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To increase attendance rates, it is imperative to nail the registration & confirmation process. Many customers reported an immediate 15% increase in attendance with Goldcast.


We saw a 50% lift in attendance rate, and a large part of that is attributed to the automated calendar invites and magic links that make logging into the event simpler than ever

Ashleigh Frank

Demand Gen
Ashleigh Frank

Here are some ways to streamline your registration and confirmation experience


Use your Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, or Eloqua forms

Easily import registrants from any of your marketing automation platforms to Goldcast.


Goldcast Registration page Templates

Goldcast registration pages allow you to spin out templates in a few clicks and easily customize fields you wish to add.


Automatic Calendar block:

Goldcast automatically blocks an attendee's calendar, be it Outlook, Gmail when someone registers for an event. This increases attendance by at least 15% since most of us miss confirmation emails and forget to add them to our calendar.


Magic Link Confirmation:

Confirmation Email with the magic link (unique login link) can be sent automatically from your marketing automation system or from Goldcast for frictionless event entry.


Email builder for confirmation and reminder emails

Use our email builder to build emails and send custom reminder emails. Our email builder also displays deliverability stats to understand open rates.

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