Why CEIPAL Switched to Goldcast from GoToWebinar

Like many B2B technology companies, webinars are a core part of CEIPAL’s marketing strategy. However, modern-day marketing requires modern-day solutions, and GoToWebinar left a lot to be desired from an attendee and organizer experience.

Srishti Choudhury, Senior Manager of Events at CEIPAL, shares why the company decided to elevate its event experience and consolidate all events—webinars and conferences—with Goldcast.

Webinar woes

2,000+ registrants | 700+ attendees | 0 technical issues

CEIPAL has an aggressive webinar strategy, hosting monthly events on top of other event marketing initiatives. Their webinars are highly targeted, with some just for customers and others open to prospects and curious HR enthusiasts.

Their prior vendor, GoToWebinar, was falling behind the times when it came to the event experience. The platform felt antiquated from both an attendee and organizer perspective.

There was little to no flexibility when it came to branding; events looked and felt like GotoWebinar. CEIPAL was also disappointed with the video quality and engagement opportunities—or lack thereof.

It was very important for our team to have creative liberty and be able to promote ourselves, and GoToWebinar did not meet our expectations. You felt like you were on their platform, not at our event.

Srishti also appreciates how easy Goldcast makes it to promote webinars. The native email builder saves the team time and helps ensure registrants have the correct link and calendar block to convert to attendees.

CEIPAL uses the Goldcast + HubSpot integration to seamlessly share data across the platforms. The Marketing Operations team hasn’t had any issues with the integration since it launched, and they’ve been very pleased with how well everything functions. 

All events on one seamless platform

CEIPAL was using a separate platform, WebMobi, for virtual events, including their annual Connect event. The team experienced similar issues around event branding and clunky event management but is thrilled to have consolidated all of their virtual events onto a single platform. 

CEIPAL Connect

1,200+ registrants. | 400+ attendees | 0 technical issues

CEIPAL Connect brings together the staffing and recruitment industry's leading innovators to meet, network, and trailblaze the future of staffing.

The event used to be in-person, though CEIPAL, like many other companies, pivoted to virtual in 2020. The change was a blessing in disguise, though, because having an online event opened Connect up to a global audience, which was a win for Srishti.

CEIPAL Connect targets decision-makers across prospects and customers, so CEIPAL went above and beyond to provide an elevated event experience that would WOW their audience.

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Connect featured four unique tracks and sessions including interactive seminars, one-to-one networking opportunities, Shark Tank competitions, and 30+ industry leaders as speakers—all supported by Goldcast. The team built the multi-day, multi-track event without a single hitch, technical glitch, or downtime! 

"It was a relief to finally find a stable and reliable event platform. Goldcast works seamlessly and gives both the audience and organizers a great experience. We can depend on it completely."

The engagement features were particularly important to Srishti, and Goldcast offered way more ways to involve the audience than their previous vendor. CEIPAL used live chat, video Q&A, and polls to interact with attendees. They also gamified engagement with a raffle giveaway at the end of the event.

"Having an active chat during virtual events is really important for us. We want to build connections at these events and foster a sense of community. The chat also helps us understand what content is resonating so we can refine our events moving forward. Goldcast gives us all of this data, and more, to help us make these decisions."

As a customer and prospect event, Connect is closely tied to lead and revenue goals. The deep native integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce helped CEIPAL see exactly how their attendees were engaging and track any activity influenced by the event. 

All-in-all, CEIPAL and Srishti are very happy with their choice to elevate their events with Goldcast! "The platform has been fantastic to work with, and it keeps getting better with time. It’s made my life a lot easier!”

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CEIPAL has been raising the bar in the HR software industry since 2015. Their AI-powered talent acquisition platform has paved the way for both front and back-office automation, with many of its innovations becoming industry-standard. They are proud to be the first company to put powerful, easy-to-use recruiting and workforce management software into the hands of startups, growing companies, and enterprises alike.



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