Learnings from Top Marketers Who Use Events to Drive Revenue in 2023

October 10, 2023
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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Another year is winding down, which means another round of The Goldies is happening!

If you’re wondering what exactly The Goldies are, here’s the scoop: It’s our annual community event to celebrate our customers, event marketers, and the future of digital events.

The Goldies gives viewers an in-depth look into what some of the most innovative event teams are doing to grow their events from a singular, small marketing function into a top revenue driver.

This year, we’ve gathered lots of best practices, opinions, and hot takes from our Top Marketers winners. We’ll be trickling out their answers in content throughout the rest of the year, but we’ve pulled out some of their top event tips, takeaways, and thoughts below. As an added bonus, we’ve also identified examples of some of their top events to give you some inspiration.

Looking for a specific winner? Winners are listed below in alphabetical order by first name. If you want to see past Top Marketers lists from The Goldies, here’s the Top 20 Event Marketing Professionals to Watch in 2022 list and The Top 25 Field Marketers to Look Out for in 2021.

Alex Sutton

Title: Global Partner Campaigns Manager

Company: Netskope

Notable Events: Netskope offers a wide variety of event content, in-person across the world and virtually. They have a wide scope of event types, including:

Expert Thoughts: How do you leverage event content after the event is over?


“I'm so excited for the new Goldcast AI Content Studio because we'll be able to add an additional engagement step,” says Alex. “So after our event has concluded, we'll be able to leverage the AI Content Studio to automate video clips that we can then use in social promotion and add to emails for new and engaging email follow ups.”

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Alison Tinner

Title: Senior Growth Marketing Specialist

Company: Rapid7

Notable Events: Rapid7 runs a lot of webcasts! They produced four in August alone. They offer a variety of one-off webcasts as well as popular series, including:

Expert Thoughts: Why are events important to your marketing strategy?

“We use them at every point of cycles:

  • Thought leadership - top of funnel
  • Campaign & product - middle of funnel
  • Lunch & learn - bottom of funnel

We also use it for any product releases and/or updates.”

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Amy Clausing

Title: Senior Director, Strategic Events

Company: Qualified

Notable Events: Qualified knows their audience and offers highly-targeted events and webinars on a stable cadence, including:

Expert Thoughts: How did you get to this point in your career? Any learnings you could share?

“My advice to all event marketers is to understand the why and always align to numbers. Look at every event as an investment in pipeline and customer acquisition. Be sure you can clearly articulate why the event is aligned to overall corporate and marketing goals, how the audience is or isn't a fit for your ICP and how much you expect to "give back" to the company in pipeline for the event dollars you're requesting. If you treat it like and investment and can speak to event impact, your CMO and CFO will love you!”

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Anna Schibli

Title: Field Marketing Manager

Company: Starburst

Notable Events: The team at Starburst knows that events can be a top revenue earning channel. With a wide variety of large events and an ongoing series, they’ve invested in some notable events like:

Expert Thoughts: What tools do you most enjoy using for your event workflows, and why?

“The Starburst team loves using both Hubspot and Salesforce for our event workflows. With the Hubspot and Salesforce integration we are not only able to host our event registration on our own custom Wordpress pages, but we're able to use our custom Hubspot forms as well.

All registrants flow directly through Hubspot to Goldcast and to Salesforce for tracking! We are also able to create and design all emails with Hubspot and just import them into Goldcast as HTMLs. This allows us to keep all our confirmation and reminder emails consistent with our branding and feel!”

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Aryna Kharytonenka

Title: Global Marketing Automation Manager

Company: Bricsys

Notable Events: From large-scale summits to live demos, Bricsys produces it all, including:

Expert Thoughts: What marketing strategies do you think event marketers should retire?


“I honestly think we should retire a few passive content consumption… it is just not cutting it anymore. Those one way presentations are simply not effective. And we must focus on the dialogue. How do encourage engagement discussions? How do we make our events dynamic? I think that's number one.”

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Aurélien Lemasson-Théobald

Title: Head of Marketing, France

Company: CoachHub

Notable Events: CoachHub has a strong offering of on-demand webinars, which includes a variety of event types, such as:

Expert Thoughts: What tools do you most enjoy using for your event workflows and why?


“At CoachHub, we are using two tools for our event workflows Goldcast and HubSpot. HubSpot is best for registration for post event management, while Goldcast provides an amazing experience for both the audience and speakers. And icing on the cake, they're actually perfect when combined together. One is perfectly integrated within the other.”

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Christina Tang

Title: Director, Events & Experiences

Company: Demandbase

Notable Events: Demandbase offers a variety of in-person, hybrid and digital events. Their virtual options include a mix of events, including:

Expert Thoughts: How do you leverage event content after the event is over?

“To keep the excitement going, we make the most of our post event content on our social media channels–sharing enticing video clips, key takeaways, and eye-catching event photos. We also encourage our attendees to share their experiences or insights using the event hashtag. All of this helps keep our attendees engaged long after the event ends, as well as encourage potential registrations for our next event.”

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Dal Hunt

Title: Head of Digital Community

Company: Weave

Notable Events: From a large-scale digital conference to an ongoing webinar series, Weave offers its diverse audience a variety of event options, including:

Expert Thoughts: What does your event strategy look like this year?


“On the digital event side, we hold a ton of webinars. So monthly customer training webinars, keep our customers reengaged and up to date as we're scaling and releasing new things. We also produce a lot of live webinars, whether that's industry thought leadership or feature specific type webinars, making sure that they're taken care of from an information standpoint, whatever industry they're in. And then a lot this year we've been repromoting on demand webinars, so bringing that content that may have disappeared into the digital abyss prior and making sure that they are re-exposed to that.”

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EJ Oelling

Title: VP, ABX

Company: 6Sense

Notable Events: 6Sense does an excellent job at creating lots of events that cover content for many different marketing audiences. Here’s just a glance of some of what they are producing:

Expert Thoughts: What do you think will be a big trend in event marketing in 2024?


“I think people are going to need that little extra oomph to make them want to attend things in person, want to attend things virtually, and in the end, really want to get them involved in general. So I think personalization will be key for 2024.”

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Gaby Duniphin

Title: Director of Global Events

Company: Automation Anywhere

Notable Events: From shorter events to full-blown conferences, Automation Everywhere has all sorts of event types and sizes built into their event strategy. Here’s a small look into what they’re putting out the door:

Expert Thoughts: What does your event strategy look like this year?

“Our event strategy includes the careful selection of various industry-related trade shows, targeted regional events, and execution of Automation Anywhere’s annual user conference. All of these events require careful planning, targeted attendee acquisition, flawless execution, and detailed post-event evaluation against our KPIs.”

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Hayley Ferrante

Title: Director, Digital Programs

Company: Zuora

Notable Events: Zuura does a great job of using a wide variety of employees to run their events. From product focused webinars to revealing their proprietary research through webinars, here’s a glance of the event content they’re putting out on a regular cadence:

Expert Thoughts: What was your most successful event this year, by either registrations, attendees, revenue generated?

“As most marketers know, it's next to impossible to create a virtual experience that recreates all of the magic that in-person events create. While that's still true, the Subscribed Live virtual experience we were able to build allowed us to engage our global audience in a way that felt as though they were in the room experiencing the session in almost the same way as our in-person attendees. It was a huge endeavor across the full marketing team, and the in-person event in New York was incredible, but seeing it come to life on screens across the globe was really special.”

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Joy Kohnken

Title: Director, Global Event Marketing

Company: Assent

Notable Events: Assent’s on-demand event game is strong! They offer their audience of supply chain professionals a variety of event content, including:

Expert Thoughts: Why should events be a part of a business’s go-to-market strategy?


“Events play an important role within go to market strategies because you can take an audience centric approach to executing robust marketing campaigns. By focusing on how you want to deliver valuable insights, industry trends, even key learnings, you can help your customers solve their most complex challenges where, when, and how it serves them best.”

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Kristen Davila Nuñez

Title: Global Events Manager

Company: AspenCore

Notable Events: AspenCore has an always-on approach to their events strategy. From weekly webinars to annual events, they serve a global audience with a viewership of more than 60,000. Their events mix includes:

Expert Thoughts: Why should events be a part of a business’s go-to-market strategy?


“Events are a perfect way to really allow your target audience to get to know you, your business's values, what you're doing, and truly know what your business is about.”

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Jean Cameron

Title: Head of Field & Channel Marketing

Company: Productboard

Notable Events: The Productboard team does an excellent job at making sure their live events are offered on-demand following the go-live date. Their event lineup includes:

Expert Thoughts: How do you leverage event content after the event is over?


“Every event that I run, if a customer is presenting their story, I always take that content and turn it into a customer case study. It could be a video if we've got great video content from that event, or if it's more of just us capturing audio or something like that, we write a formal case study and post it on our website. I always look for statistics and ask our speakers to have statistics because I like to create infographics with those statistics, and then I like to create blog posts.”

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LaShanda Jackson

Title: Director, Lifecycle Marketing

Company: Intuit Mailchimp

Notable Events: With super-fun event designs and a variety of event types, topics, and lengths, there’s something for every marketer over at Intuit Mailchimp, including:

Expert Thoughts: What do you think will be a big trend in event marketing in 2024?


“If I were to highlight an important trend for 2024, I would have to go with personalization…how are we being good stewards about the data that we collect and using that in a very purposeful, intentional, and relevant way? Personalization is the biggest trend that I think if we nail that in 2024, then we are doing our jobs as event marketers.”

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Melissa Gutierrez

Title: Director, Demand Generation

Company: Couchbase

Notable Events: With a global audience speaking many different languages, Couchbase runs a wide variety of events in various languages every quarter. Their event mix includes:

Expert Thoughts: What do you think will be a big trend in event marketing in 2024?

“As marketers, we're always thinking about how we can take a piece of content and leverage it in as many formats and places as possible. We're already starting to leverage AI within workflows, but it's exciting to see it built into platforms, like Goldcast's Content Hub. This will enable my team to take our amazing webinar content and efficiently "5 way beef it" in a scalable fashion.”

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Raymon David

Title: Sr Director of Marketing Operations, Digital Demand and Analytics

Company: LG

Notable Events: LG loves to provide customers, partners, and sellers the info they need about their products through a variety of events, like:

Expert Thoughts: Why are events important to your marketing strategy?

“Be it digital or physical; events provide an opportunity for interactivity. We make decisions based on relationships and business facts. Physical events and online experiences provide a way to connect at relationship level because it provides an avenue to communicate. In addition, physical events are a definite method that helps us establish a physical brand presence that goes a long way towards keeping a company top of mind.”

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Regina Brown

Title: Director of Growth Marketing

Company: SupportLogic

Notable Events: SupportLogic’s event strategy does a great job at offering equal amounts of thought leadership content and product-specific events. From one-offs to recurring events, here’s what’s in their lineup:

Expert Thoughts: Why are events important to your marketing strategy?


“I think events are important in a multitude of ways. If it's a virtual event using platforms that have dynamic engagement, tools like Goldcast create a sense of community when you really can't be there in person. It also generates content beyond the events. From blogs to snackable videos for social, the content can live on no matter how your consumer digests that content.”

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Sara Lieber

Title: Senior Event Marketing Manager

Company: Drift

Notable Events: Drift’s events will grab you the moment you see them thanks to bold branding and all-star speakers. They provide their audience a variety of event lengths, from multi-session events to 45-minute webinars, like:

Expert Thoughts: What was your most successful event this year, by either registrations, attendees, revenue generated? Our most successful event this year was GTM Lab: Chain Reaction. This was our second GTM Lab virtual event and we decided to switch up the format. Over the course of 5-days, we hosted hour-long sessions that dove into GTM topics for ABM, sales, sales operations, and partnerships.

The final day was a GTM Showdown with multiple rounds of 1-1 discussion topics leading to one overall winner. After the week long event, we brought in over 1,800 registrations and drove $400K in pipeline.”

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Sara VonDohren

Title: Director, Demand Generation

Company: Vivun

Notable Events: Want expert-led content around PreSales processes? Vivun has you covered. They offer quite a few types and lengths of events, including:

Expert Thoughts: What marketing strategies do you think event marketers should retire?

“Hot take... printing out copious amounts of swag and handing them out at tradeshows, events, etc just to give something away. We need to stop generating waste and printing plastic only to be thrown away. Swag giveaways should be limited (creates scarcity and makes folks want it even more!)”

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Sarah Stolusky

Title: Field Marketing Events Manager

Company: Hired

Notable Events: From expert-led panels to in-depth conferences, Hired offers a little bit of everything when it comes to their events, including:

Expert Thoughts: What tools do you most enjoy using for your event workflows and why?


“Once I have a few things completed and it's ready to create the event, I will pop it into Goldcast. Honestly, it's been life changing to just have such a simple tool to host our landing pages in and track registrations and analytics after the event.”

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Soraya Barrett

Title: Campaign Marketing Manager

Company: Wiz

Notable Events: If you want to see examples of strong product-led events, Wiz has the content. But it doesn’t stop there! Here are a few of the events in their strategy:

Expert Thoughts: What does your event strategy look like this year?

“This year Wiz's event strategy is all about expanding and experimenting. We have looked at all the data at the past events and put the most successful programs to the forefront to expand what is working quicker. Then we added really creative new programs to experiment with events that we haven't tried before, but think could be very successful. Through this combination we have a best of both world scenario in which we're continuously learning and applying new methods to our core programs.”

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Stacey Dolan

Title: Director, District Marketing

Company: Finalsite

Notable Events: Finalsite has established themselves as a leader in producing event-based content for education professionals, with events like:

Expert Thoughts: What was your most successful event this year, by either registrations, attendees, revenue generated?

“The success of School PR Day, a free virtual learning conference dedicated to school PR professionals is not just a reflection of a well-orchestrated event but a testament to the power of collaboration within Finalsite’s marketing team along with multiple stakeholders across our organization.

The event’s success underscores the fact that the most impactful events don't rest on the shoulders of a single entity. Instead, they are a result of the collaborative efforts of various departments, each contributing their distinct expertise and passion. From strategists and content creators to demand generation experts and event planners, we share a singular mission: to deliver an unparalleled experience to our clients and prospective clients.”

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Stacy Combest

Title: Manager, Webinar Marketing

Company: Hootsuite

Notable Events: Hootsuite may win the award for the most creative mix of events, including game shows, interactive webinars, and audience-centric conferences. Here’s a look:

Expert Thoughts: What was your most successful event this year, by either registrations, attendees, revenue generated?


“Our event not only met expectations, but soared past them. We surpassed our registration goal by an impressive 43%, which then converted into over 45% in actual attendance. Within the first 30 days, we witnessed over 90 demo requests and saw a true impact. That was measured by 3 million in influence pipe and nearly 500,000 in influenced revenue.”

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Veronika Zatulovskaya

Title: Director, Integrated Campaigns and Field Marketing

Company: Handshake

Notable Events: Handshake offers a variety of online event types and lengths to their audience, including:

Expert Thoughts: What marketing strategies do you think that event marketers should retire?

“1. Not clearly defining goals up front, not getting buy-in from the sales team and thinking of events as a standalone tactic. Events shouldn't happen in a silo. They should be tightly integrated into a broader marketing strategy. Events have a unique place across the entire sales funnel and there's a right time to deploy different formats depending on key objectives. Whether it's a product launch or an executive dinner, the messaging and branding should feel cohesive and relevant and there should be emphasis on cross-promotion (across both marketing & sales).

2. Recreating the wheel over and over. Develop templates, purchase technology (just be smart with what you truly need) and leverage debriefs to optimize. Especially today when teams are small and budgets are tight. While documenting up front may feel like a burden, it's a lifesaver in the long run.

3. Moving on to the next event without: A proper handoff to sales which should begin before the event even kicks-off. Engaging sales early and often is the key to success - there's no such thing as too much communication, just keep it brief and concise.”

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Yvette Niyikiza

Title: Senior Webinar Specialist

Company: ModMed

Notable Events: ModMed offers a lot of great on-demand events, including:

Expert Thoughts: What tools do you most enjoy using for your event workflows, and why?

“1. The Monday project management tool which helps me to work very efficiently with ModMed’s creative team to have promotional assets created that best represent our company’s branding and those promotional assets help immensely with generating audience interest and driving them to register for our webinars.

2. The Goldcast virtual event platform where we host our ModMed marketing webinars. The Goldcast platform offers a myriad of ways to present our company’s products and solutions to our clients and prospects as well as allows us creative ways to connect and engage with our webinar audiences. The platform also helps to promote the continued brand recognition of our company.

3. The Evisort tool that is used internally at ModMed to submit legal requests to our legal team. The tool makes it seamless to organize and track each individual legal request, and it allows for easy one on one communication between our internal teams and our legal team during the legal review process.”

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Wowza, that was a LOT of great insights! I don’t know about you, but I am feeling super inspired and ready to ideate on my 2024 event marketing plans.

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