16 Demand Gen Marketing Podcasts and Shows You Need to Listen to Now

September 6, 2023
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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Say you want to learn more about building a backyard garden. How would you go about gathering more info?

If you're anything like us, you'd read up on the topic, queue up documentaries to watch, search for any relevant events happening online and in person, and find interesting podcasts to listen to.

Basically, you'd surround yourself with as much good info as possible!

So, why would learning more about demand gen be any different?

Today you'll learn about 16 amazing shows, series, and podcasts that you can turn to for B2B marketing tips, tricks, and pointers. The best part? Our new show, Donuts & Demand, falls right in this category and launches in September.

Read on to get straight into our top demand gen marketing show and podcast recs!

Donuts & Demand

Our new live show, hosted by Lindsay McGuire, Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast, kicks off September 19 and will be hosted live the second Tuesday of every month.

For each Donuts & Demand, we'll be serving up a real treat for demand generation marketers! You'll hear from industry experts about what tactics, strategies, and trends they're using to generate more demand and revenue.

You'll leave with fresh insights you can apply to your own marketing plan and, perhaps, a few new contacts that you met at the event!

Our first guests will be Chris Walker, Founder and CEO of Refine Labs, a demand generation firm shaking things up with its progressive approach, and LaShanda Jackson, Global Director of Lifecycle Marketing at the marketing giant Intuit Mailchimp. Don't miss out on this exciting event. Register today!

Revenue Vitals

Formerly called State of Demand Gen, the Revenue Vitals podcast is actually hosted by the aforementioned Chris Walker, making it a great primer for our upcoming conversation on September 19!

With a focus on modern B2B marketing, the Revenue Vitals podcast hones in on how to build a high-growth company, with the ultimate goal of reliable pipeline and revenue. You'll learn revolutionary tactics, data-driven approaches, and hear from industry leaders about how they're driving demand gen.

The Revenue Vitals podcast equips listeners with the knowledge to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. It's a must-listen resource for marketers seeking to stay ahead and revolutionize their demand generation efforts!

Breaking B2B

Voted a "Top 8 B2B Marketing Podcast" by Cognism and a regular "Top 100 Marketing Podcast" in many markets, Breaking B2B regularly releases new content guiding ambitious marketers on how to expand their companies. The show promises to be engaging, captivating, and cut through the "corporate BS" to provide real value.

Each episode provides an in-depth look at real-world examples and success stories, delivering practical takeaways that listeners can implement immediately to grow business and revenue.

Whether you're new to the world of B2B marketing or an industry vet, there's something for you in each episode of Breaking B2B.

Demandism Live and Revenue Champions

Speaking of Cognism, we'd be remiss not to include their monthly webinar series, Demandism Live, as well as their B2B podcast, Revenue Champions.

For the webinar series, each month, three Cognism leaders—Alice De Courcy, CMO; Liam Bartholomew, Global Head of Demand Generation; and Fran Langham, Head of Enterprise Marketing—put their heads together to discuss all things B2B demand generation.

Meanwhile, the biweekly Revenue Champions podcast episodes cover a broader range of topics that you can use to scale B2B businesses, from transforming your buyer journey to running successful brand awareness campaigns.

Exit Five Podcast

The Exit Five Podcast is hosted by former startup CMO Dave Gerhardt. Each episode is chock-full of marketing knowledge that will help you drive revenue within your company and grow your own career.

New episodes of Exit Five Podcast are released roughly once a week. Past topics have covered burnout among marketers (hands up if you're feeling the stress of these uncertain times!), AI and its role in B2B marketing, and the unique role of product marketing in a B2B organization.

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Demand Gen U

Though Demand Gen U is not releasing new episodes—for now, anyway—there's a goldmine of amazing content in their archives. Sixty-four episodes, to be exact!

Each episode is hosted by Metadata's previous VP of Marketing, Jason Widup, and Mark Huber, previous Head of Brand & Product Marketing, who discuss how to become better marketers through the lens of their own efforts to build Metadata.

Whether it's turning a sales objection into marketing content, changing your marketing messaging during an economic recession, or building laser-focused campaigns for your audience, you'll feel like you're learning from trusted industry peers.

The Demand Gen Fix

Demand Gen Fix is a great resource for B2B marketers looking to create a catalyst for growth. Every week, a new episode features an interesting conversation around how to build a company’s demand generation engine and break through the crowded market.

Each episode of the demand generation podcast covers a different topic, from building an online presence to aligning marketing and sales teams, and even tips on hiring and outsourcing. They also provide steps to identify and map out your company’s unique point of view, and ways to drive brand awareness and demand on a budget.

For B2B marketers looking to increase demand and lead generation—and revenue—The Demand Gen Fix is the place to get your, well, fix!

Customer Engagement Lab

If the usual business podcast bores you, we've got a rec for you! The Customer Engagement Lab, hosted b y PandaDoc’s Sr. Digital Content Producer, Travis Tyler, is an exciting podcast that dives into the topics of sales, marketing, demand gen, and customer success.

Tune in for interviews with industry experts and business leaders who share valuable strategies, tactics, and tips to help marketers get ahead. The podcast covers topics such as audience growth, building rapport, video marketing, communication mistakes, emotional storytelling, and in-person events.

The Customer Engagement Lab also offers resources such as eBooks and webinars to help you close more deals. All in all, subscribing is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, B2B marketing tips, and best practices in the customer engagement space.

Selling Made Simple and The Salesman Podcast

The Selling Made Simple Podcast, presented by The Salesman.com, is a one-stop feed that offers practical, world-class sales advice you can absorb on the go.

Selling Made Simple episodes are quick, typically clocking in at 10 minutes or less. The Salesman Podcast, on the other hand, produces full-length episodes about B2B sales; it's also the most downloaded B2B sales podcast on the market today!

Recent available show topics include how to win negotiations with logic, how to become a winner, and how you can increase sales productivity via subtraction (an intriguing premise!).

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B2B Growth

Hosted by James Carbary, Founder of Sweet Fish, and Benji Block, Lead Producer at Sweetfish, B2B Growth is a solid podcast about the latest trends, news, and B2B marketing insights.

Whether it's crafting a hook to make your ad campaigns go viral or learning about LinkedIn's recent launch of leadership ads, Carbary and Block are right there in the trenches with marketers, trying to figure out what works and what has staying power.

‍With nearly four years of episodes and counting, B2B Growth has something for everyone. If you're new to the field, check out their recs on where to start with episodes. Happy listening!

The Growth Hub

The Growth Hub podcast, designed to help you scale up within the world of B2B SaaS products, is led by Seija Lappalainen, Growth Marketing Strategist at Advance B2B, and Reeta Westman, Content Marketing Strategist at Advance B2B.

Growth Hub typically releases one or two episodes a month, covering topics within the major umbrellas of growth, strategy, brand, content, and data and analytics. It's a great resource if you work in the B2B SaaS industry and are looking for ways to connect with customers, run successful ad campaigns, and more.

Metrics & Chill

Databox's cleverly titled podcast, Metrics & Chill, was originally hosted by Databox's Director of Marketing, John Bonini and is now headed up by their Brand & Community Manager, Jeremiah Rizzo.

In each episode, founders, marketers, and salespeople across industries discuss a wide variety of demand gen topics. One thing that sets this show apart is they focus on one specific metric and how that's had a meaningful impact on business. While most of the episodes run somewhere between a half-hour to a full hour, there are also periodic "shorts" that last just a few minutes.

PS: If you're looking to dive deep into your own metrics, might we suggest our Event ROI Dashboard? It's the perfect tool to help you track event and revenue related metrics over time and see how your events stack up against each other!

B2B Marketing Exchange

Organized by Demand Gen Report, which is a publication for B2B marketing folks, the B2B Marketing Exchange hosts both an annual event (including the Killer Content Awards) and a podcast.

Billed as a show for those who "live and breathe B2B," the weekly episodes feature some of the industry's top talent talking about demand gen, among other topics.

One week, you might learn how to apply CIA secrets to your sales process. The next, you're hearing about how content creation is similar to a cocktail party. As you can see, B2B Marketing Exchange likes to keep things interesting!

Creative Pep Talk

We're gonna zoom out and get a bit macro here. Creative Pep Talk isn't exactly a podcast specifically for demand generation marketers, or even B2B marketers.

So, why is it on our list?

Well, as marketers, being creative is just woven into the fabric of what we do. Sometimes it's easy to forget about that piece and focus solely on metrics, KPIs, and the like. But we have to nourish our creative wells in order to keep moving forward and generating new, awesome ideas!

That's where a Creative Pep Talk can help. We love the whimsical, colorful branding, and the motivational feel behind each episode. When you need someone in your corner reminding you not to give up, tune in for a listen.

Business Made Simple

Donald Miller has made a name for himself in the marketing world as the CEO of StoryBrand and an avid proponent of why building your own brand story is important. In his podcast, which is relatively new on the scene, he distills core principles of marketing and business into bite-sized episodes.

Listening to Business Made Simple is like getting a free, quick coaching session with Miller himself, as he discusses why salespeople need to stop selling (yes, you read that right) and how product bundles and upsells can help you sell more over time.

What are the benefits of staying in the loop with new demand gen content?

The field of marketing is rapidly evolving, and staying current on the latest trends, strategies, and technologies is critical for demand generation marketers.

Demand generation podcasts and shows, like the ones we've included on our list today, often feature timely advice and cutting-edge experts talking about best practices, innovative tactics, and new tools. This is all good info for marketers to have as they work to build a sustainable strategy!

There's also a chance to build your network, if you attend live events. For example, if you come to Donuts & Demand, you'll notice that everyone else in the audience either shares your interest in demand gen marketing or works within a similar job function. These are your industry colleagues, and you can learn from each other!

The magic of live virtual events is that marketers from all over the world have a place to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn together.

Join us for Donuts & Demand! 🍩

If you're a demand gen marketer looking for some cool resources to add to your list, we're guessing you've got more than enough to start with here.

And if you're feeling overwhelmed, remember that we aren't suggesting checking out every single resource on this list (unless you're feeling that motivated!). This is simply a round-up of great recommendations. Start with one, see how you like it, and then go from there.

We hope you find something you like, and we also hope to see you at an upcoming Donuts & Demand! You can use the link below to sign up for future sessions and catch up on anything you missed.

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