Booths & Rooms

Booths and rooms are two additional engagement features apart from the engagement panel. They help create more opportunities for your attendees to engage with your content and interact with one another.


The chat, booth, and breakout rooms are ideal for Trino events and foster an atmosphere of activity on a virtual platform. We have seen increased participation at our events since incorporating these features into our event plan.

Mandy Darnell

Director Field & Event Marketing
Mandy Darnell

Here are some ways to you can use booths & rooms on Goldcast


Sponsor/Partner Booths:

An easy way to showcase all your sponsors/partners through interactive content.


Case Studies:

Display all relevant case studies - video testimonials, case study resources to download.


Resource Hubs:

Organizers can create resource hubs relevant to the event.


Roundtable rooms:

Roundtable rooms are more like a lounge area where attendees can choose the rooms they want to enter. This works best with a moderator in each room to facilitate the discussion.

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