Digital Events and Beyond: 5 Creative Ways the Goldcast Team Uses Goldcast

May 4, 2023
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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It's a no-brainer that for the Goldcast team, the go-to tool for webinars and virtual events is, well, Goldcast! Like our clients, we rely on the Goldcast platform to successfully and consistently deliver events like Event Marketers Live and CMO Diaries.

And, as our team has grown, we've found creative new use cases for Goldcast!

These days, we think of the platform like our Swiss army knife—but for events. This has saved us from unnecessarily bloating our MarTech stack and helped us streamline marketing operations.

Today, we're giving you a peek at how we use Goldcast for both internal and external comms. Check out the cool things our platform can do!

1. All-hands meetings

With a globally distributed team, it's critical that we connect as a team at least once a month and discuss company news.

That's what our monthly all-hands meetings are for. Hosting these get-togethers helps us foster company culture, celebrate wins, and introduce new team members to everyone.

It's important that we avoid turning company-focused meetings into one-way conversations. To keep our all-hands meetings from turning into yet another Zoom meeting, we incorporate Goldcast’s engagement tools throughout the session.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Design: No vanilla branding here! Our all-hands meeting designs scream Goldcast, from our brand colors to fonts and other visual elements.
  2. Chat: The chat section becomes our Slack during the meeting. We use it to break the ice, start discussions, or just catch up with fellow team members.
  3. Polls: Polls are super helpful in gathering ideas/feedback on new initiatives, understanding our employees’ preferences, and reaching a consensus when evaluating multiple options. We also try to keep things light with quizzes and trivia to add in some fun!
  4. Q&A: We invite team members to ask questions of the leadership team, no matter how pressing or challenging. For questions that are especially interesting or important, we may either push them on stage or invite the employee on stage through the video Q&A feature. This open line of communication helps us build trust and keeps our culture honest and transparent.

2. Digital product launches

Product launch events help us keep our prospects and customers in the loop about what’s happening with Goldcast. Our goal with these events is to create awareness about upcoming product releases, drive feature adoption, and solicit input for our product roadmap.

Here is how the Goldcast platform helps us achieve these goals:

Creates awareness

To start, on-brand, customized registration pages help us raise awareness and pique people's interest. Then, when it comes to the actual event, we keep the stage design consistent with all other branding to foster brand recall and leave a lasting impression.

During product demos and info sessions, we may also use Goldcast's ability to pull existing customers on stage to share their experiences with Goldcast. Social proof for the win!

Finally, we use the Resources section to share documents, spec sheets, or downloadable content that provide attendees with additional relevant information. We might also drop links to release notes or product updates in the chat.

Drives feature adoption

During any launch events, we incorporate new feature walkthroughs and tutorials to speed up future adoption.

Throughout the session, we keep an eye on the chat and Q&A section to understand common user queries and answer them quickly. We address all questions during the Q&A session or provide helpful documentation in the resources tab.

These walkthroughs also help us identify hot leads so that salespeople can follow up with them after the event.

Encourages feedback for the product roadmap

Polls, Q&A, and live chat give us a good idea of what attendees think about the product. For instance, we can usually tell from the questions how easy (or not easy!) a product or feature is for people to use. This helps us while working on the product roadmap.

3. Product demos

A 2019 Gartner survey reported that 45% of buyers spend time researching online or offline before moving to the next stage of the purchasing process.

That means that many prospects are simply gathering information and are not ready to buy yet—but they're a perfect crowd for demos!

That's right: We use Goldcast to demo Goldcast. A bit meta, right?

Experience Goldcast is our weekly non-salesy product demo aimed at buyers who are just looking around. Since the marketing team hosts the event (shout out to Kelly Cheng, our Head of Marketing and Growth!), we don’t try to qualify you during the demo. It’s purely a nurturing activity for TOFU leads.

And, although we're demoing Goldcast, it isn’t actually about us. For instance, while showing the event branding feature, we might use the company brand of an attendee so that people can see firsthand what using the platform would be like.

4. Recurring shows

Event Marketers Live (EML) and CMO Diaries are our flagship events, which build the Goldcast community and drives ongoing thought leadership.

These events help us connect with and engage our audience. To make them as memorable as possible, we make sure to use all the key engagement features of Goldcast!

Event Marketers Live

EML features the industry’s top field and event marketers who share their event stories and experiences. In this interview-styled webinar series, we try to understand the guest’s journey, from idea to execution, when it comes to putting on solid events.

Generally, we begin the session by checking in with attendees through a poll, followed by a conversation with the guest. We allocate a significant chunk of time for the Q&A session so that the event is interactive and attendees take home the info they were looking for.

CMO Diaries

CMO Diaries is Goldcast’s monthly fireside chat event hosted by our Co-founder and COO, Kishore Kothandaraman.

‍These sessions feature marketing leaders from high-growth companies and aim to discover how to build a solid B2B brand and lead a customer-centric marketing team. The engagement tactics at CMO Diaries are pretty similar to what we do at EML (hey, if it ain't broke…!).

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5. Field events

Our digital field events are highly targeted sessions that allow salespeople to connect with high-quality prospects and existing customers. These events aim to accelerate the pipeline, close deals, and drive renewals.

Depending on the attendees' stage in the buyer journey, we take the route of either an intimate or experiential field event.

The intimate events tend to be knowledge- or information-driven and feature sessions like fireside chats, roundtable discussions, or case studies. On the other hand, we make the experiential events fun through networking activities, wine-tasting or mixology sessions, and live music sets.

The biggest benefit of these events is the clarity we get on our prospects and customers through the event analytics data. Metrics like event engagement score, MQLs, SQLs, attendee satisfaction score, and ROI help us determine the event’s impact.

Based on this data, the sales team tailors their approach to individual attendees and further nurtures those relationships through the pipeline.

Experiment with new event ideas through Goldcast

While Goldcast is geared towards B2B marketers for all of your event needs, we encourage you to think beyond the standard webinar.

With a bit of ingenuity, you can use Goldcast in ways that exponentially expand your reach. From all-hands company meetings to product demos, we hope we've given you some new ideas on how to do that today!

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