goldcast was because of the data grab; a lot of software don't have those different touchpoints (for collecting data).  We didn't have to prepare for anything in terms of data and we're getting the leads we want..!

Janna Erickson

Former Director of Events

Any marketing team has to constantly adapt to what's happening in the world. It was a pivot, but my team was just responsive and proactively searching for opportunities to engage our customer base — and with Goldcast, we were able to do that.

Adrian Cohn

Former Head of Marketing

Events are our second highest pipeline creating channel and are continuing to grow. Goldcast is a key component to that ― they’re the behind-the-scenes experiential foundation that help us deliver memorable moments in ways that allow us to convert and prove the investments we’re making in our event strategy.

Nina Butler

Alyce logo.
Director of Event Experience

The attendee experience was extremely seamless – we had incredible feedback from our post event survey. Thanks to Goldcast, 50% of the attendees qualified as MQL’s for us, proving extremely valuable for the sales teams

Karli Williamson

Former Senior Events Manager

We wanted a partner who could help make the event smooth and seamless, with integrations to our CRM, Salesforce or HubSpot. We don't see that very often, but we saw it in Goldcast. And that was a really winning point for us.

Cait Law

Sr. Manager, Global Field & Events

Goldcast gave us data beyond just who attended and who didn't attend. It told us exactly which person attended which session, how many sessions they attended and for the exact number of minutes. We knew exactly how engaged they were and how many resources they downloaded.

Anna Suslova

Axonius Logo.
Director, Global Marketing Programs

This virtual conference was a blast to plan. It was even more rewarding given we implemented Goldcast specifically to make it a resounding success.

Risa Peterson

Head of Field Marketing

What a smooth experience for the attendees it was!!

Aleksandra Panyukhina

Head of Events and Experiences

It was a monumental day introducing our new brand! Goldcast allowed our thousands of customers to engage and connect more then they ever have before!!

Sydney Sloan

Former CMO