Ace Your Next Virtual Field Event: 9 Creative Ideas + Vetted Partners

September 11, 2022
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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It takes a village to launch a successful field event.

From coming up with creative virtual event ideas to vetting virtual event platforms that deliver an A+ event experience, there’s a lot that goes into field marketing.

And as a field marketer, you know engagement is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Keeping event attendees engaged is no easy task — especially if you’re scaling events digitally.

There’s a lot to manage, especially with pipeline and revenue goals on the line, but we’re here to help!

At Goldcast, we’ve had the privilege of working with some extremely talented event vendors. From DJ sets to culinary delights, this list of preferred partners will help you delight attendees and, ultimately, accelerate pipeline.

We’ve personally worked with each of these vendors and can vouch for their expertise. Check out our list of events below for a little inspiration!

Food and beverage

The way to every attendee’s heart is through their stomach. Whether you’re treating attendees to a lively happy hour or baking some tasty treats, these culinary experiences will help you create a droolworthy event. 🤤

Vin Social

Whatchya sippin’? From top-shelf cocktails to tasty treats, Vin Social’s wide array of food and drink entertainment packages really packs a punch.

Hosted by industry experts and curated to meet your tastes, your attendees could be sitting in on:

🍸 Margarita masterclasses

🍾 Champagne tastings

🍷 Wine and cheese pairings

☕ Coffee trials

🍫 And chocolate nibbles

The Cocktail Box Co.

It’s cocktail o’clock! Master mixologist, Andrew Fletcher, takes attendees on a tour through history of the world’s most popular cocktails, sharing tips and fun facts about each delicious drink, answering a live Q&A, and initiating a little friendly competition along the way. 🍹


What’s cooking? Whether it’s a Caribbean nibble night 🇧🇶, a taste of India 🇮🇳, or trialing some top-notch tapas 🇪🇸, Hipcooks lets you to travel to all four corners of the globe, immerse yourself in the local cuisine, and return home with some rockin’ recipes.

Live performances

Whether it’s to break up the day, get people out of their seats, or simply offer an unforgettable wow-factor moment, a standout performer can help put your event at the top of your attendee’s calendar year after year. 📅

DJ Toasty

Get the party started! DJ Toasty has been hitting up the music scene for over 20 years. So if you’re looking for someone to liven up your event, get attendees moving, and really bring the fun-factor, you’ve pretty much aced the brief with this one. 🎶

Mentalist Kevin Hamdan

Make it mind-boggling. If unforgettable is what you’re after, mentalist and illusionist Kevin Hamdan has you covered. With an astonishing ability to connect with, understand, and influence any audience, Kevin is set to blow the minds of attendees from the comfort of their very own home with never-before-seen magic tricks. 🤯


The Crafty Kit

Keep it crafty! Give your attendees the opportunity to create something they can keep forever — something special to remember the experience. With Crafty Kit you can choose from coffee painting, wreath workshops, mosaic mastery, and plenty more. 🎨

Party’n With Plants

Plant the seed! Events can get intense. If you want to whisk your attendees away for the ultimate therapeutic time out, creating personalized terrariums and zen gardens could be just what the doctor (or… gardener?) ordered. 🌱

Craft & Light

Glow up your event. Get creative with essential fragrance oils, dried flowers, and vibrant colors. Candle-making is a great way to take a break and create something every attendee can use to elevate the ambience right there at home. 🕯️


Yoflaminga Yoga & Meditation

Keep calm and party on. Virtual events can be a real energy zapper. Give attendees a little time to recharge their social batteries with certified yoga and meditation teacher, Jenny Hirtz. Whether your yoga flavor is hatha, vinyasa, or pranayama — you’ll have your audience re-energized and ready to go in no time. 🧘🏽

Tips for a successful virtual field event

Virtual field events are a fantastic way to reach prospects on their own time. No need to travel to trade shows or schedule in-person events!

However, convenience can come at a cost. Take these tips to ensure your virtual field event is both entertaining and engaging:

  • Brand your field event. You want attendees to have no question about who’s hosting the event!
  • Interact with attendees in real time. Use interactive features live live chat, polls, or video Q&A to get a pulse on the crowd and allow attendees to interact directly with the host.
  • Use event data for relevant follow-ups. Keep tabs on your most engaged attendees and use the field event data (think: how long they were in the event, questions asked, polls answered, etc.) for relevant follow-ups after the event.

Take your next field event online

Field events are one of the most successful ways to get valuable 1:1 time with prospects and convert them to paying customers. But executing in-person field events have become a challenge.

Reach your prospects where they are by bringing your field events online. Not only are virtual field events convenient, they also make your experiences more accessible to a broader audience.

We hope this list of pre-vetted virtual field event vendors saves your team time and inspires a few new event ideas! 💡

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