10 Best Video Marketing Tools for B2B Teams

May 2, 2024

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If you've been hosting events for a while, you're probably already aware that events and video marketing are a match made in heaven—event recordings can be turned into a slew of dynamite repurposed content, including video snippets, that you can use to reach even more people long after the event ends!

At the same time, videos are quickly becoming a non-negotiable in most marketers' toolkits. Today's audience is primed for a video-first marketing strategy, and there are tons of tools out there helping B2B marketers create quality video content without a full production team.

Video marketing allows B2B teams to engage audiences on a level previously thought only attainable by B2C companies. Videos showcase products, services, and personalities from your brand in compelling, accessible ways and help to humanize your brand among your audience. They're great for myriad types of content, too, from event recaps to fireside chats to traditional educational webinars.

Like we said, there are lots of video marketing tools out there, which is great but can also be confusing. Which one should you start with? Which one will best meet your needs?

We created our AI-powered Content Lab to make video creation a cinch for busy B2B marketers, and today we'll highlight key features of Content Lab and nine other video marketing tools out on the market today!

Read on to learn:

  • What are video marketing tools?
  • 10 best video marketing tools
  • Different features of video marketing tools
  • Choose the video marketing tool that meets your needs

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What are video marketing tools?

Video marketing tools are software programs that make B2B marketing easier. Not all companies have the budget to have an in-house production team, and so various video marketing tools have popped up to allow marketers to create videos without extensive production knowledge.

Video marketing tools also include video production tools that make the event experience more fun and interactive for attendees.

All of these tools have one thing in common: They're designed to simplify the video production process and make it easier to push out captivating videos and experiences.

Video marketing tools also open up a world of opportunities when it comes to repurposing content after an event. Bite-sized videos can highlight the feel of your event, showcase the culture at your company, and quickly grab people's attention—and you've already done the hard work of hosting the event, so why not turn it into assets that maximize your ROI?

Here's a quick list of what video marketing tools can accomplish for you:

  • Allow you to broadcast stunning, Netflix-like events and experiences. Say goodbye to boring webinars; we're here to tell you that events can be FUN.
  • Produce recordings for you to host in an on-demand library so that people who couldn't attend can still catch up with the content. Evergreen content can also reach your target audience long after an event, continuing to drive value and potentially rank for SEO.
  • Slice and dice your content into shareable assets in just moments. Content Lab takes a recording and turns it into a number of ready-to-post marketing assets in mere minutes!

You can see that video marketing tools make it possible for B2B marketers to continue growing their brands and reaching new audiences through visual assets that wouldn't be possible otherwise, particularly if you're working with a small team or tight budget.

Next, let's talk about some of the best video tools out there today!

10 best video marketing tools

Whether you're a seasoned video creator or a total newbie to the world of video marketing, the right tools make all the difference. Many current options are intuitive to use and continue to add features to meet marketers' needs, and there are choices for every budget.

Let's explore ten of our favorite video marketing tools, beginning with the obvious: our very own Content Lab!

1. Goldcast Content Lab

Why is content lab important - Palash Soni, Goldcast

To get campaign ready in a click, Content Lab should be at the top of your list. It's as easy as importing an event recording and watching as it turns into a LinkedIn post, key takeaways you can use for blog posts, audiograms, follow-up emails for your sales team, and more.

You can even personalize your repurposed assets with on-brand color palettes, develop your creations with certain keywords in mind, quickly trim filler words, and search specific phrases to develop your content.

Content Lab allows you to complete a project that would have historically cost thousands of dollars and taken weeks, in just a few minutes, at a fraction of the cost.

How is Content lab useful in creating faster output - Devin Reed, Clari

You can absolutely use Content Lab on its own, as it's an incredibly powerful tool. However, if you want to uplevel your holistic events programming, we recommend trying it in conjunction with the Goldcast platform, which is the only one there designed just for B2B marketers. We've thought of everything, from integrations to in-event features, and we'd love to show you how it works!

If you'd like to book a demo of Goldcast or request your free two-week trial of Content Lab, please get in touch with us below. We're happy to answer any questions you have!



2. Movavi

Movavi offers user-friendly video editing software that allows you to create professional-grade, engaging videos, no matter your level of experience. The company's Video Suite Business is designed specifically for teams across marketing, sales, HR, and more.

In general, beginners and non-professionals appreciate the platform's simplicity, and Movavi typically provides fast export times. Key features of the platform include a straightforward, drag-and-drop interface for editing, the ability to add filters and special effects to videos, support for a variety of file formats, automatic video enhancement (for example, noise removal), and more.

However, some users have had difficulty with occasional glitches in the platform and if your video needs are more advanced, Movavi probably isn't the best pick for you.

3. PromoAI

PromoAI leverages AI to create videos for marketing and advertising teams. You can start the process with either a prompt (including inserting your own website URL) or an existing video upload. From there, PromoAI generates professional videos you can share on your different channels.

You can also browse PromoAI's template library and start with a pre-existing video that you then customize to fit your brand.

PromoAI bills itself as a complete social video management platform, with the ability to plan, develop, and share your integrated campaigns directly to your social media platforms, complete with AI-powered titles and descriptions.

The platform has a ton of helpful features, but you have to be sure to edit and customize the content so that it comes across with a human touch instead of a robotic one. It is AI, after all!

4. Wistia

Wistia is pretty well-known as a video marketing platform, and for good reason. The company offers a suite of tools for hosting, managing, and analyzing video assets, with an emphasis on security, integrations, customizable content, and analytics.

If you're looking to use videos for lead generation, Wistia's got you covered with in-video email gates and clear Calls to Action (CTAs) within video content. Or, if you want to compare viewer engagement across videos, they can help you do that as well. For many companies who want to get serious about video creation and editing tools, Wistia has helped them understand video's impact on their business.

That said, depending on your needs, Wistia may be a bit pricier than you're looking to spend, especially if you're just looking for a simple tool to use sometimes. And, while you can now host events via Wistia Live, the platform isn't designed around event needs like some others (wink, wink)!

5. Adobe Express

Adobe Express has high-quality video, graphic design, and even web page creation tools. The video tools are user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop editor, branding tools, and a big library of templates, fonts, and other materials.

Like many of the other platforms, the addition of AI allows you to use either a prompt or an existing video to start. You can also use text prompts to add or remove elements from your asset. You can even download the app and do all of it on your phone!

Adobe is a trusted name in the industry, and AI can save you time and effort in your video marketing strategy. As with any AI tool, however, you want to put in the time to make sure the content sounds like your brand and connects with people on a deeper level.

6. Vimeo

Vimeo has been around since 2004, long before AI and video marketing tools were as big as they are today. Their video tool allows users to create videos and adjust quality, create chapters within videos, apply specific branding kits, optimize for SEO, and more.

Vimeo's AI also includes a script generator and editor that zeroes in on awkward moments or extended silences and filler language so you can quickly remove them from your videos.

One thing to be aware of is that Vimeo charges per seat, which can add up if you have multiple people on your team who want to be involved with video marketing.

7. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is another contender in the space, with an intuitive tool you can use to edit state-of-the-art videos. As with many other tools, you'll find a drag-and-drop video editor, a library full of readymade effects, filters, and overlays, screen recording functionality, and output options for different platforms.

Filmora might be more affordable than some of the more well-known options on this list, but it's relatively new on the market and not specifically designed for video marketing efforts. If you need help with more than just editing or want a robust video marketing tool, you'll likely have to supplement Filmora with one or more of the other tools on this list.

8. vidIQ

vidIQ is a suite of video marketing tools for YouTube creators and businesses that want to uplevel on the YouTube platform. The company offers YouTube channel and video analytics, metrics, and insights, as well as SEO optimization tools, competitor analysis, thumbnail and title recs, and influencer marketing tools. There's even an AI Coach that will help you brainstorm your content!

YouTube creators enjoy the functionality of vidIQ and learning more about best practices on YouTube. However, if you're looking to scale beyond YouTube, you might feel constrained with vidIQ and find yourself looking at other tools.

9. Wideo

Wideo is a video creation platform that allows marketers to create animated and live-action videos. Users leverage animation tools to create animated characters and motion graphics, have access to stock footage and a music library, and are able to collaborate across teams.

To start a Wideo project, you choose a template from their library, enter in your specific project details and choose the graphics you want, and then download and share videos as you see fit.

If you're looking for animation features, Wideo is worth considering; however, not all marketers will need advanced animation functionality and if you're searching for a platform that can help you repurpose existing videos into other assets, this isn't the right choice for you.

10. Biteable

Last up is Biteable, an online video maker that promises to drive your audience to action. With features that work for marketing, ops, L&D, education, and other teams, Biteable provides an extensive template library to start from and allows you to quickly edit your videos without a lot of experience.

Biteable is a solid choice, but some users have found the pricing to be a bit expensive and you may run into limited customization as you continue to make more videos. We've also seen some reviews about copious amounts of buffering, which can be annoying for viewers!

Different features of video marketing tools

You might have noticed that different platforms offer specific features, and some offer a mix of different capabilities.

Some of the most common features of video marketing tools are:

  • Video repurposing: Repurposing your content fuels a multi-channel strategy and with tools like Content Lab, you can do it with ease! Many video repurposing programs allow you to choose different formats and sizes for your new content, as well as edit your videos and add captions/subtitles.
  • Video hosting platform: Some tools give you the ability to securely host your video content, as well as embed and distribute it. We saw this above with Wistia, and YouTube is another example of a site with video hosting abilities.
  • Event and interview capture: This allows you to record an event, interview, or testimonial so that you can later parse through it (or let Content Lab do it for you) and pull out the key moments to share.
  • Animation: Animated video software helps you create animated videos through templates, tools, and customization options.
  • Screenshare: Software like Loom enables you to record your computer screen, which can be effective for creating product demos, tutorials, walkthroughs, explainer videos, and more.
  • Video marketing analytics: Finally, different platforms provide different views into your video data. Some provide detailed analytics and insights, helping you to see how people are reacting to your videos and what content you should create more of.

There is no one "best" product for video marketing; every company's needs are different, and you'll often have to experiment with different tools to discover what will best serve your strategy. The choice of tool also will depend on your budget, executive buy-in, and how you see your video marketing strategy growing in the future.

Choose the video marketing tool that meets your needs

Whether you're aiming to produce a compelling brand narrative, capture on-site event content at your next IRL get-together, or turn existing event content into videos you can post across channels, there's a video marketing tool that can help you.

For B2B marketers, it's important to look for:

  • The ability to create short, snappy videos you can share while events are still fresh and relevant
  • A platform that allows you to repurpose your event content into myriad other assets
  • Easy distribution across all of your channels
  • Analytics that tell you which videos did well so that you can continue to iterate and refine your video marketing strategy

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