Qualio Boosts Productivity 6x With Goldcast and Content Lab

Qualio, an electronic quality management system (eQMS) provider for life science companies, knew it needed help. Lately, their webinar program had become much more robust, sometimes involving 90-minute sessions—which was great, but they were discovering that Zoom was more of a starter program than a lifetime partner when it came to hosting those events.

At the same time, the volume of events meant there was, subsequently, a high volume of content falling on a mostly one-person content team. Qualio wanted to plan ahead and wring as much life as possible out of their event content, but that was becoming increasingly harder—and more time-intensive—to pull off.

Qualio decided to partner with Goldcast both for event hosting and for the Content Lab offering, an AI-powered tool that makes content repurposing a breeze. We spoke with the Qualio team to learn more about their experience and find out how they were able to turbocharge their productivity using the Goldcast suite.

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  • Who is Qualio?
  • "Zoom was just a starter program"
  • The power of automated reminders
  • Professional, easy-to-customize branding and leaps in engagement
  • Content Lab lives up to the hype
  • "A six-fold increase in speed"
  • Adoption across teams and leadership buy-in
  • Goldcast and Content Lab revolutionize the event and post-event process

Who is Qualio?

Qualio is a cloud-based quality management software system; the company primarily focuses on medical device, pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and contract research organizations.

Qualio's ICP is a small startup up to mid-market sized company, and Qualio knew that educational resources for their ICP were sorely needed. Their ICP wanted to get to market efficiently, but wasn't always sure how to do that. Or the ICP had questions about rules and regulations, but they didn't have the necessary contacts to get their questions sorted out.

For the last three years, Qualio's webinar program aimed to address those gaps and provide valuable education to its audience, and it did a great job. What started off as 30-minute webinars transformed into 90-minute sessions, and people wanted more.

Within the last 1-2 years, the Qualio events program blew up in size and scope, and the company found itself on the hunt for a Zoom alternative.

"Zoom was just a starter program"

Qualio started using Zoom during the pandemic, and it was initially a great solution for internal meetings and events. However, as Qualio's virtual event program exploded in size, Zoom just wasn't enough.

Ashley Sherrick, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Qualio, started to see the toll that the events were taking on her team and she began to look for a more robust and professional solution.

How Goldcast help to scale and decrease stress - Ashley Sherrick, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Qualio

The tipping point happened when the team decided to do a three-day virtual event in order to hit some lead gen goals in 2024. They knew Zoom wasn't going to cut it, and they discovered Goldcast, a platform that not only met their current needs, but that they felt they could grow into.

With Goldcast, Qualio successfully executed a three-day event with nine separate sessions! Here's what the team experienced along the way.

The power of automated reminders

Goldcast offers the ability to send automated event reminders connected to a calendar invite. This is one of Ashley's favorite features; automating the process takes the burden off of her team and pushes more people to show up for the event.


Her personal favorite emails are the ones that go out one hour before and five minutes before an event. People are busy, and it's easy for them to forget what they've got going on—that timely push is just the nudge some folks need to show up! Ashley is also a big fan of the add to calendar feature and felt that it contributed to the increase in attendance.

Before using Goldcast, Qualio was happy with its registration and attendance rates but after adoption, they've seen their attendance rate jump 12-15%—and Ashley attributes that spike to the reminder emails.

With Goldcast, registrants have all the info they need at their fingertips at any moment—no more hunting through inboxes to find the right link or date/time of an event.

Professional, easy-to-customize branding and leaps in engagement

The Qualio designer found the event program easy to customize according to Qualio's brand identity, which allowed the company to show off a cohesive, professional feel during events.

Ashley was excited by features like interactive, in-event polls and questions that popped right up on the screen and mixed things up for attendees. She's seen a 15-18% jump in engagement, since implementing them. That includes folks chatting, participating in polls, asking questions, and sharing feedback on social media.

After events, Qualio sends out automated follow-up emails with registrants and attendees. They also send a survey asking about the attendee experience, and Ashley noticed she was getting a ton of five-star reviews about the Goldcast event experience.


The surveys are also helpful because it allows the team to share quick, after-event feedback with speakers so they know what went well or what they can improve in the future.

Content Lab lives up to the hype

Pre-Content Lab, for every hour of event content, Alex Pavlović, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Qualio, spent 2-5 hours chopping and repurposing it to get bits for social that captured the message and spirit of each event.

Finding a platform that could host Qualio's multi-day sessions and speed up the post-production process seemed almost too good to be true—until January 2024, when Qualio hosted Beyond Compliance, its three-day event and the biggest undertaking they'd ever pulled off as a company.


The multi-day event churned out a ton of in-depth, niche content for Alex to deal with. That was when Alex really saw what Content Lab could do.

How Content Lab helped pull good quality snippets in 30 secs - Alex Pavloovic, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Prior to Content Lab, Alex was admittedly skeptical about AI and the claims about its abilities. He watched the Content Lab clips back, half-expecting them to be mediocre, but he was blown away to find that they were pretty much ready to post.

From there, Alex spun up a dozen snippets that fed into Qualio's organic social plan. He found the entire process seamless and from that point on, he was sold on Content Lab!

"A six-fold increase in speed"

Say Qualio had a single, one-hour webinar session—a panel discussion with the Qualio CEO and three other experts. In the past, Alex would look through the video to find useful content he could share on LinkedIn right after the event.

To make that happen, he'd have to listen to the entire conversation and simultaneously make his way through the script, hunting for useful tidbits. He estimates that would take him about half an hour for every hour of content—but with Goldcast, the entire process takes five minutes.

That's a six-fold increase in speed!

why companies should adapt doing more videos - Alex Pavlovic, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Qualio

There's nothing fun about digging through hours of video footage, and Content Lab cuts out the need to do that ever again.

Plus, in an instant, the team gets months of content. As of press time in April, Qualio is still getting runway out of an event that happened in January!


Qualio has found itself with the enviable problem of having too much content to post because it's so easy to get those snippets ready after events. That makes it simple to keep building the Qualio brand online and spreading those valuable insights as much as possible.

Adoption across teams and leadership buy-in

As the growth and content teams became more comfortable with Goldcast, other teams began leveraging it for their own activities. For example, the product marketing team has been using Goldcast for product launches, and the customer marketing team is using it for internal tips and tricks for customers.

The benefit of this is that no matter what type of event or session a Qualio customer or prospect attends, the experience is consistent.

Another key benefit of the Goldcast platform is that the post-event details and analytics are immediately available afterward, and they help Qualio justify virtual events to the leadership team. Everyone can understand the power of events because the metrics and data are right there, for all to see!

Goldcast and Content Lab revolutionize the event and post-event process

With the help of Goldcast and Content Lab, Qualio has leveled up its virtual event and content marketing strategy.

Qualio has seen a dramatic leap in engagement. More attendees are showing up to events they sign up for, more people are participating during and after events, and the content team is able to quickly get snippets and other assets they can distribute across platforms.

The team has also enjoyed a massive productivity boost. What previously took hours or days now happens in minutes. The Qualio team can use that saved time to focus on what they do best: planning future event topics, connecting with their ICP, and developing content to meet the knowledge gaps their ICP struggles with.

By seamlessly incorporating Goldcast's best-in-class event platform with AI-fueled content repurposing, Qualio's process has been entirely transformed for the better.

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Qualio is a cloud-based quality management software system; the company primarily focuses on medical device, pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and contract research organizations.



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