Video-First is the Way To Success: How Goldcast's Latest Features Match Current Trends

June 21, 2024

In our inaugural Goldcast Spotlight event, we highlighted the latest and greatest updates at Goldcast, as well as what's coming soon. This will be a quarterly event and is a great way to stay on top of new product features, so keep an eye out for the next one!

The speaker panel consisted of our CEO, Palash Soni, as well as Lauren Creedon, Head of Product; Courtney Cohen, Product Director; and Ernest Saco, Product Director. Together, they discussed how changes within the Goldcast platform reflect what customers want right now (video all the way) and did some demos to show Goldcast customers what to expect.

Read on to discover:

  • Video is at the center of how people consume content
  • Goldcast helps you create multi-channel optimized video campaigns
  • An improved speaker and backstage experience
  • Repurposing content with Content Lab
  • Smart Events makes managing events and repurposed content a breeze
  • Goldcast allows you to build a video-first B2B marketing strategy
  • Goldcast Spotlight May 2024 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

And if you prefer video (hehe), tune into the replay below!


Video is at the center of how people consume content

All of the features you're about to read about have something in common: They center video in the viewing experience. This is for good reason. Video is at the center of the way people consume, whether it's TikTok or LInkedIn.

As B2B marketers, we must meet our customers where they are, in a way they'll respond to—and video helps you do that. We know that executing on a video strategy can feel intimidating, but we've got good news for you. You're already doing the heavy lift by hosting valuable events.

That's right. The events, webinars, and podcasts that you put on right now are full of content that you can use to fuel a top-notch video content strategy. And, with the help of AI, you can now take something like an event recording and repurpose it into a ton of shareable video assets.

Goldcast helps you create multi-channel optimized video campaigns

So, what does an optimized process actually look like in the Goldcast platform?


Lauren just walked you through the different types of video that you might create on Goldcast or ingest into Content Lab. Whether it's a case study, a podcast, a product demo, or something else, Goldcast will use AI and different workflows to edit your videos, repurpose them, and help you spin out multi-channel campaigns.

The Goldcast team has thought through the entire process. We know that once you create content, you want to quickly get it out to all the places it needs to go, and the workflow reflects that. With Goldcast, you take a video, verify it's on brand for you, and then prompt Content Lab to help you get the specific assets you need for different channels.

That means you might get a blog about a webinar, and you can even upload a past example of another blog so that Content Lab models the new one based on your style and tone. Plus, the blog post comes complete with video clips interspersed throughout. This is a perfect example of multimodal content that will engage your audience.

Or, maybe you take an event and go to Content Lab to get five days worth of social media posts—each with their own captions and video clips. You can also take the embeddable video links and sprinkle them throughout their website to get more eyes on your video content.

An improved speaker and backstage experience

Many customers have told us that communication between on-stage and backstage people during events can get a bit chaotic and hard to manage. We heard you, and we bridged those gaps!

First, we've got an enhanced stage controls experience that eliminates the stress for event organizers and speakers. Instead of worrying about what's going on backstage and onstage, you can focus on delivering great content.

Later this year, you'll also be able to host speaker notes directly inside the Goldcast panel and upload PowerPoint presentations directly into the Goldcast platform. These were super requested features and ones that we're excited to unveil soon.

Follow along as Courtney demos these features:


As you can see, all the same handy functionality you're used to is still at your fingertips, but we've organized it in a super easy, streamlined way for you to navigate. No more looking in different tabs to find different activities.

Now, at a glance, you have your slides, videos, share screen, polls, surveys, Q&A, handraisers, and more—everything you could possibly need to do during an event is all right there.

Repurposing content with Content Lab

We hear all the time that B2B marketers have a huge repository full of old content they don't know what to do with. Content Lab can easily turn that around for you and make sure that you're getting the most out of every event and piece of content.

If you're following up after an event and sending the on-demand link, that's great! However, there's so much more runway you can get from there, and Content Lab makes it easy to do that.

Today in Content Lab, you can take content that you filmed in the past and feed it to Content Lab to repurpose and create new content in just one click.

We also heard feedback on complex approval processes when it comes to posting content, so we've made it easy to get that content approval process taken care of as well so you can get your content out to new eyes.

Ernesto walks us through how this looks in action:


Ernesto takes a YouTube video, pastes it into Content Lab, and then the AI magic happens in the background. Afterward, we've got key points from the video that we can use to create content, short-form video clips you can post on social, and that ability we mentioned before to create multimodal social posts.

In this video, you can see there's a series of LinkedIn posts that combine text captions with video clips related to the captions. Everything is editable, so you can make any changes you want, and you can even regenerate new clips or replace a certain clip with something else you like better. You can also delete the video entirely if you don't want video content on this post.

It's super easy to share now with whoever needs to see the content, too! There's a "Share" button at the top of the platform so that you can make sure anyone who needs to approve the content gets a link to it. You can also download the high-quality video from right there in Content Lab.

Smart Events makes managing events and repurposed content a breeze

We're also introducing a new experience in Goldcast called Smart Events, which brings together three pillars of the Goldcast experience:

  1. Simple and straightforward webinar setup for single-session events
  2. Ability to create multimodal assets
  3. A sleek, user-friendly on-demand experience

Smart Events removes friction for both you and your viewers, making it a cinch for you to share content and for your audience to access it.

You know what's coming next…another demo!


You can see that in Smart Events, you handle multiple tasks within the same window, in the same platform. There's no need to set up your event in one place and then come over to another place to manage it or repurpose the content afterward. All of those important logistical details will live in the same place!

You can also set up your on-demand page before the event goes live, saving time on the back end. Once your event happens, you can pull in additional clips, your video transcript, key takeaways, and other assets onto the on-demand page. You can edit the title and description and even remove the date of the event if you want it to be more evergreen.

After the event, your registration page and link will automatically update to the on-demand page, eliminating confusion. The on-demand page will require an email address (we're working on making that optional), and then folks can watch the on-demand video right there on the page. Registrants don't have to go to their email, find the link, and click it anymore!

Super straightforward, right?

Also coming down the pipeline:

  • An enhanced Slack and Salesforce integration was just launched, which gives you higher speed-to-lead with your sales team
  • Event wait lists, which offer more control over who can attend your events
  • Repeating events and series that allow you to set up repetitive events without taking multiple actions
  • Marketing tags that allow you to add tracking pixels to hub and registration pages

Goldcast allows you to build a video-first B2B marketing strategy

We hope you're as excited as we are about these new features!

As the Goldcast vision continues to come to life, you'll see more and more video-first capabilities being released. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Spotlight event, and catch up with the full replay below!


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