The Top 25 Field Marketers to Look Out for in 2021

May 24, 2022
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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It may be Women’s History Month but we recognise that women are doing amazing things every day. We have profiled a list of 25 amazing Female Field Marketers to work with in 2021 and beyond!

The best brands today are real, authentic, and human. Awesome brands understand the importance of forging personal connections and using experiential marketing to generate interest in their product and brand - Field/Event marketers do just that. They are one of the least talked about teams in the GTM org even though they drive an important component of company’s GTM in the digital world by putting together great digital experiences for prospects & customers. If you want to be in tune with the latest trends, these are the people to follow. Check them out!

Sr Field Marketing Manager, Zscaler

I am an optimist that believes in the power of positive thinking. I believe in being fair,collaborative and respectful in everything I do. I do my best to findmotivation everyday and I am fulfilled when I can put a smile on someone else's face.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

For 2021, I want my work to motivate others and more importantly bring value to those who attend or participate in anything I do. Nothing fulfills me more than deliveringinsightful relevant content.

Senior Manager, Field Marketing & ABM

About Roni Romo

An event planner turned field marketer who is always believed that business starts with people and experiences. With a background in technology, I'm constantly seeking innovative ways to improve the engagement process and devise efficiencyacross the funnel. As a Hispanic-American, I am proud to represent resilience and creativity by investing my energy in self-education. I thoroughly enjoy learning and turning knowledge into the motivation I need to help B2B companies succeed.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

• Collaboration - Move forward together... Providing transparency through consistent communication across my team, Sales, CX, and my org

• Targeting - Do everything with purpose...Now more than ever, I will shoot my shot but personalize every interaction and beyond with quality content

• Relationships - Dedication is paramount... Making the sale, as well as devoting the time to the follow-up by ensuring the customer experience is at a forefront

Head of ABX, 6sense

Marketing leader - experienced in working across the entire revenue team to create winning go-to-market programs that build pipeline, support customer acquisition, and strengthen client relationships.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

- Build strong presence in industry/role-based communities

- Tap into growing partner network to create quarterly co-sell campaigns

- Create highly personalized experiences for strategic accounts

- Demystify & crush hybrid events

- HIRE to support a rapidly growing team!

Marketing Events Manager, North America, Showpad

Eight years of marketing experience in both the B2B and B2C realms. Four years in B2B tech contributing to the growth and awareness at SaaS companies (Showpad, Jellyvision) by driving qualified customer leads through various channels, including conferences & events, ABM and webinars.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

Yes, Zoomfatigue is real but virtual events are here to stay. So, how do you continue to drive value in 2021 in a fatigued, virtual world? By creating humanexperiences and community. Large scale virtual events are great. They allow you to showcase internal thought leaders and provide an environment for customers to learn tactics they can put in place right away. But then what? Yes, you better promote those highly produced on-demand sessions as helpful resources post-event. But how do you build on attendee intent?There is value in focusing your marketing chops towards small, intimatevirtual events (think roundtables, workshops, or lunch & learns) where leaders can ideate and network with peers. By personalizing the event based on industry verticals, roles and shared challenges -- it allows you to stop marketing your product, company or event -- and instead start marketing your solution. Short answer: In 2021 use large scale virtual events to expand your reach. But also leverage smaller virtual events to target your ICP and help move the needle in targeted campaigns.

About Alura Roe

I'm a creative field marketer with a passion for generating innovative programs in the field that help my sales team reach their goals! I'm extremely driven, organized and disciplined in my work while also ensuring I have a fun-loving and energetic approach to anything I do.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

With COVID affecting our field marketing team's strategy, we've had to dive deep into how we can best help drive revenue in a now fully digital world. We've built a number of programs last year and upcoming in 2021 that will still allow us to be successful and drive revenue in a creative way. Between Uber Eats programs, targeted renewals ABM tactics, virtual experiences, branding for our newly launched unified platform etc. we've been able to see how field marketing can make a huge impact even if a pandemic flips our plans upside down!

Head of Field Marketing, NA, ThoughtSpot

A highly motivated and dedicated marketing leader with nearly 15 years of experience leading remote teams in B2B marketing for high-growth technology and software organizations. Revenue and results-focused, dedicated to developing high-impact demand through relationships with technology partners and sales, leading with a growth mindset, and a servant's heart.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

If there is one thing 2020 has taught me, it is to be flexible. 2021 brings the opportunity to drive new ideas forward, continue to align to sales and revenue goals, and yet do so with the framework that nothing is off the table. Looking to this year, I am optimistic we will return to a hybrid approach with in-person activities and be able to stretch our creative muscles to make new experiences with this format. I expect to see a bridge of virtual content and in-person experiences coming together to bring new life into physical events and plan to use this format to bring even more engagement with our audiences.

Field Marketing Coordinator, Onapsis

Paige Roderick is a creative revenue and field marketer who is passionate about developing marketing strategies that drive revenue and customer retention. She is a 2019 graduate of Fairfield University who jumped head-first into her career amidst the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. In her current role at Onapsis Inc, Paige supports the North American sales teams in pipeline growth through Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategies. Paige believes that in every challenge there is an opportunity. We find our resilience and creativity when we are forced to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. In 2020, Paige was challenged to build new avenues of engaging with clients and prospects. By ensuring strong cross-functional relationships and communication with her team, Paige successfully supported 50+ programs to drive pipeline growth and customer retention in 2020. At twenty-four years old, Paige's marketing career is just getting started. While there's a way to go, Paige is confident that we will continue to find ways to reinvent traditional marketing strategies. The pandemic has forced us to adapt every aspect of our lives. The landscape of how we do business has been changed forever. How we move forward to reinvent strategies for success is limited only by our imaginations and ability to find opportunity in unchartered waters.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

The top goal for 2021, is to ensure a strong and mutually beneficial partnership between sales and marketing to help drive revenue. When marketers understand and share revenue goals, both teams can strategically work together to make the business successful. At the same time, marketers learn to anticipate sales requests and can create custom programs and campaigns that generate pipeline and support customer retention. A key strategy is leveraging data to focus on an accounts engagement stage, which ensures our communications and programs are targeted to the buyer and the pain points we solve. Custom programs and virtual events are great resources for sales teams to engage and network with prospective clients, in a time when it's not possible to do so in-person. When sales leverages their marketing team as a business partner and a resource, the opportunities for the business to succeed are endless - even in a 'virtual' world!

Head of Events & Field Marketing, Workato

Colette is an experienced, hands-on marketer who is passionate about growing companies through blending different elements of marketing to execute high impact campaigns and programs.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

Instead of waiting for the next disruption, continuously make plans that can be iterated. Leverage new and existing platforms or tools that can drive productivity and enhance customer experience.

Head of Field Marketing & ABM, NOAM; Zuora

Babson MBA with 15 years of B2B marketing experience in both enterprise hardware and software/SaaS. Expertise in field marketing & ABM strategies that drive business results.Passionately curious. Strategically-minded. Execution-obsessed.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

Continue the evolve Zuora's North America field marketing organization away from an events-only charter and toward an omni-channel, ABM mindset & approach.

Field Marketing and Community Manager, Teampay

Darcy Dobis manages field marketing and community at Teampay, a distributed spend management platform that provides finance teams control and real-time visibility into spend. Previously, she helped plan user conferences, partner field events, and global summits for Datadog, a cloud application monitoring platform that IPO'd in 2019. Darcy holds a BA from Tufts University, where she specialized in Clinical Psychology.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

Embrace virtual. As much as we want to plan in-person events again, the world needs time to adjust. People have moved, lost jobs, lost loved ones, spent more time with family, spent more time on personal interests, the list goes on... It's important to keep an ear to the ground to see how people are feeling as you strategize for the rest of the year. We have some in-person small roundtable events penciled in for the end of Q3 and Q4, but we're continuing to move forward and make virtual events part of our programming. Virtual events can be more accessible and have a greater reach. They can be just as successful as in-person events. Less expensive and easier to spin up. I think if 2020 taught me anything as a field marketer, it's to not put all your eggs in one basket. Build out different types of events and campaigns that will drive revenue. Once people are vaccinated, ease into live events slowly. Try out small gatherings in local markets, outside if possible while the weather is nice. Build in budget for in-person conferences and larger events, but don't rely solely on live events for leads again. It's going to be about experimenting again, so let's take it in stride!

Field Marketing Manager, Moveworks

I create and strategize experiences to unlock value for my sales team. In addition to my passion for field marketing, I enjoy traveling, experimenting with different cuisines and meeting different people from all parts of the world.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

For my 2021 strategy, I am focused on finding programs that guarantee meetings for my sales team and experimenting with different events to help drive brand awareness and leads for my SDRs.

Head of FieldMarketing, Tanium

Highly driven, results-oriented marketing leader with a proven ability to plan, market, and execute successful marketing campaigns and demand generation activities. Adept at conceptualizing and launching targeted marketing initiatives for boosting sales and enhancing customer acquisition.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

This year my role involves leading the Americas East marketing strategy; developing multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns that are scalable and locally customizable to drive revenue and marketing effectiveness. We spent 2020 building relationships digitally and experimenting with virtual event offers, while being more accessible to customers and prospects in other regions. We've been able to share best practices and apply insights across regions. In 2021, we are creating unique digital experiences, executing scalable programs and aligning more closely with our revenue team. All of the programs we offer are mapped to each stage of the buyer's journey. The goal is to create a lasting impact on the people we touch whether it's through social media, blogs, virtual roundtables or hands-on workshops so they will want to come back and engage with our brand when the timing is right. By taking a more prescriptive approach we can help the sales team be more strategic about using events to drive pipeline and accelerate deals.

Public Sector Field Marketing Manager, OneStream Software

Americas Field and Channel ABM Leader with a Digital-First, Data-Driven & Sales-Focused approach and proven ability to build, execute and scale integrated go-to-market strategies that drive predictable, measurable results. Motivated and positive self-starter who hits the ground running by defining and leading marketing strategy in alignment with organizational priorities and in partnership with Sales, Product Marketing, Demand Generation and Partner Marketing all while creating a collaborative, thoughtful and innovative approach that delivers leads, accelerates pipeline, accounts for regional/industry differences and optimizes for customer experience.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

BrandAwareness and Thought Leadership via 3rd party Industry sponsorship/speaking engagementsRevenue/Pipeline Generation Programs via Meeting Setting Campaigns, Sales Blitz Campaigns and Integrated Virtual Hospitality Programs Account Based Revenue Programs targeting both existing customers and greenfield accountsDeal Acceleration & Deal Expansion Programs via User Groups and Customer Appreciation Events

Director of Demand Generation, Alyce

A born-again Bostonian and Martha's Vineyard native (yes, people do actually live there year-round), I attribute my passion for making personal connections in my personal and professional life to my neighborly Island roots. I joined Team Alyce in January 2019 to be a part of a bigger story and have a little fun while doing it :) . I'm currently the Director of Demand Generation at Alyce, responsible for the strategy and execution of full-funnel marketing programs. While not riding the startup roller coaster, I love spending time traveling with my unbearably cute niece and nephew, attending New England sports championship parades, and taking in the sun and sea at my favorite local beaches.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

With each event sponsorship this year, I am looking to drive toward 1 of 3 objectives: To Know Alyce, Meet Alyce, or Feel Alyce. For our owned event strategy, I am looking to create opportunities for our target market to Partner With Alyce, Learn From Alyce, or Be Inspired By Alyce. But it's important that in any kind of event, we are appealing to the person behind the persona, and creating emotionally charged, memorable moments for them pre, during and post-experience.

Associate Director of Field & Partner Marketing, Sendoso

Sruthi Kumar is the Associate Director of Field and Partner Marketing at Sendoso, the leading Sending Platform. As the first marketing hire, she built the company's marketing program from the ground up and often shares her insights as a speaker on webinars and at events. She is passionate about creating great in-person and virtual experiences, good content, best practices, and creating community. Some of her favorite pastimes are yoga, watching live-music, traveling, and consuming any content that Mindy Kaling is in or produces.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

We will continue investing in co-marketing initiatives with our industry partners. We will also continue focus on creating full-funnel programs to bring prospects and customers together. For any program we run or event we run, we will make sure the content we are sharing is going to positively impact our audience. With all initiatives we will put attendee experience first and foremost - experience makes all the difference!

Director, World Wide Field Marketing, GitLab

Data driven marketing leader with a focus in developing and implementing demand gen, sales acceleration, and customer engagement programs. Known for building lastingrelationships with customers, industry partners, and cross-functional internal teams to ensure customer and company success.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

1. Rollout/adoption of Mktg. Performance Mgmt. tool - which allow us to be more data driven and predict the ROI from our campaigns based on the type of campaign we are executing

2. Still in a virtual first world, so it's important to allow the teams the creative freedom with a focus on adding in a human element

3. Deeper integration of the Field Marketing team into our Account Based Marketing engine to take advantage of the great insights we’re able to gather.

Director of Global Events & Field Marketing, UserTesting

A results driven marketing professional, Noelle has led B2B marketing, sales alignment, field marketing and event management programs at several high growth companies. Her high energy and ability to thrive under pressure allows her to consistently deliver best in class global programs.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

My field marketing strategy for 2021 includes account-based marketing, event marketing, lead generation, sourcing more customer success stories by implementing new programs, campaigns and technology.

Director, Field Marketing and Events, SecureAuth

I'm a results-driven marketing leader with 13 years of experience in fast-growing B-to-B technology companies. I've managed nearly 1,000 live and virtual events over the years, and worked closely with several different sales teams on territory planning to increase pipeline and ultimately revenue.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

- Begin to reintroduce in-person regional events in the second half of the year. Everyone is missing that human connection, and I expect attendance to be better than ever. Great showing = more meetings = more opportunities = $$$- Use ABM tools like 6sense to hone in on specific topics that prospects actually want to learn about, and accounts that are hot for sales to reach out to- Activate direct mail programs through PFL to increase post-event meetings and connections with tier one accounts- Hire another rock star field marketer who can strategize, organize and wow the sales team

Head of Field Marketing, Nexthink

As a recovering salesperson, I spend most my days talking to sales and marketing trying to understand how we can improve visibility and better align our efforts. I began my career working for large fortune 100 companies and have found my niche in the high growth SaaS market. In my current role, I oversee all global field marketing and account based marketing.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

This year, in order to reach our pipeline targets, I'm focusing this year on streamlining efficiencies and maximizing each activity's output. I want to make sure know what the purpose and goal for each event or program is and are systematic in our approach. Additionally, I'm growing my team and have open positions in both North America and EMEA.

Field Marketing Specialist, II at Lessonly

Alex is the Field Marketing Specialist, II at Lessonly. She is an experiential and field marketing professional with a passion for bringing brands to life and elevating the prospect and customer experience. She specializes in planning strategic virtual and in-person events and campaigns that drive brand awareness, new leads, and foster customer relationships to increase brand loyalty and influence new business and existing business pipeline.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

Alex is excited to continuously improve their virtual event planning process and dive into organizing hybrid events to increase brand awareness and elevate the attendee experience.

Event Strategist, Adobe

Shannon Taschereau is a Senior ABM Manager for Territory Marketing at Adobe where she focuses on strategy, data and developing 1:1 engagements/events with accounts. Prior to her current role, her main focus was creating experiential events for 1:few and 1:many accounts in the Northeast while analyzing and tracking ROI data.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

In 2021, her goals are to build and curate meaningful and innovative 1:1 engagements/events for accounts that will help nurture customer relationships and impact pipeline.

Head of Field Marketing, East at Qualtrics

I am an experiential marketer, field marketer and strategist with nearly a decade of experience, 6+ of them in the ad tech industry. I have a proven track record for leading high performing teams to ideate and execute programs in the B2B space. The programs I led were to drive pipeline, achieve significant ROI, strengthen relationships with key accounts, elevate a brand's visibility, and obtain maximum PR exposure.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

2020 was all about "pivoting". As Field and Event Marketers, we all had to make significant changes, perhaps many times throughout the course of the year. As we entered 2021 with more confidence in this virtual world there are many key learnings that can be applied to drive revenue this year.

One of the most important things I learned is incorporating personalization and interactivity into events is critical to ensuring an event would be well attended. We started hosting 1:1 custom events that were a hybrid mix of "fun" and content and saw our show rate increase to 90%+.

Our industry roundtable events were a new way for us to encourage networking and knowledge sharing amongst those who have similar roles and responsibilities. COVID-19 has impacted and will enable recovery for each industry differently. The industry lens applied to our events and content has been helpful to make sure our events drive more value and education for each person who attends.

From a campaign perspective, leveraging intent data and an ABM platform to create targeted campaigns has allowed us to identify prospects that were not previously known to us. During a time when inboxes are more cluttered than ever before, we have made great progress by focusing our always-on campaign efforts on those who are already in the market for an XM solution.

While in the past, it would be considered a best practice to have a multi-channel strategy for an event or campaign, we have found that it is essential to a program's success in this virtual world. This helps to make sure that your program stands out from the digital clutter since attendees are not able to engage in-person.

Events Product Manager, Postal

Kiana Ghassemi is an event professional whose experiences range from producing industry and user conferences for thousands to managing cross departmental exclusive events -- and a little bit of everything else in between. Her natural passion for events and marketing has resulted in successful execution of various high impact programs with significant ROI.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

For 2021, Kiana believes that hosting with intentionality will be critical. She plans to continue bringing people together and empower others to create their own experiences by establishing processes in a purposeful way. Comprehensive goals are crucial. Alignment across teams is no longer a nice-to have - it's a must have. Communication and clear goals will contribute to strong alignment.

Director of Field Marketing, Retail Media at Criteo

Michelle is a field marketing leader with 9+ years of experience working across the B2B & ad tech space. Starting her career at Tremor Video, she’s held various roles within marketing and has worked on some of the industry’s biggest events such as Cannes Lions, CES, Mobile World Congress and Dmexco. Currently, Michelle is the Director of Field Marketing for Criteo’s Retail Media business and leads a team of data-driven marketers. She partners closely with global commercial leaders to support, engage and connect with the world's leading retailers and brands.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

In 2021, Michelle is focused on building a community of retail executives that offers members a hybrid approach to events, providing both a virtual and physical aspect to marketing activations.

Events & Partnerships Manager at Assent Compliance Inc

Madison is the Events & Partnerships Manager at fast-growing supply chain software company, Assent Compliance. She has been a part of their Marketing team for close to five years. From webinars to sponsored conferences and owned events, Madison is responsible for the planning and execution of these essential lead generation activities. Most recently, she added the partner and affiliate activities under her purview to help grow Assent's network. A team player, Madison is an active member of the championship culture at Assent and looks forward to continuing to make an impact in her role.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

Event marketing as a whole has had to totally pivot over the past year. It has been inspiring to see the community come together and rethink how we can connect with each other and deliver awesome content. The thing I am the most excited for in 2021 is the evolution of hybrid events and what that means for some individuals who may have never been able to go to an in-person event in the past but now can still get a lot of the benefits without leaving their home. Although I can't wait to get back in the "field", I think this pause has allowed teams to be that much more strategic and creative with their event execution.

Field Marketing Director at New Relic

Rachel is a revenue-focused marketing leader, who possesses strong knowledge, skill, and management across all marketing functions and disciplines. She works as a dedicated and steadfast partner to Sales, helping translate the needs of their business to a marketing strategy that delivers results. She is an inclusive collaborator, passionate about reaching across the organization to create high-performing teams, as well as a change agent dedicated to building strong, agile teams.

Some of your key plans/ tasks/ strategy you have in store for 2021 to be successful & drive revenue

We've embarked on and are committed to leaning in heavily on a strong Field ABM practice. This will require an evolution and new thinking of our existing teams as well as bringing in new talent to complement and strengthen our ABM muscle.

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