How to Write an Epic Event Manager Job Description (with Examples!)

November 10, 2022
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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Sitting down to write your next event manager job description? You might be wondering where the heck to start.

With hundreds of essential tasks to cover — and only a short space to fit them all in — writing a comprehensive event manager job description is a skill to be mastered.

And there’s a lot riding on it.

Because while a great event marketing hire will absolutely set you up for sky-high success, the wrong fit can cost you.With the role of the event manager evolving quickly, it's more critical than ever that marketing leaders set themselves up for success when hiring their next event superhero.

Whether you’re looking for your next Head of Events, Event Marketing Manager, or Event Coordinator, we’ve got seven simple steps and real-world examples to help you find the best person for the job.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What is an Event Manager?
  • Why Event Managers are the hottest hire in the game
  • Write the ultimate Event Manager job description in 7 simple steps
  • 3 B2B Event Manager job descriptions to inspire your next hire
✍️ Ready to find your next event marketing superstar? Before you dive in, be sure to check out these five must-have event marketer skills!

What is an Event Manager? And what exactly do they do? 🤔

In 2022, the event manager role covers many more bases than you might think — it entails way more than just event planning!

That’s because the modern era of event marketing isn’t just about bringing in a crowd and putting on a good show (although that’s still pretty crucial). Today, many event managers own the event strategy from start to finish — and answer for all the departmental, organizational, and revenue goals that go along with it.

If you’re looking for an event manager who’s going to slay the game in the event marketing 3.0 era, you’ll want to make sure your job description accounts for one majorly varied skill set.

Here are just some of the event management tasks and responsibilities you may want to include.

Event management tasks 3.0:

  • Budget-planning
  • Goal-setting
  • Event theme and content creation
  • Curating the guest list
  • Driving registrations
  • Pre-event communications
  • Selecting event venues
  • Evaluating and selecting a hybrid event platform
  • Managing event production AV
  • Directing vendors
  • Organizing speakers, sponsors, and event staff
  • Customer service and handling support queries
  • Engaging the audience
  • Capturing attendee-level insights
  • Working cross-functionally with sales
  • Executing follow-up campaigns
  • Reporting against key revenue goals

With data from our own Field & Event Marketing Manager Compensation Report indicating that event marketing managers are, on average, raking in a salary of $125K a year, it’s not surprising that they’re expected to do it all — and execute in style.

Because if you’re earning nearly $70K over the national average, basic event coordination isn’t going to cut it. For most companies, the real role of the events team is to help deliver on critical revenue-generating tasks integral to company growth.And for event ace Michelle Cogliano of Transmit Security, that starts with “understanding all aspects of marketing — demand gen, content, media, operations — and how they impact the sales organization and pipeline achievement.”

The way she sees it, as an events professional, “You’re basically the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of your region.”

Why Event Managers are the hottest hire in the game 🔥

According to Hubspot’s Marketing Industry Trends Report, virtual events and experiential marketing are two of the top five trends leveraged by marketers in 2022.

Why? Because they work.

In fact, 86% of B2B organizations report seeing a positive ROI from their hybrid events within seven months.

With figures like that, it’s no wonder demand for talented event pros is projected to grow 18% from 2020 to 2030 — a rate that the Bureau of Labor Statistics describes as “much faster than average.”

Aside from the dreamy revenue benefits, event managers who can successfully execute next-level B2B events also allow you to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Learn more about your prospects
  • Nurture relationships
  • Establish market credibility

But in order to capture these results, you’re going to need the right people. And it all starts with a clear and powerful Event Manager job description.

Ready to ace it? Let’s get writing! ✍🏻

Write the ultimate Event Manager job description in 7 simple steps

Job descriptions tend to follow a pretty set structure. And if it’s not broken, why fix it?

Instead, use these seven key steps to formulate your own Event Manager job posting.

1. Choose a clear title

Be sure that whatever title you choose — Head of Events, Event Marketing Manager, Event Coordinator — accurately represents the level and responsibilities you’re looking for.

Nearly 93% of the job descriptions reviewed by tech recruitment platform Built In feature a clear title. Because while coloring outside the lines with your event marketing ‘superhero,’ ‘rockstar,’ or ‘ninja’ may be fun internally, obscure titles simply don’t work when it comes to job boards and search engines.

Not only that, they’re not the best for diversifying your talent pipeline either.

2. Use the company overview to communicate your culture

While the role itself is obviously important, according to one Robert Walters whitepaper, 90% of employers say that cultural fit is very important when talent-hunting.

According to the same report, 73% of professionals have left jobs due to poor cultural fit, so it’s crucial your company overview is both inviting and honest.

In this section, candidates are really after a vibe check. So be sure to touch on your company's mission, vision, values, and the characteristics that really define the way you ‘tick.’

3. Keep the actual job description concise

Sticking to under four lines, continue on from your company overview by telling the prospective applicant exactly what impact they’ll have on the company should they get the role.

You want to keep this section lean, so don’t go into too much detail here. (More on why in a minute!)

4. List the core tasks and responsibilities

This section is going to take up a large chunk of your job description planning time.

You’ve got to get down to exactly what your expectations of this hire are going to be.

Because once they’re in, you can’t just flip those day-to-day tasks on a whim.

Write between 5-15 tasks essential to role success — eight is the sweet spot — and explain them succinctly.

Quick note here: It’s ok to skip the basics (e.g., attending meetings) and omit the niceties (your ‘positive attitudes’ and ‘team player’ requests tend to go without saying).

With 87% of job descriptions presented via bullet points, we’d recommend sticking with the status quo for ultimate scannability.

If you’re looking for more inspo when writing this section, head back to the role description (see point three above) and reframe the tasks to suit your needs.

5. Stick to only the most important skills and qualifications

This is where you have to get strategic on your must-haves versus nice-to-haves.

Why? Because going all-in and asking the world of an applicant could leave you with one rather empty inbox (and one perpetually unfilled role).

If you’re struggling to limit your requirements, consider splitting them into mandatory and preferred sections. But remember, prioritize carefully.

When it comes to event management, successful industry leaders don’t often take a linear path to get to where they are. And many great event leaders don’t have a degree in marketing — they emerge from all types of backgrounds and experiences. So be sure to prioritize skills over qualifications every time.

After all, exams are great for testing knowledge, but real-life event experience tests execution (and in this profession, that’s way more important).

6. Highlight the package

As the competition for stellar event marketers heats up, you’ll want to make sure you’re a.) offering an attractive package and b.) taking the time to highlight how impressive it is in the actual job description. And remember — job seekers are looking for the complete package!

Here are some points to include:

  • The employment typee.g., part-time, full-time, contract, or negotiable.
  • The location and specificse.g., two days per week based in central New York and three days remote.
  • The salary — according to the previously cited Built In report, almost 99% of top-performing job descriptions contain compensation info. So give the people what the people want. e.g., salary ranges between $85,000 — $105,000 based on experience.

The benefits e.g., healthcare, bonus structure, dental, life insurance, paid time off, childcare, etc.

7. Don’t forget the call to action

Whether it’s the EasyApply feature on LinkedIn or your own robust application system, be sure to signpost what steps a candidate needs to take in order to apply.

Et voila! These seven steps will help you secure the perfect event hire in no time. And if you can keep it all to around the 450 word mark, you’re hitting the optimum read time for the cream of the crop job descriptions. 💯

Ready to see some Event Manager and Event Marketing job descriptions in action? Let’s go!

3 B2B Event Manager job descriptions to inspire your next hire

Check out these three event marketing roles to see how leading companies are approaching their job descriptions.

To make sure you have plenty of inspo for every type of role, we’ve rounded up job descriptions for:

  • Head of Events
  • Event Marketing Manager
  • Event Coordinator

Note: For brevity’s sake, we’ve skipped the company info and benefits and headed straight for the good stuff. 😉

1. Head of Events — Xero

How you’ll make an impact

This role is responsible for partnering with the US Marketing and Sales teams to bring Xero strategies to life through Xero-hosted and Xero-sponsored events. This role connects global events strategy, regional marketing and sales strategy, and delivers experiences that amplify those strategies. This role sets the strategy for events, executes those events, and reports on event results.

You’ll coach and enable Events Managers to ensure the strategic vision for Xero in the US flows through our events.

What you’ll do

  • Plan, execute, and optimize the annual Xero events calendar in coordination with US Marketing, US Sales, and global teams.
  • Determine venues and execute contracts for all US events.
  • Administer budget as set by the US Head of Marketing and global teams where relevant.
  • Organize and coordinate the necessary travel, venues, refreshments, stands, banners, collateral, AV, other equipment, broadband connectivity, and prizes to support each event.
  • Maintain a plan and run-sheet for each event.
  • Brief invitation communications, online event listing, registration requirements, and printed collateral and ensure assets are executed on time and on-brand.
  • Manage stock levels of printed collateral and coordinate print house relationships.
  • Conduct post-event review and socialize key learnings, ROI, and attendee follow-up to determine event success.
  • Monitor competitive activations and stay abreast of event trends to ensure Xero events remain cutting edge.
  • Ideate new events and/or activations to further bring Xero’s strategy to life in key communities.
  • Hire, manage, coach, and mentor US Event Managers.
  • Support, lead, and manage internal Xero events where appropriate.
  • Collaborate and engage with global events and experience teams to ensure Xero’s global strategy is appropriately executed in the US market.

What Success Looks like

  • Coordinated, well-produced events that elevate Xero’s brand in key communities
  • Meeting or exceeding US event KPIs
  • Refining, optimizing, and scaling out events and experience strategy in the US

What you’ll bring with you

  • A passion for SaaS and the online accounting market
  • Understanding of CRM systems
  • SaaS industry knowledge
  • Exceptional events experience
  • Team leadership
  • Creativity and willingness to consistently evaluate activities to determine the highest ROI
  • Ability to influence and drive events strategy within US Marketing, US Sales and global teams.
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills
  • Demonstrated initiative and ability to work autonomously
  • Attention to detail, follow-up, and accountability
  • Be process-driven and willing to take ownership

2. Event Marketing Manager — Mindful


As the Event Marketing Manager, you’re responsible for coordinating and executing the Mindful event marketing strategy, including but not limited to: trade show planning and attendance, booking and securing speaking opportunities, representing Mindful at industry events, coordinating, booking, and scheduling webinars, and implementing physical and virtual marketing campaigns. You should have a successful track record of organizing attendance at trade shows and proving ROI through event marketing strategies and tactics.

You will execute the event strategy to generate demand for Mindful, build awareness for our brand, and engage customers through advocacy efforts. If you have proven experience coordinating successful trade shows and events and a passion for meeting prospects, partners, and customers while owning the event experience from start to finish, you would thrive in this role. This position reports to the Director of Marketing and Demand Gen and will play an integral role on the Marketing team by planning and executing everything related to events.


  • Work with Director of Marketing and marketing team to develop event strategy and objectives; spearhead initiatives to meet objectives based on lead generation, customer advocacy, and more.
  • Responsible for reaching out to industry leaders, utilizing sales and success team members, and growing a network in this industry to book thought leaders and industry speakers for webinars and speaking engagements.
  • Key stakeholder to coordinate the run of show, pre-production interviews, dress rehearsals, and technical checks for live and recorded events, including webinars.
  • Work closely with marketing, customer success, and sales teams to discuss leadership conferences and trade show sponsorship opportunities.
  • On average, travel with sales and/or customer success team to 12 trade shows and events per year.
  • Negotiate and execute contracts for large and small-scale events.
  • Drive marketing-influenced pipeline and generate MQLs through onsite activations and support of the sales team.
  • Analyze, track, and report on event ROI-based pipeline, revenue, and MQL metrics using CRM, email marketing, and project management tools.
  • Coordinate and manage all event inventory, including booth displays and signs, demo sites, event presentations, sales and marketing collateral, prizes and giveaways, etc.
  • Drive Mindful’s event and tradeshow strategy, including but not limited to: identifying key events, internal team training for attendees (elevator pitch, demos, etc.), maintaining pre-and post-show communication, and event attendance.
  • Responsible for all pre-show planning and management of event coordination including but not limited to internal team training for the event (elevator pitch, demos, etc.), securing hotel rooms and flights, support materials, pre-and post-show communications with internal event team, attendees, prospects, customers, and partners.


  • Minimum of 5-7 years in an event marketing, partner relationship, event coordinator, or related role at an Enterprise B2B SaaS company
  • Experience organizing and coordinating multiple events simultaneously
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Highly organized, decisive, and a quick problem solver
  • A self-starter who is energized by people and fast-paced environments
  • Experience booking, networking, and scheduling speakers
  • Ability to motivate cross-functional teams to work with you and feel great about their involvement
  • Ability and excitement to travel throughout North America and possibly internationally for trade shows and events
  • Ability to quickly build rapport and maintain interdepartmental relationships

3. Event Coordinator — ChargeAfter

About the role:

The Event Marketing Specialist is responsible for supporting ChargeAfter across the marketing ecosystem — including brand, content, events, growth, and campaign marketing functions.

Serving as a liaison between marketing, sales, product, and customer success, this role is crucial to ChargeAfter’s continued success.

As a self-driven, detail-oriented professional, you will work collaboratively to ensure that all marketing collateral and communications adhere to the highest standards of ChargeAfter’s brand promise. The ideal candidate has a passion for marketing and brand building in a high-growth startup environment.

The Marketing Specialist will spearhead ChargAfter’s event strategy. This includes participation in industry trade shows as well as planning and hosting ChargeAfter’s own industry events, both virtually and in person. You will work closely with marketing leadership to determine key events, handle event logistics from start to finish (registration, attendance, etc.), and prove return on investment (ROI).

You will:

  • Support ChargeAfter’s demand generation and sales goals through the field and industry events & activities.
  • Take ownership of trade show planning, messaging, and logistics
  • Evaluate and proactively facilitate upgrades and improvements to booth, collateral, and promotional items — ensuring high-quality presentation of all branding and displays.
  • Drive marketing-influenced pipeline and generate MQLs through event activations and support of the sales team.
  • Ability to analyze & interpret metrics around field marketing performance; providing accurate and timely reporting
  • Responsible for ordering and tracking event inventory, including collateral, giveaways, etc.
  • Develop and organize a merchant and lender conference hosted by ChargeAfter
  • Contribute, manage, and own projects across brand, content, and growth marketing
  • Work closely with the marketing and sales team to optimize efficiency and solve problems.

You have:

  • Bachelor's degree, preferably in marketing, communications, or related field
  • 1-3 years experience in a marketing, sales, or business development role
  • Proven experience carrying out event marketing efforts, including trade show planning, attendance, and reporting
  • Experience partnering with an enterprise sales team
  • Highly organized with an ability to manage resources, budgets, and onsite personnel.
  • Able to build internal relationships with sales and marketing
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fast learner

Your next event marketing hero is just around the corner

The process of finding and hiring an outstanding Event Manager can be a long one.

Get started on the right foot with a well-crafted job description that lets top candidates know who you are, what you expect, and why your team is one they want to work with.

By understanding the true impact role, nailing all seven sections of the job description, and using these three examples as inspiration, you’ll be in a great position to find the people you need to take your event strategy to the next level.

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