Field and Event Marketing Compensation Report

Inside the Key Trends and Salary Standards for 2022

Welcome to the first ever Field and Event Marketing Salary Report, powered by Goldcast. As a virtual and hybrid event platform purpose-built for revenue marketers, it’s our goal to help field and event marketers thrive in their careers—and that includes creating better transparency around salary standards. But enough about us, let’s talk about the report.

Salary reports typically include a lot of averages—but averages can be deceiving. For example, the average salary for an Events Director role in San Francisco would be vastly different from a role based in Dallas given cost of living discrepancies.

Similarly, a Director role at a company like Google would differ greatly from an early stage startup since equity is often a piece of the overall compensation offer.

And of course, there’s no uniform way in which we all define the title “Director.”

All of this to say that salary will inevitably vary based on industry, years of experience, location, stage of the company’s journey, and many other factors. And so it should! So, while there’s no one-size-fits-all way to estimate a fair salary for a given role, the goal of this report is to provide guidance for event and field marketers to help ensure there is no major misalignment with how their peers are getting paid.

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About the report ✍️

Our team surveyed 205 Field and Event Marketers across 31 states and from companies of various shapes and sizes. A majority of respondents are based in the United States with an emphasis on California, Massachusetts, and New York. We had respondents across all levels of seniority, including associate, manager, director, and vice president.

Here’s a quick breakdown of respondents.

Of the 31 states from which we received responses, there was an emphasis on major event markets: 52% from California, 24% from Massachusetts, and 11% from New York.

Respondents by state

Respondents represented companies of all sizes: 30% from companies with 1,000+ employees, 18% from 500-1,000 employees, and 22% from 250-500 employees. This supports the trend that field and event marketers are being hired across the board—even at smaller companies.

Respondents by company size

Average salary for field
and event marketers 💸

First things first—how much do field and Event Marketers typically make?

We’re happy to report that the average base salary for Field and Event Marketers is $125,885.

The average salary for respondents in our top markets is $146,032 for California, $124,789 for New York, and $120,310 for Massachusetts.


While this information looks great on paper, as we noted earlier, it’s not entirely useful on its own. Let’s dig a bit deeper to uncover the more meaningful insights.

Additional resources 📖

Whew, that was a lot! We hope this data helps you have a better understanding of what to expect from a career in field and event marketing and empowers you to have informed conversations with peers and managers.

Looking for additional resources on Field and Event Marketing compensation and careers? Here are a few of our favorites.👇

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This report is a great starting point, but be sure to check other salary sources as well. There are several great databases with vast research on various titles, markets, etc.

☑️ Comparably and Glassdoor are excellent resources for not only salary information, but also additional benefits and company culture.

☑️ and Payscale provide large data sets with detailed information on specific titles, years of experience, location, and more.

☑️ LinkedIn, every professional’s favorite social network, offers a handy salary tool paired with a job search feature that lists relevant roles.  

☑️ BuiltIn is a wonderful resource for folks in the tech space, particularly in large markets like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, and many more. 

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